Twilight/Harry Potter crossover

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight (by Stephanie Meyers) or Harry Potter (by J. K. Rowling). All characters in this fanfic belong to the aforementioned authors.

A/N: There is slight Bella bashing cuz I don't like her that much... Definitely Ginny bashing, slight Molly Weasely bashing. Manipulative-Yet-Meaning-Well Dumbledore. Updates are random.

Rating: Mature

Genre: Romance, supernatural, action/adventure, tiny tiny minuscule smudge of angst.

Warnings: SLASH (meaning MaleMale, or homosexual men together), Bella Bashing, Ginny and Molly Bashing.

Harry Potter time frame:Set AU after fourth book. Dumbledore did not die, Sirius and Remus are still alive, Harry defeated Voldemort but differently from the book, Harry and Ginny did not get together, etc etc.

Twilight time frame: AU. Bella just inspires blood lust from Edward. They dated briefly but he never got around to telling her about his being a vampire, he broke up with her after finding her with Jacob. She became a bitch to him and started dating Jacob. James still appears.

Pairings: EdwardHarry, DracoJames, SiriusRemus, LunaJacob (due to votes), JasperAlice, EsmeCarlisle, EmmettRoseline.

Plot: After defeating Voldemort at the final battle, Harry abandons the wizarding world and all of his friends in order to join Remus and Sirius at their home in Forks, Washington. With Ron and Hermione keeping the knowledge of his location secret, he can now lead a normal happy life as a muggle teenager . . . or as normal as it can get when he lives with a werewolf, a crazy animagus, and a certain young Malfoy. Let us not forget the Cullen's, a coven of vampires who live in Forks. All Harry has to do is ignore the heated looks he keeps on getting from Edward.

BETA Slythenclaw20



I'd never given much though to how I would die, though I'd had reason enough in my short life, but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this.

I breathed deeply, attempting to settle my pounding heart. My captor stared at me from across the room, their smirk firmly fixed in place. I flexed my fingers, assessing the damage. Damn, couldn't move.

My damn hero complex was kicking in, assuring me that yes, it was a good way to die, protecting those I love. The ideal in Gryffindor courage. Mom and Dad would have been proud. But another side of me, my rational, non-suicidal side, was screaming at me, trying to tell me that while it was noble, neither my parents nor my loved ones would be proud of this.

But fuck, I just didn't care, couldn't care. If I cared than I would beg and plead and I would not allow my captor to have the pleasure of seeing me like that. If they did...

If. That damn word had been plaguing me for the last few hours. IF I hadn't left England. IF I had decided to not join my Godfathers in Forks. IF I had not met Him. But try as I may, I could not bring myself to regret any of the things that I had decided and done. I would not have met Him and his family if I had stayed in England. I would not have had a loving family if I had gone to a different town. I would not have fallen totally and hopelessly in love with him.

The predator glided forward, a smile on their face as they came to kill me.