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The fiery-haired woman stood on the street in shock. Life wasn't fair, karma didn't exist and fate had a ridiculous sense of humor. That was the only explanation possible. There wasn't anything else that could justify what she was witnessing across the street from herself.

Sakurada, Haruna had just had the worst date of her life. Not just the worst, the most ridiculous too. Not only had her date shown up with his wife, they had both talked nonstop about their sexual exploits and left her with the check. She was pretty sure that they'd taken their waitress with them on their way out too!

It wasn't like she didn't try. She was certainly pretty enough, fit, intelligent. She had a decent job and a nice, clean apartment. In this day and age what kind of ridiculousness was it that she couldn't find a boyfriend? It just wasn't fair! She wanted someone to love, to love her back. She wanted to grow fashionably old with someone! Right now!

Sadly, she knew that the upcoming day wouldn't be pleasant. She wasn't looking forward to the book reports she would have to grade and she knew in her mind that the first person to cross her that day had it in for them. The first person to cross her just happened to be Tsukino, Usagi.

It was well after fifteen minutes from the beginning of class. She could feel a migraine coming on and it arrived at around the same time as Usagi did. Her hair was a mess, her shoelaces undone and she hadn't done the homework that Haruna had so generously given them two weeks to do. This time Haruna decided that she wouldn't let the pretty blonde breeze through life. That anyone should ever have it as easy as Tsukino-san was ridiculous!

"Honestly, Usagi-San! Not only can you not get to class on time you don't even bother to do your homework! Can you do anything right? Can you even do anything? This is just ridiculous! You are such a little good for nothing!"

She felt worlds better once she saw the girl walk dejectedly to her desk. If karma wouldn't right the wrongs of life at least she could. The fact that it came back to bite her in the ass only made her loathe her life more.

Coming out of the convenience store after school, Sakurada was armed with a bento and a couple of beers. If she had to spend her night grading papers at least she could be pleasantly buzzed while doing it. Then she saw it, rather, them.

Tsukino-san was holding onto a handsome young man's hand like her life depended on it. The words were unmistakable even though she had no way of hearing them. "I love you too." A smug little part of her mind willed her to keep watching. The young man looked about ready to faint and she was so sure that Usagi would never land such a handsome guy.

Seconds later the young man took a few steps forward, dropping a coffee cup onto the street. Why he had an empty coffee cup in the first place didn't even cross her mind. Sakurada watched in horror as he gathered her middle-school-aged student in his arms and kissed her the way she had always dreamed of being kissed. Watching Usagi kiss the young man back in what was clearly an explosive experience was too much. In between kisses the two seemed to be gasping out "I love you"s as fast as they could. Growling discontentedly she stormed back to her apartment, not wanting to watch anymore.

Life just wasn't fair! How could young, inept, Usagi end up in the arms of such a handsome young man? Even more, how could such a catch want her back?! How was it that good-for-nothing Tsukino-san had found what was clearly true love?! Before her?! It was RIDICULOUS.

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