--I Never Stopped Loving You--

--Chapter 1: The Threat--


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Shikamaru lifted his head up quickly and narrowed his eyes when he heard a crash. The crash was soon followed by the sound of someone crying. Shikamaru got up from his wooden desk with a photo frame and books on it next to a window, in a bedroom with a king-sized bed. The photo frame held a picture of Shikamaru wrapping his arms around a woman with pink hair that was carrying what seemed to be a baby. They were all smiling happily, seemed like nothing could tear the family apart.

He had been resting his head on the desk, he was trying to relax the day. He was drawing earlier but, got bored so he took a small nap. Ever since his girlfriend, Sakura, gave birth to their son, it's been all about work. He hadn't planned on making her pregnant this early. Sure, they were old enough, okay maybe they weren't so much as "old enough" but, the reason for why they believed it was too early was because they weren't even married yet. They had been in a relationship for only three years, at the time he got her pregnant. It was now two years later, the baby was two years old, Shikamaru and Sakura have been together for exactly five years. Sakura was now 21 years old, and Shikamaru just finished turning 22. Sakura's birthday was in another month or so.

It has been a little to much for him to handle.

Don't think he regrets it because if you do, your completely wrong. If anything, he's glad this happened. He loved Sakura, more than words could explain, he was glad that she ended up being the mother of his son. He was glad that he now had a son but of course, everything was still so troublesome. He was hoping that today he would be able to the thing he does best; Sleep and Relax. Especially since it was already ten o'clock and the baby had made him wake up at five in the morning.


Apparently not, he groaned as he slid his shoes on and left his room.

'What's the point of even thinking about relaxing?' thought Shikamaru as he walked down the halls of his mansion- his and Sakura's mansion.

He went over to the room where he heard crying. The door was open and he stood there in the door way. He saw glass scattered around the floor and in the corner, Sakura was treating a wound on Ryuu's hand. She was cleaning it with a cloth, that seemed to have alcohol on it. He saw a band-aid lying on the floor right next to her. When he walked into the room, Sakura looked up.


"What happened?" Shikamaru cut in. He looked at the pieces of glass on the floor, and at the wound on his son's hand.

Sakura finished cleaning the wound and then put a band-aid over it. She picked up Ryuu and put him in his crib.

"He was running around, of course falling a couple of times," answered Sakura as she walked over to Shikamaru. "Then he fell and dropped the vase. A glass cut his finger but, it's a minor wound, it's alright."

Shikamaru looked over at Ryuu. He had brown hair and dark green eyes. He was playing with some toys in his crib. He then looked back at his girlfriend. She could tell he seemed a bit frustrated. She had suggested that he took a break for today and just relaxed. It seemed like he couldn't do that, not with the baby causing chaos everywhere.

He walked out of the room and into the hall, opened up a closet filled with cleaning supplies. They had closets all around the house with cleaning supplies in them, just in case things like this happened. Sure, it would seem like a waste but, they were rich. So what was the problem?

He took out a broom and when Sakura saw it she frowned.

"I told you that you can go take a break for tonight," said Sakura as she took the broom away from him. "I'll deal with this, you go rest. You have work tomorrow anyway."

He took the broom back and starting sweeping the shards that were all over the tiled floor.

"I don't need a break," Shikamaru finally replied. "I have to help you out as much as I can. He's my son too ya know."

Sakura looked down at the floor, "I know but-"

Shikamaru put the broom aside and now had one arm wrapped around her waist, and another holding up her chin.

"Doesn't matter Sakura, I'm going to help out too," said Shikamaru softly. "I know I usually like to relax and just stare at clouds all day. But, I'd rather much help take care of, and raise Ryuu. I don't want you to feel like I'm leaving all the work for you."

Sakura moved her head to a side as she sighed, "I won't feel like you're leaving me with all the work. I just feel like I should let you do the things you use to before all of this. I feel bad for bringing more weight on your shoulders by having a baby. We didn't mean for this to happen and I don't regret it, and I really don't want you to regret it either. That's why I'm trying to make you do the least amount of things possible."

Shikamaru knew what she meant, he could understand why she felt that way. But, they always have this discussion, he already told her, it's one of the best things that ever happened to him. So there should be no worries.


"Yeah I know, we've been through this a billion times," said Sakura in a derisive tone. "I just really love you Shikamaru, and I don't want to have any reason to think that there is something that can cause us to tear apart."

Shikamaru caressed her cheek with his hand. She looked up at him with her mesmerizing emerald eyes. She did looked really concerned, and even a bit upset.

"Don't worry, there is no reason for you to think that," said Shikamaru reassuringly as he gently placed his lips over hers.

Sakura placed both of her hands on his shoulders as she kissed him back. She smiled into the kiss as he nibbled on her lower lip.

'God, I love him,'thought Sakura happily but, loving him so much, has made her so scared of losing him.

"No kwissy!" had shouted Ryuu as he looked at his parents.

He usually just cried whenever Sakura and Shikamaru kissed in front of him, he never actually demanded them to stop. Sakura and Shikamaru were so into the moment, that they even forgot Ryuu was right there too. They quickly pulled apart and laughed a bit as they looked at Ryuu.

"No kissy?" asked Sakura as she walked over to this crib. "But, Shikamaru is your daddy, and I'm your mommy. Mommy's and daddy's kiss."

"No! No kwissy!" said Ryuu defensively.

Shikamaru chuckled a bit and also walked over to the crib, he ruffled the small amount of hair that Ryuu had on his head. Ryuu looked up at his dad and gave him a big, bright smile, with shining green eyes that held happiness in them. Ryuu loved both of his parents but, being a guy, he could relate to his dad more than to his mom. He had always seen Shikamaru tease Sakura, and now that he could speak a bit, he enjoyed bugging her too. Ryuu really looked up to his dad, and he could always make him smile.

Sakura always made the kid smile too but, if Shikamaru and Sakura fought, he would be on Shikamaru's side. He just really loved his dad.

"Listen to the kid Sakura, no kwissy," said Shikamaru.

Ryuu let out a small laugh and clapped his hands in happiness. He stuck his tongue out at Sakura and then Shikamaru held his hand out, and Ryuu gave him a high five.

Sakura twitched, 'You're the one who kissed me! Ugh, and they still call you the smart one. Haha, whatever, so, no kissy right? Let's see how that works out for you.'

"Gah, whatever," said Sakura. "Ryuu, it's late, time to go to sleep."

"No!" said Ryuu as he threw his stuffed animal toy thing at her head.

Shikamaru shook his head and smirked at her misfortune. Sakura seemed a bit angered as she picked up the toy. It was fun watching her get mad but, if she got too mad, all hell would break loose. So Shikamaru decided to make Ryuu stop.

"That's enough Ryuu," said Shikamaru. "Be a good boy and go to sleep."

Ryuu pouted and looked at Shikamaru with a Do-I-Really-Have-To sort of look. Shikamaru nodded his head.

"Woowkay" Ryuu practically grumbled as he rested his head on his small pillow and shut his eyes.

"Why does he like his father more than mother?" Sakura asked herself as she glared at the toy Ryuu had thrown at her earlier.

Shikamaru still had the smirk on his face as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. Making her back go against his chest. He leaned his head forward and pulled her back so that he could kiss her. Just as his lips were about to make contact with hers, she stopped him by placing a finger on his lips. Preventing him from going any further. He looked at her with furrowed eye brows, completely confused.

"Like you said, listen to the kid, no kwissy," teased Sakura as she pulled away from him and finished cleaning up all the broken glass.

Shikamaru groaned in disagreement, "I was just kidding! You know I would never say that!"

"Well too bad, you said it, so the damage is done," Sakura continued teasing as she through the glass fragments into the garbage pail that was in the room. She looked over at Ryuu and saw that he was actually starting to fall asleep. She turned off the lights, and ushered Shikamaru to get out the room. After placing a kiss on Ryuu's forehead, she left the room too and closed the door slowly and quietly behind her.

Right when she turned around, she felt a pair of lips over hers, and she felt herself being lifted off the ground. Shikamaru carried her bridal style, and kissed her as he made his way to their room. Sakura's eyes widened and she quickly put her arms around his neck, in fear of falling. She refused to kiss him back though, this was her way of payback. She could tell that he was annoyed with the fact that she wouldn't kiss him back. It was his fault though, he had told her not to kiss him.

He entered the room and kicked the door closed behind him. He made his way over to their bed and put her on it, with him on top of her. He looked at her with sad eyes.

"It's not working Shika, go to sleep," said Sakura as she turned her face away from his gaze.

