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Author's note: This is my first attempt at writing for Twilight. I kept reading all the fic where Edward saw things he didn't want to see, and I just had to write one of my own. Hope you enjoy it, and please review. I'd love to know if I should write more for this or go back to my other stuff.

Edward sighed loudly and pressed his hands to his eyes. It would do him no good, but it was the only physical response to the echo of his brother's thoughts in his mind and the accompanying images. Even if Bella hadn't gone to Seattle for a few days with Charlie, these kinds of thoughts grated on his nerves.

"Harder, Rose! Oh, damn, faster!"

Edward shuddered, and hurried away from their door. He was lonely, but he wasn't about to interrupt that. Maybe Alice was up for a game of chess. It would keep his mind busy for a while, help him pass the long hours without his love. It was times like this he wished he could sleep. It would stop his mind for a little while. Not to mention stop certain other minds from invading his, he thought wryly.

He headed for Alice's room, and paused just before he could knock. "Oh, dear Lord!" he said to himself as Jasper's thoughts rang in his mind, followed by Alice's.

"My dear little butterfly, I would not have thought that possible! Even as durable as you are, that position must hurt!"

"I LOVE making that look on his face. Maybe if I move a little to the left…"

"Oh, God…" Edward squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed his temples. Unable to stop himself her called "Be careful, Alice. He's right, that has to hurt!" Sometimes his gift was a gift. Sometimes it was a step away from torture. "I so need some brain bleach!" he muttered, almost hoping His brother and sister heard him.

He was even more frustrated now. He missed Bella, and any other time his family would be there. Now they were just making it worse. Didn't they realize how much he was suffering? It had been one thing before, standing aside and alone, watching his siblings involved in their own special relationships, but that was before he knew how it felt. And how empty it was when you were alone. Even for just a few days… Now being alone was different, harder, and the knowledge -which he could easily do without- of his what his siblings were doing (and how, he thought, making a face) tormented him.

He decided to go talk to Carlisle. They could discuss something of global importance, or maybe something trivial. Or he could go to Esme and tell her how miserable he was. This was a normal part of being a teenaged boy, and the kind of thing you talked to your mom about, right? She was supposed to comfort you when you miss your girl, right? Surely one of them could distract him…

Shedding any human façade, he raced down the stairs to Carlisle's study only to stop dead in his tracks a few feet from the door.

"It's okay, baby…we can replace this desk later…"

Edward growled loudly. "Get a freakin' room!"