Cherries and Roses

Chapter One- Drama Club

Down the hall, through the courtyard, up another hall, and up the stairs. Ino Yamanaka dragged her best friend Sakura Haruno through the school.

"I don't see why you're making such a big deal about this." Sakura grumbled while being led by the arm by her friend.

"Because," Ino replied, "you have to be there to see me take my first step to becoming a star!"

"By joining Drama Club?" Sakura scoffed. "Okay, I can see why it'd lead you to fame, but why the hell are you making me join!"

"I'm nothing for now without my partner in crime!" Ino answered.

"Last time you called me that, we ended up in detention for a week." Sakura mumbled.

And she mucked up our perfect score! Inner Sakura boomed. We have to try and convince her to let us not join!

"Yeah, but what do I say?" Sakura's own mind asked.

Um…uh…tell her you're allergic to those big, red curtains that cover the stage! How could you perform or even be near the area when there's a chance you may get a sudden allergic reaction!

"Yeah, right, I'll go for that."


"That was sarcasm. Oh crap! We're coming up to the boards! We're screwed now!"

With that, Sakura pushed Inner Sakura to the back of her mind, while regretting every second of Ino writing down their names on the Drama Club sign-up board.

"Oh, come on, Sakura." Ino sighed. "It won't be that bad, maybe we'll even meet a couple cute guys!"

"Find a cute guy that's into Drama Club, yeah, right, why don't you just sign me up for the Nerd Association while you're at it?" Sakura griped.

Ino suddenly tamped over to Sakura, grabbed her by the front of her shirt and pulled her up to eye level.

"Did you just mock the Drama Club? Did you?"Ino yelled.

"Oh, god, she's going into one of her little fits again, and I'm the target in her way!"

"Ino, calm down, it was just a joke." Sakura tried to convince her.

Ino loosened her grip on Sakura's shirt, and huffed her annoyance.

"Fine, let's go now, or we'll be late to class." Ino declared, and started to walk off down the hall.

That was a close one! Inner Sakura sighed.

"Didn't I just get rid of you?"

You can't get rid of me! I'm too cute!

"Whatever." Sakura mentally rolled her eyes and followed Ino down to their next class.


The next day was the first day that Drama Club assembled. Ino dragged Sakura in to their designated room and sat her down.

"Well, Sakura, you're here and you're not dead, and you're not miserable. It's just a bunch of high school kids gathered together to act as people in front of other people." Ino proclaimed.

"Can I start feeling miserable at who our teacher is?" Sakura inquired, and pointed to the front.

Ino looked ahead, and even her expression of joy faltered. At the front of the class was Kakashi Hatake, the second biggest perverted adult in the school next to Vice Principle Jiraiya.

"Well," Ino sighed, "every place has its' flaws."

Suddenly, the rioting sound of several girls boomed from the hallway. "Kyah! Oh my gosh! It's Sasuke!"

Sakura's heart skipped a beat as Sasuke Uchiha made his way into the classroom and quickly took a seat; trying, and failing, to not draw much attention.

A watch on Kakashi's wrist beeped, and, ignoring the cries from girls out in the hall who now wanted to join the Drama Club, he closed the door and walked up to the front.

"Well," he began, "you all should know who I am, so we'll skip the introductions. Welcome to Drama Club, it seems we've already got some natural celebrities sitting with us today, and so I'm glad to infer that this will be a great class."

No one really seemed to be paying attention, even Sakura, who was too busy listening to Ino murmur about being right about cute guys being in Drama Club.

"Well then if no one's paying attention, I guess I won't be telling anyone what play we'll be starting, and you all can just sit here wasting the hours away."

A few of the members fell silent, and began urging others to be silent as well. Ino clamped her mouth shut, finally, and looked straight ahead.

"Right." Kakashi sighed. "For starters, we'll be doing a romantic comedy called 'Cherries and roses'."

At the mention of the word "romantic" almost every girl turned their gaze to Sasuke, who was just staring out a window, not even paying attention.

"Right, so, we'll do auditions a little differently than you imagine: you'll all come up one at a time, and I'll hand you a script to read for a moment. Try to act it out to the best of your abilities, and I'll decide the cast from there." Kakashi explained.

While Kakashi called people up and they gave their acts, Sakura looked over to the side at Sasuke, who was still staring out the window. She felt her heart give a leap; she had liked him for years, but had never had the courage to tell him, and seeing as she didn't want to be a part of the fangirls, she only watched him from a distance.

"Haruno, Sakura." Kakashi called.

Sakura stood up and made her way to the front.

"Whatever happens," Sakura thought, "I hope I end up as some insignificant maid or something."


Drama Club eventually let out, and they continued on with their day. Walking home later, Sakura and Ino talked.

"I really hope I get the lead role! I mean, wouldn't it be awesome? Then people can really see my genius at work!" Ino cheered.

"Uh-huh." Sakura replied.

Ino gave her a look. "You're thinking about Sasuke aren't you?"

Sakura's face reddened. "N-no!"

"Give me a break, Sakura, I already know you like him." Ino huffed.

Sakura looked down, not saying anything.

"Hey, maybe you'll get lucky and you'll get a part that's equal to Sasuke's, and then, if there's ever a part with a kissing scene that doesn't involve the two main characters, you and him, will get it!" Ino snickered, making Sakura's face turn scarlet.

"INO!" She shouted. "Don't even kid about that! I'd never want to do something like that for the first time on stage!"

"Oh, I know, that's why if you get something like that, you ask him over to your house to rehearse, and really get some practice in!"

Sakura was about to slap Ino, but her blond friend suddenly turned and declared, "Here's my turn. See you, and the results, tomorrow!"

Sakura grudgingly continued on afterwards, their conversation painfully fresh in her mind for the rest of the night.


The next day, Sakura didn't walk with Ino. This wasn't only because she was still a little ticked about yesterday, but because Ino had dashed to school to see the results paper. Sakura was in no rush.

Arriving at the school, she meandered aimlessly down the halls. Suddenly, she heard someone calling her name.

"SAKURA HARUNOOOOO!" It was Ino, running full blast down the halls to her.

Sakura tried to turn and run, but Ino beat her, grabbed her by the arm, and led her to where a small crowd had gathered and was slowly dispersing.

Ino shoved Sakura through the crowd, and almost smashed her head up against a piece of paper that read:

Cherries and Roses

Cast results

Sakura looked at the list once, then twice, then a third time, reading the same two lines over and over again:

Ayame (Lead female): Sakura Haruno

Keichi (Lead male): Sasuke Uchiha

This has been the first chapter of "Cherries and Roses", with all honesty, a few things were last minute decisions I made after I finished typing and realized, "Hey, I need a title and a chapter title!" There's one thing I don't like about this story, though, I decided to write it in third person, so it's no one's POV, because I want to get into, and voice, more peoples' thoughts than one, but I keep having to proof it every paragraph to make sure I didn't slip back into Sakura's POV. (Which I did, in fact, have to correct several times.) It'll make my life easier to change it, but I won't, I'll need to practice it at some point! Okay, please review and tell me what you think!