So, I decided to do a story about Zexion as a girl. :D Hope you all like it.

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The sound of a great explosion echoed throughout the nothingness in the World That Never Was. Followed by a lot of screaming. Zexion closed his eyes, it was all he could do to stay in the realm of consciousness. As he lay on the cold floor of the lab he could hear all sorts of voices running together.

"Are you alright?" "He isn't moving." "Oh God what have I done?!" "What has happened here?" "S..s..superior?" "It's Zexion, he got caught in the chemical explosion." "Vexen see to him immediately."

It was then, that he fell into darkness.


When, Zexion finally awoke, he was greeted by an uncommon sight. Every single member of the organization was surrounding him.

"What is going on?" Zexion mumbled as he looked around to find that he was laying in a white hospital bed in Vexen's lab.

"Thank goodness your alright." Lexeaus whispered.

Xemnas approached Zexion's bedside with a look of utmost apprehension and seriousness. "Vexen will explain everything. After all, he was there with you."

Vexen stepped away from a blinking computer screen, and began in a monotone voice. "I'll make this easy to understand for those of us who are imbeciles." Vexen shot a look at Demyx as he said this. "The explosion was caused by an accidental mixture of two chemicals, that lets just say they don't inter-lace together. This combination turned Zexion, into well a female."

The whole room went silent. Zexion's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he collapsed.

Lexaus carried Zexion to his (or her) own room and waited for his friend to wake up. After a few minuets Zexion sat up and rubbed his neck. "Wha?"

"It's okay your safe, in your room." The taller said calmly.

"I guess it was all just a nightmare." The violet-haired teen sighed in relief.

Lexaus paused, not quite sure how to break the news to Zexion. "Not exactly." The Schemer eyed Lexeaus with a confused glare. The Silent Hero paused and regarded her with a pitying look, "You are indeed now female as Vexen disclosed before."

Zexion was silent for some time, then she took her pillow and screamed into it.

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