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Zexion nearly fell off the railing! Lexeaus had just said the most wonderful thing anyone had ever told her. 'Of course he liked me.' she thought, 'How could I have been so stupidly blind. I guess with all this attention and whatnot distracting me I didn't notice, or I did not want to admit it to myself. Perhaps, I knew all along.' Her mind raced with excitement. She could not control it, but found that she did not want to.

She paused for a moment letting the gravity of the next thought set in. 'I really do love him.' Her newly formed heart swelled with joy. 'I know what I now must do.' She planted her feet firmly on the ground as she walked into the castle with an air of confidence.

Zexion meandered over to the Grey Room, she knew everyone would be there at this hour. This experience pushed her to a change that she had needed for a long time. It was a choice that she wanted everyone to know about.

She walked calmly into the gathering place. All of the nobodies sensed her presence and looked up at her. The Schemer cleared her throat, "I have made my decision." She said so, everyone could hear. The nobodies crowded around her with interest.

"I have chosen to remain as myself, I will go back to being male. I am still me no matter what. Now, I believe that we all already have our hearts back. We have all along, to find this out I just needed someone to remind me of who I really was." She shot a warm glance at Lexeaus.

She grinned, it may have sounded cheesy, but it was true nonetheless. She continued on, "I want to make a new home and start a new life. If, any of you wish to leave this place and do so, you are welcome to join me and Lexeaus." The Hero nodded in agreement and stood next to her to emphasize this.

The whole room burst with excited chatter. Zexion looked around at all of her peers. It was not until just now that she noticed both Axel and Marluxia's transformations. Two females stood where her comrades once were. When, she approached them, she burst out laughing. "Serves you right after the bet you two made." She eyed them in a taunting way. The two, now-ladies, were feeling too sheepish to respond.

Little did they know that Zexion had caused their problems. She was the one who planted the idea of using Axel and Marluxia as guinea pigs, into Vexen' mind. Her revenge was complete.

She chuckled as the Silent Hero approached her from behind. "It's not like you to make split second decisions like this." Lexeaus whispered in her ear.

"I know." She knew Lexeaus would not be upset with the announcement though, if anything he looked overjoyed at the concept.

He frowned in a mock-way, as if he were angry, then he sighed and said, "So, where are we going to live?"

Zexion instantly broke out into a smile.

The-World-That-Never-Was may have evolved because, the hearts of the inhabitants changed. However, it still held too many dark memories. Zexion and Lexeaus longed for a more familiar place to start their lives over again.

"Radiant Gardens may look different now, but it still feels like home." Zexion said, as the pair stepped out of the dark portal and into the light of the town. It felt good to have the sun on her face again.

A pair of no-longer-nobodies followed them to the plaza, it was Roxas and Namine looking around curiously.

"Can we come with you?" Namine said with a sweet manner, "We'd rather not stay in The-World-That-Never-Was…"

Roxas finished for her, "We want to see the other worlds out there, not just visit, but live them."

"Of course you can." Zexion replied, graciously. They had been kind to Zexion during her ordeal, she would be more than happy to take them under her wing.

She looked behind her to discover that most of Organization 13 followed them as well. Good, more recruits to help them restore the city to what it use to be, before it became Hollow Bastion.

Zexion sighed happily and turned to face Lexeaus. "Are you alright?" He asked the Schemer.

"Yes I am, now that Vexen has given me his remedy, I can control my powers again. It will however, take a few days for the female hormones to wear off." The Schemer said, feeling like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

Lexeaus gave a slight smile at this, "You'll get back to being male in no time."

"Thank goo…." But, Zexion did not get the chance to finish her sentence as Lexeaus picked her up and spun her around in the air.

After, they burst out laughing, he set the violet-haired girl down. Lexeaus said, "I guess I'm going to have to get use to calling you Ienzo again."

"Yes, you will Aeleus." Zexion said and grabbed his hand, leading him beyond the plaza.

They both beamed at each other. Ready to start their new lives together.

It would seem that no matter what the odds, love was enough. And will be to the end of their days.

N/A: I cannot believe my eyes! A New Form, A New Life, is finally complete! After all this time, it feels strange. I am happy with how it turned out, this was one of my favorite stories to write. Thank you so much for reading my little story, I have definitely learned ways of improving my writing for this story over the years. Like, do more showing and less telling, and how to properly use commas. I appreciate all of the feedback and encouragement for my reviewers, thank you all. See you in my next story!