Dean and Sam's First Meeting

Mary Winchester stepped through the door with her husband John a step behind, his arms loaded with luggage and paraphernalia from the hospital.

"Dean! Peggy! We're home!" John shouted happily.

4-year-old Dean came barreling through the living room to greet them, but stopped dead in his tracks, eyes wide, when he caught sight of the tiny bundle of blankets in his mother's arms.

"It's ok, Dean," Mary said soothingly. She sat down on the couch and patted the cushion beside her. "Come meet your baby brother."

"I'm going to go put these things up and pay the babysitter," John said softly.

Mary nodded, but kept her eyes on Dean. "It's ok, Dean. Don't be afraid."

Dean slowly moved to his mother's side, but would not sit. Mary gently pushed the blankets aside and shifted the baby's position a bit, to give Dean a good look.

"This is Sam. Can you say hi?"

Dean slowly reached out and touched the baby's tiny palm. Sam's fingers closed tightly around his brother's finger.

Dean grinned delightedly. "Look, Mom, he's holding my hand!"

At the sound of Dean's voice, Sam slowly turned his head, his eyes searching for the source of the voice. Presently, his eyes found their way to Dean's face and stayed there. His little forehead scrunched up and his mouth formed a tiny O as he concentrated on his brother.

Dean's face suddenly grew concerned. "Is he hungry? Cuz you hafta feed babies a lot, you know. That's what Peggy said."

Mary laughed softly. "No, he's not hungry right now. He ate just a little while ago. He's just happy to meet you!"

Mary reached over and smoothed her firstborn's hair. Her eyes grew misty and distant. 10 years. It had been almost 10 years since she made the deal that made this life, and her family, possible. She did not know for sure what the yellow-eyed demon had in mind, but she had an idea and she was terrified.

"You know, Dean, being a big brother is a very important job."

Dean looked up at her, "How come?"

"Well, Sam is going need you. As he grows up, he is going to depend on you to look after him, to help him learn what he needs to know, and protect him from things that could hurt him."

Dean beamed with pride. "I can do that. I'm gonna be the bestest big brother ever. You'll see!"

"I know you will, sweetheart." Trying to hide the tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks, she kissed Dean on the forehead, eyes closed, hoping against hope that she was wrong.

Dean was oblivious to his mother's fears. He leaned over Sam, and gently moved his finger, still clutched in his brother's tiny fist, up and down in a mini version of a handshake.

"Hi, Sam! I'm Dean. I'm your big brother and I'm gonna take good care of you."