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Chapter 2 1/2: Overdue Intermission

Although he couldn't see it, Ryan could feel the heat of the portal-spell radiating from the wall it was on. He could feel the surprised stare of the empath behind him now. He definitely heard the pounding on the door now, Beast Boy's friends definitely with reason to worry. And although he couldn't see it, he could picture Beast Boy throwing open the door.

"Guys, get back!!"

Over the millenia, many different speculations have been made about how everything came to be. The sun, the moon, the Earth, the planet, the stars, everything living and everything not; Everything. Some have made baseless rumors on the arrangement of things. Why and how things happen, what causes them to happen the way they do, when it can be predicted to happen again and so forth. More often than not, these rumors are and remain just that. Rumors.

One in a thousand of these guesses, however, are just nearly there. Not quite right, but most definitely not wrong.

The ancient Greeks and the ones before them believed in thirteen major heavenly bodies, each with a different power to match their names.

Zeus, Lord of Winds, Clouds, and Lightning, King of the Gods. Uptight, just a li'l bit.

Hera, Goddess of Hearth and Home, Family, Wife of Zeus and Queen of the Gods. Very... family-centered. Supposedly. In theory.

Poseidon and Hades, brothers of Zeus and respective Lords of the Seas and the Underwold/Dead. Talk about your sibling rivalry.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Adultery, born of foam on the oceans of man. Hmm... Bananas...

Hephaestus, God of the Forge, son of Zeus and Hera. Ugliest mug you ever would see, rumor has it. Clever, though.

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon, and Wisdom, daughter of Zeus and Hera, sister of Apollo. A multi-tasker became her.

Apollo, God of the Sun, Music, and Archery, son of Zeus and Hera, brother of Artemis. Kind of laid-back, easy-going.

Ares, God of War, something of someone-or-another and blah, blah, blah. Also ugly, but much more single-minded.

Hermes, God of Messengers, Thieves, Travelers, etc., etc.(he should really add God of Long Job Descriptions to the list), blah, blah, blah. Funny guy, that one.

Dionysus, God of Wine and All-Together Partying. Fun for a while, but a little less loose than expected.

And the list goes on with two more that the author will not go out of his way to name now, mostly because it's late, these thirteen actually have no real purpose for even being named in this story, and frankly, the author doesn't care, he just wants to get this show on the road.

After the Greeks, there were the Romans, who were pretty dang unoriginal in coming up with their own gods and goddesses to explain everything, so they pawned off on their predecessors, taking the precious time to differentiate by giving them all different names.

Shocking, what some people will do to maintain credibility. Really, it is.

Before the gods, there had been rumored to have been Titans; great, powerful, innumerable Titans, that ruled the Dark Ages of Man before they were overthrown by the Hundred-Handed Ones(their brothers, so to speak) and the gods( their children, so to speak).

After the gods, the was rumored to be one true God; whether his name be Allah or, you know, God.

All of these beliefs and speculations are true. And yet, at the same time, they are all un-true. Confusing, isn't it?

There's a lot of politics and claiming rights and general foolishness to go around, especially so since a little thing called immortality was discovered, but in the end... Well, there is no end result quite yet, for the End has not yet come, and even those with foresight cannot see it clearly. But... To be honest, leave it to say, keep an open mind and don't expect anything spectacular.

Expect something weird and somewhat exciting.

Somewhere in the backwater routes of the farce that is the newest time-space sector, four creatures that did not belong there in the first place pondered the exact same thought with varying levels of intensity.

'What the hell is going on around here?'

One can not really blame them for putting it so bluntly; after all, if anyone else had been wandering around a supremely white open space with no concept of up, down, left, or right for the past few months, and then were subjects to the above conspiracy, said person would have been driven insane or died at this point. By all means, these four should be given a sticker for sticking it out so long and sent home.

Besides, if somebody actually knew just where they were, and could hear them, and could respond within the next, oh, two seconds, they would really appreciate knowing. Now.

