Chapter Two: Road Trip

"That's it! We aren't selling enough soda, so we're all going on a road trip," Tobi said.

"Say what?" Deidara demanded. "Didn't you just start selling that swill yesterday?"

"That isn't of importance!" Tobi snapped.

Deidara just sighed, and Itachi went to go stock up on Starbucks frauppicinos.

Konan, and Pein walked in at that moment, "A road trip, hmm?" the red haired man asked.

"That's sounds cool," Konan added. "If we don't all kill each other…" she thought.

Itachi walked in with a cooler full of Starbucks, and a small suitcase, "Well, I'm ready to go." he said, sounding bored.

Kisame sighed, and went off to go pack.

Sasori always had a suitcase packed, and he pulled it out of one of his many puppets, "I'm packed already." he said quietly.

Deidara stomped off angrily, threw some junk into a plastic bag, and came back, "There. I'm packed. Let's go." he snapped.

"Let's give everyone else a few minutes to get packed, Deidara," Tobi said. "It's what good boys do."

Deidara started to grind his teeth, "I'm going to get the van ready!" he snapped, storming off with his plastic bag full of junk.

Tobi had shown him the monstrosity last night, it was an old black van, with red clouds spray painted on the sides, inside it had driver's and passenger's seats, and then three rows of seats behind that; they were upholstered with black pleather. Deidara managed to crank the beast after ten minutes, then he crawled into the back, and started to scowl out the window. Slowly, the other members of the Akatsuki began to come in, and sit down. Tobi sat next to Deidara, who glared, and asked, "Aren't you driving?"

Tobi shook his head, "No, Kisame is going to do that, and give Itachi driving lessons, and tips," he said.

"Oh, I see," Deidara said, not really listening.

Kisame started backing up the van, "See how I shifted it into reverse?" he asked Itachi.

The Uchiha nodded, "Yes." he said simply.

"And how I just barely tapped the gas? BARELY! You hear?" Kisame instructed.

"Yes, just barely do it. Understood." Itachi said, sounding annoyed at getting yelled at.

"Good, and did you see how I checked my mirrors, and looked behind me, before I did ANYTHING?" Kisame asked.

"Yes!" Itachi answered. "Our meeting place is in the middle of freaking nowhere though, why the heck did he even bother?" he thinks.

"Okay," Kisame said. "We're pulled out far enough now that I can shift into driver. Watch CLOSELY."

"Why did he even go in reverse? There's nothing here!" Itachi thought furiously, but watched all the same.