Greg leaned back in the deck chair he was reclining in, wincing slightly as the movement jarred his knee. He was only a week out of the hospital but he was still feeling the effects of the multitude of reconstructive surgeries that ha d been done to it. He took a sip of his rapidly warming lemonade and looked out towards the wooden swing set that sat on the far side of the yard.

He managed, barely, to bite back a laugh at what he saw. Somehow, Maddy and Lindsey had talked Nick into going down the slide. What hadn't been taken into account, however, was that Nick had rather broad shoulders that would in no way fit through a dome covering meant for little kids. Nick was now stuck and trying not to swear at Warrick who had the detective by the hands in order to pull him back out. It was a futile attempt as Warrick was laughing hard enough that he was considerably weakened.

"We may have to pull the saw out. I suppose it's a good thing Lindsey doesn't really use it anymore."

Greg looked over at Catherine, meeting eyes that were just as amused as his own, "We should make sure that we have a camera on hand should it come to that."

Catherine laughed lightly and took a seat next to him, "How are you doing Greg?"

Greg shrugged, "Okay."

Catherine gave him a shrewd look that felt like it was going straight through him, "Don't give me that. I may not be part of grave yard anymore but that doesn't mean I still don't care about you Greg. I can still read you. You would not believe how hard Ecklie rode me to make sure I didn't interfere with the case or your protection."

Greg looked back out over the yard, "Yeah, I would."

"Right, I forgot about that."

"It's not a big deal now, but I know what it's like to have Ecklie ride you. I don't blame you for not checking up on me, Cath. Although I did love the flowers you sent to the hospital as well as Nick's reaction to them. It was an amusing way to find out that he's allergic to lilies."

"Well, I'm glad for that, but that part about Ecklie wasn't point I was trying to make."

Greg shot her a look that he hoped showed just how bemused he was by this conversation, "Okay, then enlighten me. What was the point to all of that emotional gushing?"

Catherine punched him in the shoulder, "The point was that I know when you're lying about how you're feeling."

Greg sighed. At this point, he knew that she wasn't going to let it go, "I'm just…in pain, you know? I'm also frustrated and angry at this whole situation. Mark and his kids are still missing and I know that despite all the therapy, which I have been going to faithfully by the way, I'm still going to feel some of this until they are found or return."

She hummed slightly and rubbed his arm, which had him chuckling a little, "What, you're not going to tell me that none of this is my fault and that I shouldn't be feeling this way?"

"Hell no, I'm not your therapist. What I am going to tell you is that I'm glad you are getting help for this. It's a burden, knowing you played a role in a friend's death even if it was indirectly."

Greg gave a low hum of agreement before deciding a subject change was most definitely needed, "How's Jacqui?"

Greg hadn't seen the diminutive red head since he had first been kidnapped three weeks ago. At that time, she had been getting ready to go on maternity leave and after he was found he hadn't wanted to burden her with everything that was going on. Greg knew that, after Greg and Maddy were found at the cabin, Grissom had told the rest of the lab that he was alive and healing but Greg didn't know if Jacqui had been informed.

Catherine shrugged, "I'm not sure. I haven't had a chance to call her. Don't you think you should now that you are no longer under protective custody?"

"I…" Greg winced. He knew exactly how that conversation would play out, "Yeah, I will. Later. I don't need to be around people while she gives me a tongue lashing sharp enough to cut. "

"Are you sure? I imagine that would make a lovely picture," Catherine said with a chuckle before she straightened, her eyes bright, "Have Nick film it. He can show it to me at work Monday."

Greg blanched, "No! God, Catherine."

Catherine shrugged, "It was just an idea."

Greg stuck his tongue out at her and looked up just in time to see Nick slide free of the slide, only to fall to the grass with a solid thump that echoed through the yard. Greg laughed and, when his eyes met the Texans, he grinned so wide it nearly hurt. Nick's scowl morphed into a smile and he waved back at the ex-lab rat. Things weren't perfect yet, but with a little time, Greg knew that they would be okay.


A/N: Okay, you all may not believe me, but I've had this done for forever. The problem was that someone (*cough* Lils *cough*) didn't like the idea that I had Catherine as the recipient of Greg's epilogue closure piece. However, I love Catherine and the relationship she has with Greg on the show. It seemed right that they would up at her place at the end, even if she wasn't mentioned in the story proper. In truth, that's another reason I chose her. Who better to get Greg to open up (to close out the story) than someone who wasn't a part of the case? Not to mention, every time I tried to write this with someone else, I got major writers block. *sigh*