It was no small secret that, out of the four... not one had any idea of what their current location was. Three remembered having rushed home, thanks to Cyborg's "need for speed", to check on whether or not Raven and Beast Boy had killed each other in their absence. The metal man had not told him so, but the implication was... implied.

After taking note that they really needed to get some new elevator music, they had run down the hall leading to the animorph's room, only to meet Raven, who had just sunk down through a portal directly next to the aforementioned room, equally alarmed. The reason why?

Apparently from her rushed explanation, she had sensed excessive amounts of psychic energy radiating from the room they were now next to. Ignoring her opportunity to make a joke at Beast Boy's expense, she had instead brought to the others' attention the large amount of illegible yelling emanating from the room in question.

Then, of course, she had ripped the door off of it's hinges in a moment's notice, only to hear somebody yelling something at them before a giant, not-so-brilliant burst of light took over the hall by force.

Which leads to now. Now, where they were literally in the dark/blind as bats, and very cold.

"We are currently in the presence of omnipotent beings, one of which will now both explain things and avoid filling you in on the situation," a strangely familiar voice slightly in front of them announced in a bored tone, "So please, keep your senses from overloading at their sheer awesomeness until notified otherwise. If you do not wish to be vaporized, keep quiet for the remainder of your orientation.

"If you at any time wish for some say in what you are about to hear, too bad because as you may have noticed, you can not even move right now. If you have any questions, or are somehow allergic to higher beings that tell you what you can or can't, will or won't, may or may not do, then there's nothing we can do to help you. All clear? Good."

Again, altogether now... What the hell is this?, along with Wow I really can't move, and a favorite, I can't feel my torso, were among the thoughts of the four individuals in question. Which, if you haven't cared to guess by now, are in fact, Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg of the Teen Titans.

"Good to see that you finally took some advice and got a sense of humor, boy. Or are you still mad about what happened last time?"

"Aw, please, you're the god here, you tell me."

'Please, whoever is talking, stop now... you are not making the sense...'

"Insincere flattery will get you nowhere..."

"But truthful insults will get you everywhere. Is that what you're saying?"

"Huh. Didn't expect you to have a comeback, even by now..."

"What then, you're gonna kill me?"

"Don't tempt me. I can think of a few things to do with you, and they're all worse than death..."

"I'm sorry, I thought you said 'I can think'. Kind of lost you there, say again?"

'I really need to stop surfing the sci-fi movie channel before recharging...'

"You know, you might have grown a backbone over the years but that smart mouth never changes. What of your friends?"

"Leave them out of this if you want the job done. Speaking of which, what is it?"

'... Oh hell no...'

"You'll figure it out sooner or later. No direct interference, remember?"

"Right, right, whatever... so, when are we gonna get there?"

"Oh... now."

'... Eh?'

At approximately 5:12 a.m. Earth time, on a currently unnamed planet circling the second ring of a currently unnamed lunar system, an inexplicable rip opened up in what was once called the 'sky'. Less than a second later it closed, spitting out six figures bordering a speed humans knew as Mach 3.

Considering the average speed of things that randomly fell out of the sky on this planet, this was rather normal, seeing as said things usually came through what passed for an o-zone layer and were on fire by the time they came into view. Considering the fact that they stayed at this speed, this was rather strange.

Considering the consistency of the material these figures were made of , three of the six should not have survived going at this speed at all, and none of them should have survived the landing. Miraculously, though, they did, and what of the landing? Well, what should have resulted from that is best reenacted by, say, a giant rubber bullet being fired from a gun with the force of three cannons at a giant block of steel Legos (in theory).

In other words, even if they had all survived the impromptu speed-flight, they should have died upon impact anyway. Instead, they all came to a sudden halt less than a foot from skidding to certain doom, and six unconscious bodies thudded against the ground.

Been a long time, e'nt it? Long time, long time... but Tor is not one to leave you hangin' just like that! Oh, and just so you know, this one was meant to be confusing, it's like re-nuking frozen pizza after it was already nuked before it got frozen! Except, you know, cool! Shutting up now...


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