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Legend tells of an angel, who dared to fall in love with a human...

As punishment the angel was stripped of everything - name, title, memories - all ripped from him with ruthless anger that left him lost and confused.

Only his halo and wings remained, though the once glorious glowing aura became dull, hanging loosely but tight enough to be stuck, a constant reminder to being shackled to the earth now.

Once pure white wings darkened into an inky black, matching those of his new brethren, the ravens who smelled of death.

Cast down from heaven with little to no remorse, all those loyal to him tossing asides such a thing and turning their back on him.

With a low whimper and violent shudder, eyelids fluttered past delicate cheeks to reveal a flash of deep red. Teeth clenching in pain the battered - and more then a little confused - male pushed himself into his knees, managing to do so without his arms giving out. That accomplished he looked around blurrily, trying to make sense of the spinning and tilting world around him. Well, this didn't sit well.

How in gods name did I get here? Closing his eyes as a pain in his head alerted him to an oncoming headache he breathed deeply; okay, apparently trying to remember made him hurt. Note to self: don't focus on remembering anything. Shaking his head he stretched, feeling a slight ruffling against his bare back. Absently he glanced over, noting the large black wings that folded contently against his back.

Most people would probably have screamed, but to him it felt as if they had always been there. Like how everyone excepts they have feet, or a nose. They were him, and he didn't doubt it for a second. Reaching up he gently brushed his fingers against the gentle weight circling his neck. Yes, that was also nothing to be alarmed about. Tilting his head the boy found he felt a lot less pained and was able to carefully push himself onto his feet, only to fall back down when the sharp pang of unused muscles jolted through him.

Alright, maybe not such a good idea. Instead he stretched his bare legs out in front of him, letting his head fall back. Maybe, under normal circumstances, he'd be panicking over the fact he was in the middle of no where, unable to remember how he got in said place, and the fact he hadn't the faintest clue who he was. But some part of him just excepted all this, as easily as he had his wings and the circlet about his neck. Humming in contentment the tanned male released a soft sigh, only for his moment to be disturbed quite abruptly.

"Oh my GOD, where are your clothes!?" A very mortified scream - more like a squeak, actually - exclaimed, and the boys eyes snapped open in surprise. "And what...are those wings!?"

Frowning he lifted his head, examining the panicked youth in front of him. This newcomer was rather exotic looking; pale skinned, with hair styled in a way gravity most definitely should not allow. Said hair was black, fading out into a deep purple as it reached the edges - absently he noted the purple was the same colour of his eyes, which were widened in shock - and yellow bangs falling jauntily over his face. All in all, it was a very pretty if somewhat strange way to style ones hair.

"You have strange hair." And he said so without hesitation. The comment seemed to catch the boy off guard because he gazed at him with a slightly offended and flustered look, arms crossing over his chest as he glowered. Or pouted. Pouted fit the situation better.

"What are you talking about? You're hair looks almost exactly like mine!" He grumbled, jabbing an accusing finger at the very naked, definitely winged male sitting oh so casually in front of him as if he had no problems in the world. Which he didn't, if the obvious muscles and sharp, dangerous looking red eyes were anything to go by.

Blinking at the accusation the naked - angel? - cocked his head curiously, eyes crossing in an attempt to get a look at his own hair. A very difficult feat, which was never quite accomplished. "Is it? I can't see. You know; since it's on the top of my head and all." He responded with curious raise of his eyebrows.

Yugi was completely lost. Something about this male was...strange. Not including the lack of clothing and bird wings folded against his back. How didn't he already know what his hair looked like? Unless he was completely insane. Maybe he had escaped from an insane asylum nearby?..where they...experimented on genes to make them grow wings? Okay, that story was pretty farfetched, and he decided to ask instead of just assuming things.

"Who are you?" Yugi asked slowly, and this time the boy frowned; the first frown he had seen since discovering the out of place other.

Narrowing his eyes slightly the male shook his head slowly, opening his mouth, closing it, considering, then shrugged halfheartedly. "I have no idea, and am in no hurry to try and bring up a name. Makes my head hurt. You?"

At this Yugi blinked, startled despite himself. He couldn't..remember? Oh! Maybe he had...what was it that his grandpa called it? Amens..Amneside...Amnes..Amnesia! Clapping his hands - and pretending not to notice the startled jump the action caused the stranger - Yugi promptly turned form happy to pitying.

"Oh, you poor thing! You can't remember anything?" He asked, voice filled with sympathy as he dropped down in front of the boy; having, in his pain at the knowledge that this boy knew nothing, forgotten he was quite naked.

Startled at the sudden close contact the mentioned boy quickly scrambled back to put some distance between them, then settled down, shaking his head. "Not without trying, and trying hurts, so I don't try." He responded with a firm nod of his head, then frowned. "You still haven't told me you're name, little one."

Surprised but nonetheless pleased at the unexpected nickname, Yugi flushed slightly as he responded. "Yugi Mutou."

Humming softly the strange man repeated the name softly, letting it roll of his tongue. It sounded...familiar, and sent warmth rippling through his otherwise cold body. Apparently whatever this...Yugi had covering him was keeping him warm, because he wasn't shivering at all. "Yugi..."

"Yeah, that's right. Uhm, you look very..cold. And naked. Which would explain why you were cold." Yugi realized he was rambling and clamped his mouth shut, organizing his thoughts before trying again. "I'm going to call you Yami." Came the proud declaration as the boy gave a firm nod, crossing his arms over his chest.

The newly named winged one furrowed his forehead in bewilderment. "Ya..mi?" He questioned slowly, hesitantly, the strange name sticking to his tongue. It didn't feel nearly as fluent as Yugi's, which made sense, since Yugi looked very fluent while he just felt heavy and lost.

"Yeah. Since you have black wings, so it fits." Yugi explained, and after a moment of careful consideration 'Yami' gave an uncertain nod of his head, resulting in Yugi once again flushed with delight that the other agreed with his name choice. "Alright, Yami it is!..Oh. I don't suppose..uhm...Hey, why don't you come back to my place? I'm sure grandpa would understand, since you have amnesia and all. We'll help you find out who you are!" He announced brightly, and despite himself Yami smiled. The small ones joy was addictive.

"I'd be in you're debt." Yami murmured softly in response, earning him a slightly queer look before Yugi gave a shrug.

"Yeah, sure. Come on." Offering his hand Yugi waited until Yami had taken it, then pulled the other to his feet. Instantly Yami latched onto him, taking Yugi by surprise and sending them both to the ground.

Several moments later they had worked out an equal sharing of balance, and set off to Yugi's house with Yami clinging to his arm. Luckily it was Sunday, so the streets were empty - Yugi did NOT want to and explain to an officer what he was doing walking around with a naked male attached to his arm, especially not one with large black wings and what appeared to be a battery dead halo around his neck.

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