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As he stood infront of the pedestal, staring up upon the dozens of judges of the Dark Assembly, even Laharl couldn't help but feel a little small. Despite being on Overlord, in all his brilliance and wonder, there was something unnerving about being stared down by so many people at once. No matter, it wasn't like they were going to refuse him anyway, not after the beating he had given them last time.

Arms folded, eyes closed confidently, Laharl nodded his head in confirmation as one of the assembly members repeated his request.

"To review, you want the shop to lower their prices by almost half, yet still sell superior equipment?" A gargoyle asked, reading over a slip of paper in his hands.

"That's right." Laharl answered. "As the Overlord I shouldn't be expected to pay the same amount as others. For the good of the Netherworld I should be fully equipped with the best items available at all times." The young demon said, clearly not seeing the selfishness of his logic. Even if he did, he was still confident that they would not deny him his request. He was the damn Overlord, of course they'd have to agree with him.

There was a murmur of whispering as the judges conversed among themselves, going over the proposal in secret before making their decision. Laharl almost chuckled to himself; What was there to talk about? The faster they passed his proposal the faster he could get out of there.

Hearing the whispering stop, Laharl finally opened his eyes, already anticipating what the general consensus would be. Soon they would agree and he could make out and to the shop, ready to pick up his new things for cheap. Yes, being the Overlord was a glorious thing. The perks were just wonderful. Nothing could stop him no-



The first voice boomed out, causing Laharl to snap from his thoughts. Instantly he glared daggers at the judge who spoke it, one hand flexing in irritation. Well, it was only one, surely the others wouldn't follow the judge's foolish mistake.


Another voice boomed out, jumping onto the table in front of him in defiance.

"What's wrong with these fools? Don't they know who I AM?" Laharl thought to himself in anger.


Another no.


And another.





The young Overlord was literally shaking at this point, the wicked looking axe he had carried into the assembly clenched tightly in one hand. Already he entire assembly has bellowed their disapproval in regard to his affair, and they were standing on their seats, roaring their defiance.

"It seems you didn't learn anything from last time..." Laharl spoke in a quiet menacing tone, his hand already hovering over the "Persuade By Force" button that had popped up on the pedestal in front of him. Not waiting another second, the Overlord slammed his fist down onto the button, destroying it, and the pedestal in his blind anger. Axe held out the ready, Laharl leaped over the ruined remains, dark energy charging through his body. With vicious roars, the senators also leapt forward to meet the Overlord, itching for payback.

Outside, Pleinair, the blue-haired receptionist closed her eyes at the sound of a massive explosion ringing from within the assembly. Used to such things, she pressed a button on the banner beside her, sending out a signal for a crew of clean-up Prinnies. Already knowing that the Prince was inside and no doubt the cause of the commotion, the entire assembly would probably need to be cleaned of unconscious bodies and remodeled.


Silent as usual, Pleinair resumed her post, eyes still closed as the horrible sounds of battle waged on behind her. Such was the work of a receptionist.

Minutes later, Laharl exited the assembly, axe hefted over one shoulder. He didn't even pay attention to the group of Prinnies that scurried in past him, carrying stretchers and hammers and such. He himself hadn't been harmed at all. Even if they didn't treat him like one, he still possessed the monstrous power of an Overlord; The carnage within would prove that to anyone.

Even though he had beaten down every last one of those ignorant fools, the young demon was still royally pissed off. It had been a long time since he had ascended to the rank of Overlord, yet most of the older residents still didn't treat him as such. To them, he was just Prince Laharl, son of the late King.

"How dare they! I'm the damn Overlord for crying out loud! Disagreeing with me, trying to fight me, who do they think they are! I'll tear the entire assembly down next time!"

Muttering darkly, Laharl stomped past the hospital, not bothering to go to the shops despite having had his bill passed.

"Something wrong, Prince?" Zommie, the Zombie that always seemed to hang out in front of the hospital piped up as the young demon walked by.

Stopping in his tracks, Laharl turned at the voice. "I told you, call me Overlord now!" He growled out, not having the drive to explode with anger like he normally did.

"But 'Prince' suits you so much better." Zommie replied, not showing the least bit of fear towards the boy.

Laharl was about to open his mouth and argue, but instead he slammed the axe he was carrying down onto the floor, creating a rather large crack in it.. "Yeah, yeah, that's how everyone feels, huh?" He said with a scowl, arms crossed.

Not even seeming to care about the Overlord's feelings, Zommie merely piped up cheerily. "Yup! You'll always be our little Prince." He said happily, though there was a certain fondness for the late King's son behind his words.

Noticing Laharl still sulking (and his answer not having the desired effect) the Zombie couldn't help but pipe up again.

"Cheer up, Prince. Your father wasn't the most popular Overlord either when he first took the throne."

Laharl had begun to tune him out when he said 'father', but the rest of the words reached his ears and he couldn't help but look up in interest. That was new. Whenever people spoke of his dad it was always about how great, or how powerful, or how amazing of a ruler he was. Hearing this from one of his father's former subjects was surprising.

