Hey everyone! Here is a new story for you all. I was listening to this song the other day and was inspired to write this fic. I hope you all enjoy it.

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"Go in Peace," the Priest said as Sunday mass came to a close.

"Ready Paige?" I turned to my daughter who had curled up against my side after they came up from Sunday school right before the Eucharist.

"Yeah," she rubbed her eyes. I could tell she was tired. She had been up all night coughing; she was definitely coming down with something.

"I'll carry you sweetie," I picked her up and carried her to the back of the church towards the door. She pressed her face into my shoulder and was asleep before we had passed all the pews. Paige was four years old. She would be starting kindergarten in September and her fifth birthday was in August.

We came to church every Sunday. My parents had brought me when I was little but as soon as I could protest and speak my mind, I stopped going. I had never been back. Not until Edward was sent off to war.

Edward is my husband. We got married in 2003 in Forks, Washington where we both grew up. Shortly after, in 2004, Paige was born. In 2006, Edward had been sent off to war. It was extremely hard the day that he left. I remember the day clear as a bell. Edward, Paige and I were standing, hugging each other just before he boarded the plane. I was balling my eyes out. Paige was also, she didn't know when she would see her Daddy again. I knew she didn't know what was going on, but she did recognize that Daddy was leaving and Mommy was sad. Edward was also crying, which made me cry even more. The tears ran down my face fast as he boarded that plane. Edward's parents were there along with mine. They wrapped their arms around my shoulders and hugged me. I fell to the ground with Paige in my arms as he walked farther away. He ran back to me and sunk down to my level. "You stay strong for me," he had told me. "I will come back to you when I'm through with this. My love for you and Paige is all I need to keep me alive in this war." He kissed Paige and I once last time and boarded the plane.

"Hey Bella!" Alice said coming over to me when I was walking down the front steps of the church. I guess I didn't notice that she was here, otherwise I would have sat with her.

"Alice you should really be taking the wheelchair ramp with that tummy of yours, you're getting so big," I placed a hand on her ever expanding belly.

"When did she fall asleep?" Alice rubbed Paige's back.

"Right after mass was over, she up all night coughing," I explained.

"Poor girl, Have you spoken to Edward lately?" Alice asked.

"He called me on Friday night and spoke to Paige for a bit, he told that he would be on webcam later today, just like he is every Sunday," I smiled. We tried to go on webcam with each other every Sunday, but a lot of them never happened because he was in the middle of a war over there.

"Are you guys heading home or did you want to come over for a bit?" she said walking to my car with me.

"We're going home. It should be about 6 Afghanistan time when we get home, the usual time that Edward comes on, and Paige really wants to see her Daddy," I smiled. The resemblance between the two of them was unbelievable. Other than the fact that she had my brown hair and not Edward's bronze hair, she was his carbon copy in female form.

"Ok, well, see you later Bella, Tell Edward we all say 'Hi', we love him, we miss him, the usual," Alice kissed me on the cheek and went over to her car where I saw Jasper helping Kaitlyn get into her booster seat.

"Hey Jasper! Hi Kaitlyn," I waved to them and then put Paige in her booster seat. They waved back and I got into my car.

It was a 20 minute drive from the church to home but once we got there I brought Paige up to her room. I changed her out of her Sunday dress and into a pair of pajamas.

I grabbed my Macbook from my bedside table and went downstairs to the kitchen to make lunch. I made a grilled cheese sandwich after turning my laptop on and sat down at the table to eat.

My laptop started to ringing and I immediately clicked the 'accept video call from Edward Cullen' button.

"Edward," I smiled when the connection was clear.

"Bella," he smiled.

"God I miss you," I sighed still smiling.

"You have no idea how much I wish I could be there with you and Paige," he sighed. He hadn't seen Paige since she was two and I knew that that was hard on him. His hair was short; I missed the wildness of it when it was longer.

"Where's Paige?" he asked.

"Sleeping. She was up coughing all last night," I said bringing the laptop with me as I walked upstairs to go wake her up.

"Can you go wake her up? I have something to tell you two," he smiled.

"And what would that be?" I smiled.

"Nope. Paige has to be there too," he chuckled.

"Fine," I said defeated.

"Paige, wake up honey," I said walking into the room and turning the light on. I set the laptop on her bedside table and sat down beside her on the bed.

"Mommy?" she asked as I pulled the covers of her blanket down.

"Hi princess," I kissed her nose.

"Hi Mommy," she smiled, rubbing her eyes.

I giggled, "Hi Paige, do you want to talk to Daddy?"

She shot up and looked around the room, probably thinking that her Daddy was here in the room with her.

"Hi pumpkin," Edward said.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed, picking up the laptop and setting it on her lap with my help. I sat beside her and moved the screen to an angle were Edward could see us both.

"How is my gorgeous girl?" Edward's face broke into a breath taking grin as he wiped a tear away. I knew he would rather be here with his family then fighting for his country. The three of us had had their fair share of tears over the past two years.

"Tired," she said.

"Paige, Daddy has something to tell us, can you please ask him to tell us?" I whispered in her ear.

"Daddy! You have a surprise for us?! What is it?!" Paige exclaimed.

"Do you really want to know?" he asked her.

"Yes Daddy please!" she yelled.

"Please Edward," I smiled at him.

"Ok," he smiled, "I'm coming home."

"What?" a smile broke across my face as the tears poured from my eyes.

"DADDY'S COMING HOME!!!" Paige yelled and went to dance around the room.

"When?" I smiled and traced his face on the laptop screen.

"Two months," he grinned while he wiped away a couple of tears.

"Are you going to be here for my first day of school? Can I come get you from the airport with Mommy? Are you never going to leave us again? Will you still love me? Can I bring you to show and tell?" Paige jumped on the bed and started firing out the questions.

"I will definitely be there on your first day of school. You can definitely come to the airport with Mommy. I promise to never leave you again. Of course I will still love you. I would love to be your show and tell," he smiled. The tears formed in his eyes as he reached out to touch the screen I'm guessing where Paige's face would be.

"Love you Daddy," Paige pressed her lips against the webcam.

"I love you baby," he pressed his lips against his webcam.

"I love you Edward," I smiled as the tears stopped and pressed my lips against the webcam.

"I love you too Bella, I promise I'll see you both very soon, bye my loves," he pressed his lips against the webcam one last time and we both signed off.

"Can we go tell Grammy and Grammpy?" Paige looked up at me, her green eyes shimmering with delight.

"Sure we can baby," I pulled her up onto my lap and sat there holding her. She cried a bit. I knew that she had wanted to meet her Daddy for the first time person to person and that she would remember it. Every night she prayed that her Daddy would come home safe. And every night it would bring tears to my eyes as we knelt together beside the bed.

But, all I could think was that Edward was coming home. My Edward was coming home. Finally.

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