Shikamaru grabbed her chin once again and forced her to look at him.

"No," said Shikamaru. "What you're doing isn't fair. I won't be able to sleep tonight, not without at least one more kiss."

She continued looking at his face...of supposedly 'sadness' ...though he did look pretty upset.

"Fine," muttered Sakura.

Shikamaru grinned, he always ended up winning. Sakura rose her head up to give him a chaste kiss on the lips.

Shikamaru kissed Sakura back, his arms at either side of her head, and his legs were at either side of her legs. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Sakura opened her mouth as Shikamaru slid his tongue in and their tongues fought with each other, tangling and intertwining. Their tongues continued to teasingly stroke one another in their fervent, heated kiss.

With one hand, he played with her pink locks and with the other, he slowly slid it up her shirt. Sakura moaned lightly at the feel of his warm hand against her cold stomach. It all just felt so good to her. Nothing could ruin the moment, nothing at all.

Shikamaru brought his head down from her lips, down to her neck. She shivered with pleasure at each kiss he gave, trailing down her neck. Sakura moved her head to a side, to give him more access to her neck.


Of course, something just had to mess up their 'fun'. Sakura leaned her head back as she pulled away from him. He grunted in disapproval as she took his hand out from underneath her shirt and took him off of her. He wanted to continue but, knew she had to go see what was wrong with Ryuu now. Her mouth was still parted slightly and she had flushed cheeks from lack of oxygen of when they were making out. He couldn't have found her any more irresistible.

'Why did you have to cry at a time like this, Ryuu?' thought Shikamaru as he let his head fall on the pillow, and he closed his eyes.

Sakura looked at Shikamaru and laughed a bit.

"You said that you wouldn't be able to sleep if you didn't get one more kiss," said Sakura. "You got more than just one little kiss, so stop getting all grumpy and just go to sleep now."

"Troublesome..." muttered Shikamaru, keeping his eyes shut.

Sakura rolled her eyes and left the room. She went into Ryuu's room and turned on the lights.

"What's wrong?" asked Sakura concerned as she went over to the crib. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw it was empty. She looked all around the room, he was nowhere to be found. She did find that the room was all trashed. She felt a huge pang in her heart. How did they break into the mansion unnoticed? She found a note in his crib.

--Dear Sakura,

By now you probably see that your child is gone. We have taken him with us.

If you want him back, meet us at Truduling Park. Come with no one.

If you tell your boyfriend about this, we will kill your son.

Sakura stared at the note in shock. Her hand with the note shook rapidly as tears streamed down her face.

'Who is this 'we' and what do they want with me and Ryuu?' thought Sakura, a bit frightened that she was being threatened. 'I have to get him back. How can I leave unnoticed by Shikamaru?'

'This is really bad. Just go, I'm sure Shikamaru is falling asleep! Now, go save Ryuu!' said Inner Sakura.

Sakura agreed with her Inner for once.

After she put her shoes on, and grabbed her cellphone and keys, she left the house, as quietly as she could. Sakura stood outside the mansion, the tears were still streaming down her face. She was worried of what those people wanted with her, and what they would do to her. Most of all, she was scared of what they would do to Ryuu.

She ran down the concrete steps and opened the garage. She got in her car, and drove to Truduling Park. She knew where it was, she use to always go there with Shikamaru.

She put the note in her pocket, making sure that she didn't accidentally drop it anywhere, so that Shikamaru wouldn't find the note.

When Sakura finally arrived at the park, she parked her car somewhere near the side. She quickly got out and went through the huge black gates. She didn't see anyone, and it didn't help that it was about to be midnight. She tried to adjust her eyes to the darkness of the park. She looked around, seeing only trees and bushes.

"Come out!" Sakura shouted into the darkness. "Come out and give me back my son! Tell me what you want!"

"Hahahahaha, still the same as always I see," laughed a voice from behind.

Sakura quickly turned around to see the most unexpected person holding Ryuu. It was Ino, and she had five other guys with her. Sakura was so confused of what was happening.

"Mommy!" said Ryuu, as he continued to cry and reached out towards Sakura. Ino pushed his hand away.

"Shut up," ordered Ino.

Sakura gave Ino a glare, "Don't you dare touch him. Give me back my son! What the heck do you want with me?"

Sakura didn't dare take a step, not when she saw one of the guys place a knife on Ryuu's neck.

