It all began on a dark, stormy day… Well, kind of. The day hadn't actually started particularly dark, or stormy, really, but that just goes to show ya how quickly things can change, now, don't it?

Anywho, it all began on a dark and stormy day… Okay, really, it was kind of the afternoon of said day, not to be implying that anything important had been happening earlier on… Maybe…

Fine, it all started on what was becoming the bleakest day of the year, and for more than one reason.



Fine… It all started, bleak day, blah, blah, move on…


The promising day had pretty much been ruined by the sudden downpour, but one soul in Jump City, near the bay, had been having some pretty bad luck even before the rain started coming down. Let's see why:

One, he finally had to 'accept' that the Terra look-alike, even if she had ever actually been Terra, didn't want to remember the things she'd done, or who she really was.

Two, after finally rejoining his friends to take down their newest enemy, Shifter, he quickly tired of the creature's games and went ape mode - a.k.a Beast-mode - on the morphing… Thing. This led to his friends trying to keep him from killing Shifter, which in turn led to his, er, it's escape.

Needless to say, this was bad.

Three, after re-tracking the albino morphing thing and eventually 'apprehending' it, they had gone back to the Tower. After a bit of senseless milling around, everyone else besides Raven and himself went out to check out the city.

Beast Boy had been taking a nap at the time of departure, which was why he hadn't automatically volunteered to go. However, considering his mood, he wouldn't really have wanted to go, anyway. One reason for that.

Last but not least, when he finally did awake, a mere hour after the others had left, he found somebody standing in his room. Somebody he knew from a long time ago.

Somebody he'd hoped to never encounter again.


He floated through nothingness. Ah, what a joy. No instincts making havoc with his short attention-span, no sense of thought to lead to depression, just… blissful ignorance…

Hm? What's that? A hazy blue glow lit up the path before him, what it was leading to. Her.


The sense of urgency in her voice automatically tuned into his attention. Me?

"Yes, you… You are one of the only men to escape me, not once, but twice… Why do you run from me? Why must you keep us apart?"

What? He really had no idea what she was talking about, but already began to wonder. Keep us apart? Never. She was beautiful, that much he knew. One of the most beautiful girls -women, really- that he'd ever had the privilege of seeing.

He got the strangest feeling that he'd seen her before, as if he should recognize her. Immediately he pushed the thought aside as he felt her touch.

Somehow, she'd gotten so close in so little time. Time? What's that? He knew he was grinning like an idiot, pleased simply by her presence. Still, something nagged him in the back of his mind. It didn't matter. She mattered, though.

"But it's true… you are the only one who even tries anymore… Tries to stay away, that is…" Her ethereal voice carried such emotion he could feel her heartbreak himself, and almost hated himself for it.

"All the others… They are gone, now. Long gone… We will be together, soon, though… Garfield…" He cocked his head at this. What was she talking about? Why couldn't they be together now? Suddenly he felt a tug, and a violent one at that. That sense of forgetting something was back, and seemed to have physical force with it.

She reached out to him, as if still trying to bring him closer, and he found himself floating… backwards? No!

"Remember me…"

Beast Boy screamed as he woke up.

"So you're awake, now, are you?"


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