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Chapter 9- The Dead Can't Testify

Harry burst into the cold, flooded room; Blaise, Edward, and Jacob behind him. Edward was sticking right by his mates side, refusing to let him out of his sight. Even if Harry could take care of himself, Edward did not want to risk whatever had Draco injuring Harry.

Harry froze as he gazed at the figures in front of him. Draco's pale broken body was held, bridal style, in the arms of a blond vampire. The vampire was glowering at them, his stance defensive, Draco clutched tightly in his arms.

"Put Draco down now." Harry snarled. His emerald eyes were glowing, his magic rising from his core, ready to kick vampiric ass if the need arose.

The blond vamp growled, "No."

Edward tensed beside Harry, his eyes darting around the room as the air started to become muggy, the electric warm feeling of magic rising in the room. Jacob was sniffing the air as he stared at at Harry, Blaise standing behind his lover with his arms casually crossed.

Normally Blaise would be ready to kill the vampire just like Harry was, but, unlike the stubborn Gryffindor, he had noticed how even though James was clutching Draco to him, he was being extremely careful of Draco's injuries. Every few seconds his crimson eyes would flicker down to the pale aristocrat and worry would flash across his face.

So Blaise stood back and watched how the vampire would handle everything. If he acted correctly, then Blaise would help.

Harry withdrew his wand and aimed it at James' crouching form. "Very well then."

James had only seconds to react before the bright orange curse came flying towards him. Shifting Draco so that he was held tightly against his chest, Jame flung himself out of the way, watching in horror as the curse collided with the wall where his head had been, unnatural orange flames licking their way up the concrete. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the young wizard who was quickly re-aiming. This was so not good.

He dodged yet again as Harry cursed at him. Unfortunately, he was being lead to a trap. Remus and Sirius, upon seeing the bright orange flames that had eaten their way up to the first floor, had rushed down the back entrance of the building and were standing behind James. As James leaped back, Remus quickly grabbed his arms, Sirius quickly taking Draco from him. James, not wanting Draco to come to further harm, let go, forced to watch as his mate was taken away.

James screamed, baring his teeth at the man who took Draco away from him. "Give him back!" James demanded fighting against the werewolf that held him. He thrashed back and forth, as the group seemed to just grow in numbers.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you into nothing more than a black smudge against the wall." The green eyed human said darkly, his voice starting to turn into a hiss.

"I saved his life." James growled, not at all backing down. He wasn't submissive, ever.

The human paused then turned to the vampire that came into the factory. "Is he telling the truth?"

The vampire looked at James, and James growled lowly, struggling against the werewolf who growled back his chest rumbling. James stared at the vampire, never taking his eyes off his topaz ones.

"He didn't bring Draco here. Before we burst in he was trying to decided if a hospital would be better, or to bring him back to your house. Apparently Draco stumbled onto him hunting a few days ago, and instead of killing him -..." The vampire trailed off. "He let him go." Is what he finished with a few minutes later.

"We don't have time to discuss right now. We need to get Draco back home, and try to treat his wounds as best as possible." The man who had taken Draco away said seriously.

The green eyed boy turned to James, who lifted his chin. "You're coming with, I don't want you out of my sight. You know who the red head is don't you?"

"I'll tell you everything you want to know, as long as you save him." James said, turning his attention to Draco's shivering and battered form. "Lets go."

"Edward you're the fastest, you run ahead gather all the medical supplies that you can. Blaise you go with, potions and spell books." The green eyed one said. "Jacob do you think you and Emmett can hold him?"

The shape shifter nodded as the Edward and Blaise took off, disappearing in the blink of an eye as more vampires came down. A large one came over, James assumed he was Emmett.

"I'll carry him, Sirius." The werewolf said. "I'm stronger, and can run better in the woods than you."

James remained quite and soon everyone was running, and back to the house in no time. James stood tensely in the corner while a rather large group, the sire of the vampires: Carlisle, the werewolf: Remus, and the unknown creature: Blaise tried to find out a way to help Draco. Harry - the green eyed one was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall. Draco was laying on the very large kitchen table, because it had the best light and enough space for everyone to stand around. Edward, was standing next to Harry, still as stone, just like the other vampires in the room except for Carlisle. Sirius was sitting next to Harry, a hand supportively against the boy's shoulder.