"Ryuu, don't move!" demanded Sakura, tears trickled down her face. 'Oh my god, they better not hurt him. If they do, I swear, I'm going to kill every last one of them.'

Ino had an evil smirk plastered on her face.

"I don't want you silly Sakura-chan," mocked Ino. "I want what was mine in the beginning. I want what you stole from me, I want Shikamaru back."

Sakura shook with anger as she continued looking at Ino.

"It's been five years Ino, you'd think that you'd get over it and find someone else," said Sakura.

"Shikamaru was mine! You took him from me! You took away the one man I truly loved!" said Ino with a voice filled with anger and hatred.

"So now you want me to break up with him or else you'll kill my son?" asked Sakura. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you think that if I leave him, he'll actually agree to be with you? Besides, he would find out about all-"

"He wouldn't find out about anything," cut in Ino angrily. "Cuz if you say a word, I'm coming after your son. If your son opens his mouth, well he's only about two years old. He can hardly speak but, if he tries to say anything, I'm going to kill the runt. Simple as that. So how about it?"

Sakura looked at Ino with disgust.

"Ino, you're crazy," said Sakura as she shook her head.

There was no way in hell that she was going to break up with Shikamaru, never. It would hurt way too much, she loved him and he loved her. But, she wasn't about to let her son be murdered because of her. She had to save Ryuu, sure she was deeply in love with Shikamaru but, she would have to leave him. She would have to leave her true love, in order to keep her son safe. In every relationship, your kids have to come first, before anything and everything.

"Sakura, don't keep me waiting," said Ino. "I'm a busy person you know."

Sakura started crying uncontrollably.

"Fi-ine," stammered Sakura.

She just gave in to the she-devil. She knew her life was messed up now. But, she had no choice, if she stayed with Shikamaru, Ryuu would end up being killed, along with her. She would not allow her son to die, not now not ever.

Ino smirked and the other guys chuckled.

"Good job Sakura," said Ino in that evil voice of hers. "Leave him tonight. Tell this to no one. Make sure the kid keeps his mouth shut too. If you end up betraying me, by staying with Shikamaru or doing something else, the kid will die."

Ino handed Ryuu back to Sakura.

"Your one sick, cold-hearted person," said Sakura. "I hope you know that."

"I don't care, as long as I get Shikamaru," laughed Ino evilly.

Ryuu cried in his mother's arms. She held him tight and rocked him back and forth. She quickly made her way out of ther park and into her car. She had to leave, she had to leave him tonight. She would tell him, it was now over. Sakura put Ryuu in the booster seat in the back of the car.

She got in the driver's seat and rode home.

"Ryuu, don't you dare say any of this to your father, please? Do it for your safety," said Sakura. "Don't say anything, and please stop crying. I can't be with him anymore."

She looked at the mirror so that she could see him. He simply nodded his head. She never thought she could cry this much, the tears just wouldn't stop.

'Thanks for ruining my life Ino,'thought Sakura sadly, and also angrily.

'Damn, she's such a bitch! We would of kicked her ass if it weren't for those big guys! Ugh! I wanna kill her!'said Inner Sakura.

Sakura finally arrived at home and she just parked her car in the driveway. She took Ryuu out of the car and entered the house. She went to the living room, and sat Ryuu down on the couch.

"I'm going to get all of our stuff. Wait here," said Sakura quietly as she went up the steps.

She tried relaxing and wiping away some of the tears. It was no use, her face was still wet, and her eyes were so red.

First, she decided to clean up Ryuu's room, so as not to cause any suspicion. She got half of his clothes and toys and put it in a suit case. She brought it downstairs, and left it next to Ryuu. He seemed really scared of what was going on. She rubbed his arm, trying to calm him down a bit.

"It's okay -sob- , it'll all be alright -sob-, relax baby," said Sakura, still crying.

Ryuu felt bad for his mother, he rested a hand on her cheek. She smiled a bit and then left back upstairs. This is the hard part, where she packs her stuff and lies about wanting to break up with him. Sakura sighed as she stood in front of the door. Here goes nothing.

She turned the knob and opened the door slowly. She turned the lights on, causing Shikamaru to open up his eyes. He sat up and rubbed his head.

"What was wrong with Ryuu?" asked Shikamaru as he yawned. Shikamaru quickly became concerned when he saw her bloodshot eyes. He quickly made his way over to her. "What happened?"