"Really?" He inquired, trying to sound as disinterested as possible. "Yup!" Zommie replied eagerly, head bobbing as if it were about to fall off (being a decaying corpse, chances of that happening weren't too unlikely)

"When you father first started out, people didn't take him seriously either. He was strong, sure, but that wasn't enough to make people fully accept him as a leader." The Zombie began his story, only to be interrupted a few seconds in.

"Well why not?" Laharl asked while trying to pry his axe from the deep crevice in the ground. "An Overlord is the strongest demon in the Netherworld, right? People should fear and respect them for that." The Prince said, giving a grunt as he carried on with his task.

Already having anticipated the Prince's response, Zommie continued. "Well, yes, but sometimes it takes more than strength to get people to follow you."

"Like what?" Laharl questioned, both hands gripping the stuck axe as he pulled, face set in concentration.

"Well, for one, even though he had power, he didn't go around beating on everyone like a certain Prince now." Zommie answered, ignoring the glare Laharl shot at him. "He'd listen to other's request when they came to him, he kept his composure and own request reasonable. If there was a problem, he tried to fix it. If something was threatening the Netherworld, he rose up to fight was there for his people, and after a time, they came to respect him and truly see him as the Overlord." Zommie finished his monologue, head nodding once more as he looked torwards the Prince.

Only to see that his tale had fell upon deaf ears.

"GOT IT!" Laharl yelled triumphantly as he finally freed the axe. The momentum of yanking it free carried him a few feet back, but he caught himself at the last moment and held it up in victory.

"Nevermind." The Zombie said, something akin to a sigh escaping his rotting lungs.

"Hey, wait, I heard you!" Laharl said while swinging the axe over his shoulder. "Be there for the people, listen to them, yadayada." He repeated while looking at the Zombie. "But people don't even come to me asking for help. How am I supposed to do that when they still only see me as the 'little Prince'?" He asked, echoing Zommie's words from earlier.

"They don't see you as a grown-up. Maybe that's why. Make them see you as so." Zommie replied, seeming to have lost interest in the conversation. He was now focused on peeping around the corner at the Ronin who ran the hospital.

"And how do I do that?" Laharl asked, eyes narrowed.

"Dunno'. Figure it out." The Zombie shot back, his helping mood over as he carried on with his peeping.

Realizing he wasn't going to get anymore out of the Zombie, Laharl turned on his heel and made his way back to his throne room.

"Make people see me as an adult, huh...?" He questioned himself as he walked throug the castle. The best way to make someone see you as an adult......he was at a lost. Well, what did his father have that he didn't? Thinking back on it, Laharl touched a hand to his chin as he pondered. Something his father had....something his father had.....

Suddenly, the Overlord stopped, an answer popping into his head.

"THAT'S IT!" He yelled out, startling a nearby Prinny, causing it to trip and subsequently explode.

Not noticing (or caring) about the casualty he just caused, Laharl picked up his pace to the throne room. There were two people he needed to see.

"Alright, I got you now!"

"Oh really? Then how about this!"

"What? A surprise attack! But I still have this left!"

"Oh ho, not bad, but take this! Finishing strike!"

"NOOOOOO, not again!"

"K.O. Winner: PLAYER 1!" The television boomed out as one of the virtual characters on screen went flying into the horizon. Two demons sat in front of the T.V, one, the Fallen Angel, Flonne, and the other, the Demon Etna. Game controllers were gripped in their hands, but by the way Flonne loosely held hers, it was obvious she had lost.

"That's five time now're really good at this..." Flonne sighed with a weak smile as she put the controller down.

"Yup. Five losses, that mean you owe me five packs of pudding." Etna responsed with a devilish grin, happy at her winnings.

"Ah, but there was this new 'Dark Chef' DVD I wanted to buy...." Flonne said dejectedly, knowing she was going to lose a lot of HL soon.

"Too bad, not anymore." Etna said casually as she turned the game off, cutting short the victory dance her character had begun to do.

The two were interrupted by the door to the throne room bursting open suddenly. Laharl, axe still in hand, entered, face set ahead as he made his way to his grand chair.

"Oh, Laharl, hi!" Flonne said happily to the young demon as he stomped past her.

"Hi Prince, what's up?" Etna also greeted him, although in a much less friendly way.

Ignoring them both, Laharl let the axe fall lazily to the floor as he sat down on his throne, legs folded like a child and eyes still set dead ahead. Flonne and Etna watched him curiously. There were very few things that made Laharl completely silent, so that meant something big was bugging him.

"Uhm, Laharl. Is something wrong?" Flonne asked tentatively, leaning forward slightly.

"......" No answer.

"Hellooooo, Prince?" Etna piped up, waving one hand in front of him.

".........." Still no answer.

Shrugging her shoulders, Etna gave up there. If he didn't want to talk then she wasn't going to waste time trying.

"Laharl, are you alright?" Flonne questioned again, more persistent than Etna. Worry was written clearly on her face as she gazed at the Overlord, awaiting some kind of response.

".........." Yet again, no answer. He just kept staring ahead in that focused manner.

"Leave him, Flonne. If he wants to be moody, let him be moody." