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* Full Summary*

Bella's best friend Alice is getting married. She wants Bella to be the maid of Honor. Bella has to walk down the aisle with the best man A.K.A - Edward her brother. Bella has heard storied about Edward but has Never met him. She starts to think Alice made him up. What happens when he is not made up and they meet.


Here I am sitting in a wedding dress shop with my best friend Alice who is getting her last fitting on her wedding dress.

Alice is my best friend she has been since I moved to California. She is 5 feet and has black spiky hair and blue eyes. I meet her in a coffee shop and we were instantly best friends. She is getting married to Jasper she met him in college. I introduced him Jasper was my childhood best friend. Yes best friend we tried dating but it was to weird. Jasper had piercing icy blue eyes and curly blonde hair.

I am Bella. Plain Jane. I have dark brown curly hair the reaches about the middle of my back and brown eyes. Nothing special. But I can't say that out loud last time I did Alice kicked me in the shin. I am single and haven't ever had a boyfriend in my life I have gone on dates. That Alice has forced me into doing. But other than that I haven't gone out with anybody that I was actually interested in.

"Bella. I was thinking dark blue for you dress. What do you think?" she asked

"Sure, sure." I said. My best friend Jake always said that. He was my other friend when I was in high school. Unfortunately he is sentenced to life in prison because of killing his mother and father. He was always so sweet it was hard to believe.

"Bella my wedding is in a week you need to pick. I mean seriously you are in a David's bridal with gorgeous dresses pick". She was swaying her dress as she said this. ( Dress in profile). She had these four inch heels and she wanted me to get some two but I convinced her that on two or three in my minimum. ( ALICE HEELS IN PROFILE)

Her brother was her best man. His name was Edward. I had heard so many stories about him. I knew what he looked like but I have never met him. I joked that he wasn't real but the only think convincing me that he was real, were the stories about him.

She said that he was real and I was going to meet him. He is supposedly going to be walking me down the beach isle.

Beach. Alice has always wanted a summer beach wedding it has been her dream.

I was walking around the store trying to find dresses. Problems were the were either to long. I would be hot. To short I would look horrible. After looking threw two dresses I found it my dress. It came about a inch above the needs it was a dark blue color. A v- neck and inch straps. It was adorable.

"Alice get over here." I said she ran over

"Oh my Bella that's the dress. Come on grab your size." I went looking threw the sizes they had one left in my size. For once I was lucky. (Dress in Profile)

"SHOES." Alice screeched

After a half hour we found shoes. They were 3 inch they were the same color of the dress and had a ring jewel going through the fabric. (shoes on profile).

We walked out of the store with our shoes and dresses.

"Excited Bella?" Alice asked bouncing up and down in my car.

"Yeah sure." I responded

" I know your dying to meet Edward." she said

"Yup." I said looking at the road

" He's your date practically you have to be excited. You two are meant to be I know it." she went on and on. You see Alice has been telling me that Edward and I are perfect for each other. I highly doubted that. I would rather sit in my apartment and read a book then go to a nice dinner I don't know that's just me.

I dropped Alice off and drove to my apartment.

Only one more week til I meet Edward Cullen

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