Then there were the shape shifters; Jacob and Leah, they were both standing against the sliding glass doors that lead into the back yard. Their body heat radiating though the entire unnaturally cold room, James was sure that Remus' body heat was also helping.

The other vampires: Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and Esme were all at the far end of the kitchen, Alice and Rosalie both seated on the counter, their mates standing besides them. Alice was clinging tightly to Jasper's hand as the curly haired blond male's face was distorted in extreme distress.

James stopped looking around the room, and reached up to rub his temples. He closed his eyes tightly and exhaled deeply through his nose, blocking out the muttering of Blaise, Carlisle and Remus - none of what they've been whispering for the past twenty minutes has been good.

James tilted his head to the side, hearing the last person, Luna's soft footsteps moving around upstairs. James hadn't been paying close attention to what she had said when she was talking to Leah, something about strange colours and a book, James just figured she was a little girl in extreme stress at her sibling's anguish and ever looming death. James clenched his teeth, he was ready to bite Draco now, and turn him.

Finally Carlisle sighed and James looked up again.

"What is it?" Harry asked eagerly, James could hear his heart beating rapidly - fearfully.

"I'm sorry. Nothing we're doing is fixing the damage." Carlisle said.

"His magic is too weak to help the potions activate." Blaise added.

"And his heart is too weak to pump the blood though his body which also means-" Remus began and Harry stood up suddenly, the air around him crackling. "I'm sorry Harry, but there's nothing we can do."

"Turn him Carlisle, please. Draco will understand." Harry pleaded, turning to the sire.

"He wouldn't make it." It wasn't Carlisle who spoke however, but the soft dreamy voice of Luna. All eyes turned to her. In her arms was a large book opened and held carefully between her arms. Resting between the fold of the pages was a silver knife, which looked very old, and very expensive, most of all with the very large blood red ruby at the end of the handle. She put the book on the table next to Draco, then set the dagger on the table. She reached into her pocket and began pulling things out.

"What are you thinking Luna?" Harry asked.

"I had a dream about this a few weeks ago, and didn't know why." Luna said placing her hand over the right page. "Now I know why."

Remus leaned over the book and Luna stepped away to allow the werewolf a better view.

James clenched his hands into fists.

Remus scanned through the text as his brows started to come together. "Luna, is this what I think it is?"

Luna nodded. "I found this book in a lovely little store in Wales. It's all about old blood spells."

The Cullen's and shifters watched in confusion as several things happened at one. Harry lunged forward from his seat on the floor and started to read frantically. Sirius turned pale and Blaise backed away slowly until he was standing half behind Jacob, his expression pained.

Jacob turned his head, looking at his Imprinted. "Blaise?"

Blaise shook his head, as if to get rid of a thought or lingering memory. "Nothing. My mother was just overly fond of blood spells." In a rare show of vulnerability, he clasped Jacobs wrist.

The Cullen's and Leah looked at him. "What are blood spells?" asked Leah.

"Blood spells are considered a very dark, and very dangerous type of spell work." Blaise stared at Harry and Remus who were pouring over the book, muttering to each other. "They are intended to bind one person to another. Usually against their will. None of those spells will need the victims consent in order to be cast. My mother" he practically spat out the words, "used blood spells to obtain her wealth. And all of her now dead husbands. She would use the ones meant to bind ones will rather then life force and once she obtained their money, she would kill them."

Jacob subtly slipped his hand into Blaise's, offering some comfort. The others gazed at the book with ill hidden wariness. Across the room in the corner, James clenched his jaw, his expression turning hopeful.

"I'm amazed that Harry would consider using them after all he went through with the dark arts." Blaise muttered, half to himself.

Harry apparently heard him for he looked up and grinned. "You forget two things Blaise. I had to learn and use the dark arts when fighting the Death Eaters, and" his expression turned solemn. "I'd do anything to ensure that my friends and family stay alive."

James shuddered at the focused deadly look the young wizard had.

