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Releasing a loud sigh Yugi dropped onto his bed, massaging his forehead and silently thanking the gods that it was over. A soft thump drew his attention downward, finding Yami had, as expected, followed him into his room and was now curled up on the foot of the bed, a small quivering still present.

It had gone as well as he could have expected - though it had taken a good half hour to convince Yami to let him go, as well as to get off the fridge. Afterwards Tea had looked positively shamefaced, obviously feeling a guilty that she had scared the poor angel half out of his mind. Afterwards they had woken up Tristen, snapped Joey out of his self-caused coma, and all taken a seat in the living room.

Well the four friends had sat; Yami had perched on the back of the couch behind Yugi, wings half spread and hand never leaving Yugi's shoulder, obviously ready to bolt at a seconds notice. Then followed the wonderful and exhausting game of '20 Questions', where Tea, Tristen, and Joey threw out questions and Yugi answered them to the best of his ability, since Yami seemed determined to remain as quiet as a mouse.

"I don't think he flies, I've never seen him. He eats whatever I eat. I've never seen him use magic so I wouldn't know. He sleeps with me." Tea had shrieked at that response, which had resulted in another time out while Yugi coaxed Yami out of the kitchen closet. "No, not like that! I mean he sleeps in my bed. More of on my bed. At the foot of it. No he's not like a dog! He can understand everything you're saying! Yes he can speak! He's just nervous - no you may not touch his wings! No he doesn't perform any tric-Joey I just said don't touch his oh for the love of..Yami, please come out from behind the TV."

It wasn't until well after dark that Solomon had made his way into the room, reminding all of them they had school tomorrow. Reluctantly Yugi's friends had taken their leave, pelting out questions all the way out the door. Promising he'd answer more in the morning Yugi shut the front door, and was promptly reintroduced to the house floor when Yami latched onto him.

The shudders wracking through the angels body had left him feeling positively dreadful, and he had spent a good couple hours more just sitting by the door, stroking Yami's back reassuringly. After the fear had mostly eased from the stressed angel Yugi had retreated upstairs to prepare for bed, and now was very much so looking forward to sleep.

However, it was rather hard to sleep when the foot of your bed kept quivering, and with an ever patient sigh he nudged Yami gently, earning a small grunt before frightful red eyes lifted to meet his own concerned purple.

"Come here, Yami." Yugi murmured, and only a moments hesitation passed before Yami crawled up the length of the mattress. Pulling back the covers, Yugi waited for him to settle down before draping the blanket over him. That done Yugi rested one of his hands on the angels side, feeling the quivers slowly shivering to a halt. "There. All better." The boy declared with a smile, earning himself one in return before eyelids closed to conceal now tired red eyes.

"Goodnight, Mou Hitori No Boku." "Goodnight aibou." Yugi fell asleep to the gentle rumbles of Yami's content purrs.


A lovelorn sigh brushed past the slightly bloody lips of the crouched form, teeth setting into the already torn flesh once again as he gazed into the swirling pool before him. Releasing his lip he gave the unknowing figure before him a tender smile, watching as the young boy laughed at something one of his companions had said. Such beauty this boy had, beauty he longed for but would never have.

Flinching at the hurt that knowledge brought the angel reached out, fingertips just brushing the surface of the water, tracing the outlines of the beautiful humans face.

"Atemu." Startled by the sound of his name he lifted his head, glancing over his shoulder to see a familiar arch-angel stalking towards him, mouth set in a thin frown of disapproval. "This is starting to become unhealthy."

Grinning slightly the angel now known as Atemu returned his gaze to the pool before him, just in time to see his human shout out in victory, having won another game against his friends. "Well, it's not like I can become sick from it, Seth. So really, what's the harm?" He enquired with a tilt of his head, shifting into a much more comfortable position, now stretched out on his stomach.

"The harm is it's only a matter of time before the Council takes notice of you're...interest. You know as well as I do that we are forbidden from contact with humans." Seth hissed, glancing with open disinterest at the image that had his cousin so taken.

Sighing softly Atemu tipped his head in acknowledgement. "Ah, yes. But I am not coming 'in contact' with him. I am merely observing. There is no law against that." He pointed out, eyes lidded as he surveyed the human walking down the sidewalk, cars soaring past him.

"So, cousin, tell me.." Seth murmured, arms crossed over his chest. "Could you just 'observe' if death came knocking?" He enquired, noticing instantly the way Atemu's form tensed at the question, white wings quivering slightly.

Moments passed, and the arch-angel knew his cousin had no response to the question. "Just remember, Atemu. We are immortal; to get involved with someone as prone to death as a human is asking for trouble. He will die. And when that time comes, will you be able to let him?" Saying no more he turned, walking back the way he had come.

If he had waited, just a moment longer, he would have heard Atemu's sudden gasp. He would have seen what was laid out before his cousin's eyes; human, stepping out into the street, distracted by something his friend had said. A car, barrelling down upon him. And Atemu, disappearing from the cloud he had laid on.


SCREECH! "Yugi!"

Screaming. An invisible force, grabbing his wrist and yanking him harshly out of the way just in time.

Crying out as he slipped, hitting the sidewalk harshly. But alive. People were running towards him, Tea was crying, Tristen and Joey were screaming profanities at the wildly apologizing driver.

Assuring them he was fine, he had tripped.

