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The Walls Sing

Dragonlots aka Dana Bell

Chapter 6

River slowly turned on her bare feet, her arms outstretched. Her brown skirt flitted as she moved. "I hear them."

"You hear who?" Weir moved to hit the final symbol.

Strong fingers clamped down over her hand. "Don't."

Elizabeth hadn't even been aware the girl had moved. She struggled to complete the address input.

"No." River pulled the woman's hand away. "There's only death there."

"I have to go." She could hear the siren song calling to her, begging her to join them.

"What's going on here?" John hurried up the stairs and joined them.

"She hears the song and wants to go. Only," the teen cocked her head. "There's death waiting if she does."

"Join who?" Sheppard demanded. "And let Elizabeth go."

"They're drifting in black velvet among the diamonds."

"River!" Kaylee shouted. "You let her go!" The engineer put her hands on her hips and stared hard at the girl from the lower area. Impatiently her foot tapped.

"Don't go," River repeated as her fingers loosened.

Desperate Elizabeth lunged at the control panel only to find Sheppard in front of her.

"Where are you going, Elizabeth?"

"Let…me…go." She bit off the words.

"No." John was firm. "If River says there's death there, then we need to believe her."

"I hear them," she caught her lower lip in her teeth. "It's so loud."

Gently River's hands touched both sides of Weir's face. "Not the right song. Shhhh." She smoothed the other's dark hair as if Elizabeth was a small child. "Shhhh. The song is fading, farther and farther away."

The song did seem to fade and soon Elizabeth could no longer hear it. John moved away from her and looked at the symbols lit up. He turned disbelieving eyes to stare at her. "If the final symbol is where I think, you would have stepped out into space and died."

"You glad I stopped her." River sounded smug.

"Yeah. Only, next time, let someone know what's going on, okay?"

A smile tugged at her thin lips. "Maybe."

"Do you want some eggs?" Regan asked Gabriel as he sat down at the wooden table.

"Is that what you're having?" He looked to her like he was getting ready to leave for the office in his dark new suit rather than spend the day hiding from the monsters who had captured their world.

"I was making myself an omelet."

"That's sounds fine."

Regan busied herself at the small stove, mixing eggs and adding peppers and whatever vegetables she'd been able to find. She put the creation on a plate and put it front of her husband before turning back to make her own.

"I do love them you know," he said unexpectedly.

She took a deep breath before she asked, "Then why haven't you tried to find them?"

"I have, but tracking them when they don't want to be found," he stopped. "I don't even know if it's safe to find them."

"Why ever not?" She turned to look at him.

"Because I discovered there were others looking for them as well. Agents in our government who," he didn't seem to want to continue.

"Who what?"

"Who hurt our daughter and turned her brother into a fugitive."

"Then Simon was right." Something was burning and she went back to her cooking. Regan managed to salvage the remains of her breakfast and sat down at the opposite end of the table.

Gabriel was staring at his food but hadn't eaten a bit. "Unfortunately." He leaned his elbows on either side of the plate and lowered his head into his hands.

In all honesty, Regan didn't know whether to laugh or to cry or to even attempt to comfort her husband. "So now what?"

His shoulders shuddered as if he was crying. "I don't know," he whispered.

The girl in his bed was crying and he didn't care. Blood dripped down on her now flawed cheek. He absently pulled his clothes back on and moved away. She was of no interest to him now.

What was of interest was the missing parents of two he had sworn revenge upon as well the others on the wretched ship who had lured his hive into a certain death. True, many had survived, but not enough.

Now their number was diminished and not strong as they should be. He would need more drones and there was a matter of a new queen.

His dark lips smiled at the prospect. Yes, he'd chosen one of his enemies to fulfill the role. It would be the sweetest revenge and a great victory. Not just for him, but for his hive.

He heard a noise behind him. "Get out," he ordered the girl.

She whimpered and obeyed.

The Reaver leader nodded in approval. She'd obeyed as any inferior human should.

Two men sat in a sealed vault oblivious to the screams sounding outside. They tapped their blue gloved fingers together and waited. Many times they heard the invaders try to breach the security and each time they failed.

In unison they moved and began to pull the hand sized drawers out of the walls. They dumped the many disks and other items on the floor. When they'd emptied them all, they looked at each other and nodded.

Together they pulled out a grenade from their inner pocked and pulled the fuse. Moments later, there was nothing left but a bulging hole in the side of the government building and Reavers died as the bricks mixed with metal rained down on them.

Simon stopped taking inventory of his medical supplies and cocked his head listening. He left the sickbay and went to the open hatch. Zoe glanced up at him. She sat on a box cleaning her gun.

"Somethin' wrong?"

"Thought I head something."

"Ain't nothin' out there but a dead city, waves and the sky, Simon."

"If I was my sister, I would say I heard a ghost."

"That would be amusing." Her dark lips gave him a rare smile.

He crossed his arms over his crisp white shirt. Simon knew he'd heard something. "You don't suppose it could be a Reaver ship?"

"Not likely." There were several clicks as she put her gun back together. "But I could take a look around the dock if it would put your mind at ease."

He shook his head. "No. That's okay."

"Where in the san hill are we?" Jayne asked.

Mal stopped and gazed at their new discovery. Somewhere they'd taken a wrong turn and ended up in a long hallways ending in a large dark room. "No idea."

The lights jumped on and there before them was a large box like ship nestled amongst crates and other objects they didn't know.

"That a ship?" Jayne spit off to the side. "Don't even look like it can fly."

Inching slowly forward, Reynolds ran his hand along the smooth metal. The ship looked to be in pretty good shape. "Older one maybe."

"Ain't like anythin' I've ever seen."

"Me either." He followed the outside wall around until he came across some black writing. He backed up to get a better look. "Jayne, come here."

The mercenary grumbled but complied. Together they stood looking at the name.

Jayne sneered. "What kind of name is that for a ship?"

"A good one."

"Ain't good like Serenity."

"No, but I'm bettin' for her time."

"Why is a ship always a she? Why ain't it a good strong he?"

"It's tradition, Jayne."

He puffed air out his lips.

"Hmmm," Mal mused, "I wonder how you got here Deadalus."