"Well then, let's get to work!" Luna clapped her hands together. Walking over to Leah, she placed a piece of chalk in her hands and instructed her on what to do.

Turning to Remus and Sirius, she asked them to purify the floor before the fireplace. The Cullen's and others watched on as the wizarding folk got to work.

"Harry will need to cast the spell as the most powerful one here," Luna said, walking around the room as she and Leah etched the Runes and pentagram onto the stone floor before the hearth. Remus and Sirius had finished purifying it and were now standing by Harry and the book.

"One slight problem," Jacob said, gaining their attention. "Who is going to be the one that is bound to Draco?"

Looks were exchanged around the room.

"I'll do it." Harry offered.

"No." He turned to face Luna and cocked his head.

"If you bind to Draco, that would cause problems if you and Edward want to stay together."

Harry winced. "But... Draco."

There was silence around the room as the reality of the situation sunk in. Harry would ruin his chances of a happily ever after with Edward if he bound himself to Draco. The same with Blaise and Luna. Sirius and Remus, as the only fully mated wizards in the room, were unable to even think about offering to save him.

The Cullen's turned to face Alice as she suddenly tensed and zoned out, in the thralls of a vision. Alice smiled lightly and sadly as she came out of what she had seen. Turning to Edward, she caught his attention. Alice allowed her brother to peek though her thoughts until he saw the vision she had just had.

Edward, in turn, spun to face James, his eyes wide.


The others in the room started at he utterance, jerking their attention to him and the vampire in the corner.

James stubbornly tilted his head up as he unflinchingly gazed at those in the room.


Sirius snorted. "Well, now that we're finished with these one word conversations, feel like enlightening us norms?"

James stepped forward, his posture open. "Bind me to Draco." he said.

Harry stiffened as he stared intently at the male vampire before him. "Why would you do that for someone you hardly know, vampire? Answer me wisely, for this will be your only chance."

"He's my perfect mate."

Harry blinked in disbelief. Well, he had asked for a straightforward answer.

"As much as I hate to say this, he will have to do." Blaise stepped out from behind Jacob. "Draco is getting worse and being bound to a vampire will drastically increase his chances of living."

Harry sighed, his shoulders slumping forward. "Very well," he mutterd. Beconing to James, he had made him stand in the middle of the intricate drawing. "What is your name, Vampire."

"... James."

"Stand in the middle James and cut your palm. We need to merge your blood with Draco's."

Sirius and Remus gently carried Draco's still form over to them, the others backing out of the way. Placing him down in the correct spot, Remus carefully made a shallow cut in Draco's palm.

Nodding to James, Harry grasped his wand and stood at the base of the diagram. James used his teeth to bite into his palm and clasped his hand against Draco's own bleeding palm.

Taking a deep breath, Harry held his wand over Draco and James clasped hands and said:

"Illa duos animus EGO operor redimion."

It was the strangest feeling James ever experienced. It wasn't painful per say though James wouldn't consider the feeling pleasant. James closed his eyes and clenched his jaw and shifted uncomfortably, but didn't release Draco's hand.

Suddenly there was this heavy weight on his chest and he hissed in pain and doubled over, putting his head on Draco's chest.

Then images flashed before his eyes. They were all of Draco, with others and James quickly realized that they were Draco's memories. James inhaled sharply and let the images flow over him. Then as the images began to slow, something else caught James' attention - a heart beat. He swore he could feel it in his own chest and he swallowed thickly and opened his eyes and looked down at Draco, and was glad to see some colour returning to the blonde's skin. All of the wounds Victoria had given him began to heal and fade.

For the first time James remembered feeling tired. He sat back on his calves and let his and Draco's connected hands fall against Draco's stomach.

"You should both get some sleep, it will probably take a while before Draco's up and about." Remus said and James looked up at him. "You'll be feeling a bit - . . . off for a little while. It is a lot of change that you'll be going through over the next few days."

James turned his attention to Harry, staring at the green eyed boy, calculating.

Harry finally looked up at James. "Thank you." He muttered as he brushed Draco's hair from his still bruised face. James nodded silently.