"He's okay," she answered. "But, S-shikamaru....it's over."

"Huh?" Shikamaru asked dumbfounded. Was he hearing correctly? What did she mean by that?

Sakura looked away and walked over to her closet. She took out a suitcase and started throwing all her clothes inside.

"It's d-done, we're over." repeated Sakura, tears still running down her pale face.

Shikamaru just felt like he had been stabbed with a knife through his chest. She was breaking up with him? But, she couldn't! He loved her, and they had a son, and...he couldn't live without her. What had he done that was so wrong? They just finished making out, and were probably going to make love...again. So, why is she leaving him?

Shikamaru's face showed pain and sadness. "Why?"

Sakura continued throwing all her things in her suitcase. When it was full, she grabbed another one and started filling that one up too. Shikamaru stood there, waiting for her answer.

She turned around to face him.

'She's crying....she's sad about leaving me...?'wondered Shikamaru. 'But, why is she leaving me if she doesn't want to?'

"I...- I don't love you anymore Shikamaru, we can't be together anymore," Sakura said the most hurtful words to him.

He felt like he was slowly dying, every second.

'She doesn't love me anymore...?'thought Shikamaru.

His eyes stinged, and he felt like he would probably cry any minute now.

"What about Ryuu?" asked Shikamaru. "What about what just happened between us earlier? There must be some other reason Sakura. Stop lying to me, cuz I still love you, and I don't want you to leave me."

Sakura had a small sad smile on her face.

"Trust me....it's for the better," said Sakura as she finished packing up her things.

Shikamaru grabbed both of her wrists before she walked out.

"No, it's not!" said Shikamaru. "Why are you doing this?! You're breaking up with me, for no damn reason! Out of nowhere! Tell me, what's going on?"

"Shikamaru just let me go," said Sakura as she closed her eyes. "I don't love you anymore and I don't want to be with you anymore. We just have to move on and see new people. I'll bring Ryuu over next week. We'll rotate, one week he's with me, the next he's with you. I'm sorry Shikamaru, I truly am, and I will understand if you hate me, just-, just please let me go."

Shikamaru's grip on her loosened a bit, she could tell that everything she just said, hurt him deeply inside. Oh, how she wished she didn't have to do this. She still loved him, and her love for him would never fade away.

"Sakura, please don't do this...." pleaded Shikamaru. "At least explain why."

"I already told you-"

"I know your lying Sakura," said Shikamaru. "Tell me the reason."

"That's the reason, I stopped loving you," answered Sakura a bit more harshly. "Now let me go."

She didn't want to be harsh, cuz she didn't even mean any of it. She just had to do it, for her sake, and for Ryuu's. Shikamaru let go of her. He leaned down to kiss her but she quickly pulled away. Shikamaru shook. Ouch. That stung real bad.

"I'll still be here....if you ever come back," said Shikamaru. "I'll always be here, here for you."

"Goodbye Shikamaru," said Sakura as another tear rolled down her face, and she left the room with all her things.

He didn't look back, he couldn't look back. He was heartbroken, and he couldn't believe that this was happening. Whatever her reason was for leaving him, it seemed like she still didn't really want to. He knew she was hiding something but, he would let her be. If she wanted to leave him, he couldn't stop her. As long as she was happy, he would try to be too. Cuz he loved her with all his heart, and he would never stop. He knew this for a fact.

She now left, down the steps, out of his house, but not completely out of his life. He would see her from time to time, as she brought back Ryuu. Where was she going to live though? Was she planning to leave him for a while now?

Gah, for a genius he felt pretty stupid for not being able to find all of this out. Now there were two broken hearts, Sakura's....and Shikamaru's.

They were feeling pain like never before. Sakura didn't think she would be able to bare the pain.

Shikamaru stayed in the same spot, looking at the last spot where Sakura had just been. He heard the door from the front of the house open and close. She left.

Sakura put Ryuu back in his booster seat and put the suitcases in the trunk.

'I still need to find out how the bitch was able to go in unnoticed,' thought Sakura.

"I need to call someone so that they can give me a place to crash," Sakura muttered to herself. "Damn, I'm going to miss you Shikamaru. I've always loved you, I still do, and I always will. Please forgive me."

With those things said, Sakura looked at the mansion one last time before getting in her car, starting the engine, and taking out her phone to dial someone's number.

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