Oblivious to the pained angel watching, who knew without a doubt the punishment awaiting him at home. And yet, a sad smile still tugged at his lips.

Because he was alive.

"Aibou...I love you."

Words the human never heard. But someone else did.


"Atemu, you stand before the Council today, charged with physically coming in contact with and daring to love a human. How do you plead?" Came the cold, flat question of the High Council leader Dartz, angry mutterings echoing his words.

No response came. The accused angel simply gazed back at him with emotionless eyes, scared but satisfied enough not to show it. There was no point in denying; he knew he would be lying, as did everyone in the hall.

With determination he kept his eyes forward, not daring to meet gaze with his cousin, who he knew would be watching with an agonized expression. 'If only you had listened to me!' Yes, that's exactly what Seth would say. But he didn't care.

"Have you nothing to say!?" Mai snarled from beside her leader, and flinched when dead red eyes switched to her instead.

"What I have to say is of no importance." Atemu stated in the same tone Dartz had used, cold as ice and without a trace of regret. "I could deny it, but I am no liar."

His words were punctuated by gasps and snarls, and a low groan from who he knew to be Seth. For he might as well have pleaded guilty; they knew it, the Council knew it, and he certainly knew it.

"Very well. Atemu, for you're disregard of the rules, you are hear by sentenced to be stripped of you're title, name, and memories."

Horror slapped him full front in the face. "NO!" Two voices screamed, Atemu and Seth's combining to an almost defeaning volume. Guards grabbed him and he thrashed, all pretence of uncaring tossed aside when one realization hit him. They were going to take his human from him.

Dartz expression remained flat, even in the face of Atemu's screams that rebounded off the walls; even Mai had to turn from the scene, unable to handle the screamed pleads.

"NO! Don't take him from me! Please, you can't! Let go, let me GO!" Tears ran freely down his face, but were ignored as he was dragged from the hall. More then half those attending lowered their eyes, the agonized desperation in his voice filling them all with the same feeling of dread.

Long after the doors to the halls had been shut, his screams could still be heard.



Purple eyes snapped open at the defeaning scream, sitting up sharply in a panic. Quickly his mind clicked into the thrashing figure beside him and he gasped sharply, flicking on his lamp before grabbing the figure beside him.

"Yami! Wake up! Yami!" Yugi cried, and tear filled red came into view, and then Yugi was being crushed by two arms, sobs wracking the body he was now being clung too.

"Aibou, hikari, oh gods, don't go don't take him please aibou!" Yami wept, his tears soaking Yugi's pajama's in seconds but the boy could care less, wrapping his arms tightly around the angels waist. Confused and scared by the angel's terror he could do nothing but massage his back, whispering soft reassurances into the other's ears.

He didn't know exactly how long they laid there, but the sun was just beginning to raise when Yami's body finally stopped jolting, powerful sobs fading into quiet whimpers, grip loosening only slightly but not to the point Yugi could even hope to pull away. Not that he had any intention of doing so, because he had a rather strong feeling that leaving right now would result in..well, he couldn't imagine what exactly, but definitely nothing good.

Pressing his forehead against Yami's shoulder he continued to whisper sweet nothings to the distressed boy, ignoring the uncomfortable feeling of his wet clothes. "Sh, it's alright Yami. I'm here. No one's taking me away. I'm right here."

Slowly Yami began to breath again, a little unevenly but it was an improvement. His grip went from desperate to gentle, no longer crying except for the occasional wet hiccup.

"There. See, it's alright? Now, do you want to tell me what you were dreaming about Yami?" Yugi murmured softly, making sure the other knew it was a request and definitely not an order.

A pause. "Atemu." Came the muffled response and Yugi blinked, forehead furrowing in confusion. What? "I was...I was dreaming about Atemu."

"Oh." Yugi hesitated, wondering if he dared, before finally venturing with a, "Who's Atemu?" A shiver crept down Yami's spine before he sighed softly, leaning back to blink at Yugi, eyes puffy and shining and tired.

"I am." "...Oh?"

And with a deep breath, Yami began to explain everything he had remembered, arms tightening around Yugi when he spoke of 'the accident', earning a surprised gasp from Yugi and a breathless whisper of 'That was you?'.

Afterwards the two simply laid there, Yami's face again buried in Yugi's shoulder, again shaking as he waited for the judgement. Yugi himself was carefully digesting everything he had just been told, hand still rubbing soothingly along the other's lower back. Finally he shrugged his shoulder just enough to dislodge Yami, who obediently - if a bit hesitantly - met his eyes.

"You love me?" Yugi asked slowly, noticing the fear and pain that filled Yami. Atemu...No, Yami's eyes. He was Yami to Yugi, and always would be. Atemu was an angel, Yami was his angel.

"Yes." Was the barely existent response, spoken so quietly and with so much terror it made Yugi's heart hurt. Smiling shakily but tenderly the human leaned in, just brushing his lips against the angel's. Yami's eyes widened in surprise, for a moment doing nothing but stare before slowly, hesitantly, he returned the feather light kiss.

After a moment Yugi pulled away with a wide smile, a strange glow in his eyes as he wrapped his arms around Yami's waist.

"I love you to," He announced, hearing a small gasp from the angel. "And no one's taking you away from me again." Yugi added firmly.

And Yami smiled.

Legend tell of a human, who dared to fall in love with an angel...

...And nobody dared to stop him.

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