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Finally, she had it. It took a hell of a lot more work than she thought it would, but it was definitely worth it. She was very nervous since it was her first time tackling something this difficult. Sure, she had done it before, but never like this.

People had been encouraging her to do it, telling her that it was so simple. Well, it obviously wasn't. She had been struggling for almost an hour doing everything she could, but it just did not make sense. There was having to put it in right, checking on it every so often and enduring the uneasy wait. Though, when she got it—almost giving up hope—she could've cried she was so happy.

She had done it.

Her pop-tart had officially been toasted.

She usually just ate it raw, without putting it in the frustrating toaster and waiting for the delicious, jelly filled, 200 calorie pop-tart to be finished. There just wasn't a point. It was scrumptious without toasting it. And sadly, everyone had been right. Pop-tarts were amazing when they were toasted. Of course they were wonderful just out of the wrapping, but when they were warm and melting in your mouth? Damn incredible.

While she stuffed the pop-tart into her mouth, Clary made her way out of the kitchen and down the long halls, surprisingly passing by no one. That was until Church, her favorite cat and the only cat she knew for that matter, trotted in front of her and lounged against one of the stone walls.

"Where is everyone, Church?" Clary asked her.

He gave her a bored stare, lolled his head to the side and then began to saunter away from the wall. Without much hesitation, since this did happen often, she followed the cat down the hall, finishing the last bit of her yummy pop-tart.

Church turned a tight corner and Clary had to take large steps to keep up. When she was around the corner, Church had disappeared. She looked around, failing to spot him and with a shrug, gave up her search. There wasn't really a point. Church decided when he appeared and when he left. It was one of the things that Clary loved about him.

As she turned the next corner at the end of the long hallway, she bumped into something tall and hard.

"Sorry," she mumbled under her breath, backing up a few steps before looking up.

Clary expected to see one of her friends or someone else who lived there, but when she titled her head up, there wasn't anyone there. She had walked into the door. Worse. She had apologized to it. And when she looked to her left she saw that the corner was another few steps away and that she took too early of a turn. With a loud huff, she took two giant sidesteps and began to walk down the hall. The actual hall.

And again, she walked into something.

"Ugh. Again?" She grumbled, not bothering to take a step back or apologize.

"This has happened before?"

Clary froze, then, very slowly, she looked up to see that she hadn't walked into another door. It was a very handsome looking guy with shaggy hair and shaded eyes that were full of teasing and pain at the same time. She had been sure that she was in love with him. That was until she had heard one small word; a word that had torn her world apart: brother. Jace and Clary were siblings.

Clary felt the blood rush to her cheeks and looked back down, trying to think of a quick remark. "No, I was just… uh—"

"Mhm, yeah, sure," Jace interrupted, smiling down at her.

She rolled her eyes and pushed past him, continuing her walk down the hall, trying to get ride of Jace. But he was right beside her, matching her pace and enjoying how annoyed she was with him.

"Where're you going?" He asked, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Clary faltered her steps, slowing down to consider his question. She sighed. "I have no idea."

"Just roaming?"

"Yeah…" she muttered. "Yeah, heading nowhere."

Jace chuckled. "That's always fun. Mind if I join your little journey?"

She gave him a side glance, saw that he was still staring at her and shrugged.

He nodded and winked at her. "Sounds exciting."

Clary turned her head so she was staring straight again. This was remarakable. The only reason why Jace talked to her still was to: A) tease her or bug her till she pulled her hair out; B) stare at her painfully, wishing that they could be together or C) argue with her which, evidently, led to kissing…

Yup, this should definitely be interesting.

So, this is just the first chapter. What do you think? It'll get more, I don't know, romantic and/or dramatic in upcoming chapters… if I can come up with some ideas. It'll probably take a while though =P. Thanks for reading.