By Delia Lavender

I DO NOT own LOST or John Locke. I write only for fun.

Lulu woke up in John's arms, and his chest was wet.

She'd been weeping in her sleep again.

John never seemed to mind. He'd just pull her closer and tell her he'd planned on getting sweaty, anyway.

He had such a nice smile. Lulu loved his smile. She didn't get to see it as often as she'd like.

John Locke was a serious man. Sometimes he was a bombastic lout.

But he was physically vigorous. More so, even, than the Children of Jacob suspected.

Lulu remembered what Amelia whispered to her: "He's an older man...he'll tire easily." She had whispered that on Lulu's wedding day, just before the procession began.

Amelia would be much surprised.

Lulu glanced around at her fortified bedroom. She hated the barred windows, the broken bathroom lock , the security screen disguised as an entry door.

John didn't trust her. Still. He would never trust her.

Lulu began to cry again.

"All right...what's the matter this time? You dreaming about Ronan or are you seeing me in a "box" again?"

He was awake. Shit.

"Leave me alone, John."

"Come here," he said, pulling her - a little roughly - across his body "Now tell me what's the matter. Surely you have better things to do...why waste time crying?"

He smiled slightly, and Lulu caught her breathe.

But no - she didn't love him. She didn't love him at all. And she finally realized she hadn't loved Ronan, either. John was perfectly right about that. John was The Man...The Leader, The Island's Chosen One. Ronan had only been a boy. A...playmate.

No...Lulu loved no one. Her life wasn't her could she?

She wiped her eyes and stared down at John.

"I dreamed...something. I don't remember what. What I want is to leave this room. I'm going crazy in here."

John stared at her. A wary expression had come into his eyes.

"I don't want to imprison you, Lulu, but you're...very slippery. And I don't want to spend what little time I have chasing you around the Island."

She noticed that he didn't mention the suicide attempt. She'd had to learn the hard way that death wouldn't come until the Island willed it.

She was, after all, the Island's Benediction. Too bad Cousin Richard hadn't told her years ago. Still, she couldn't really blame him for that - not anymore. Ben had been the Leader until very recently. Lulu could only imagine how he would have reacted, had he known he wasn't actually the Chosen One...

He would have executed Richard. He would have taken Lulu.

To Richard, keeping Lulu innocent and ignorant meant keeping Lulu safe.

She refocused, turning her attention outward, toward John "I know I've caused you a lot of problems. I know I've been rebellious - that I haven't accepted my destiny..."

"It's taken a long time for me to accept mine, Lulu. If I'd come to the Island when I was first called..."

"...I know. We would have been together. I'd never have wandered. But now..."

"...Let's use the time we have. I need you, Lulu...and it's only for a little while. I'll probably be gone soon. Richard will send you to the Alpert Motherhouse, when you're a little further along. If I live, I'll see you there. I'll release you as soon as the baby is born. I promise you. You'll finally be free..."

Lulu put her head down on John's chest and burst into tears. Again she was getting him all wet.

"I love you..." she murmured.

The End