Title: Real

Author: Hoodie622

Pairing: B/B

Rating: K+

Word Count: 200

Summary: Double Drabble Based upon spoilers for "Hero," but it doesn't spoil much. Is something real because you know in your heart, absolutely, that it is? 2nd person Booth POV.

A/N: I'm normally a very descriptive writer so I wanted to challenge myself to write a drabble. I couldn't get this into 100 words, so I did a double. I've had this simple, intimate scene pictured in my mind ever since I read the sides. I hope you will enjoy. I'm new to the Bones fanfic community, so reviews will let me know that I am welcome.




What is real? Things we can see? Touch? Taste? Your partner would rattle off some definition involving neutrons, or quarks, or the space-time something-or-other. Is something real because you know in your heart, absolutely, that it is?

Teddy Parker. Hallucination? Absolutely. Angel? Maybe. It's easier not to think about it right now; but you enter your apartment and she removes her coat and you're certain that Corporal Parker was not an angel. Your angel is standing in front of you, still dressed for the gala, where you would have danced as often as professionalism allowed.


Her eyes lower in flattery.

"Now that is a sight worth living for."

She smiles her vulnerable smile – the one only you are privileged to see. Your legs move you nearer.

"You look absolutely amazing."

"Thank you. I'd like to say the same about you, but you look…"


You both laugh. Her eyes glisten.

"No." Her voice is a whisper; her delicate fingers brush your lapel, ensuring your molecules are intact. "Alive. You look…alive."

Your foreheads (frontal bones?) meet and you are both aware that this is definitely real.

"Do you want me to stay?"


Taste. Taste is most definitely real.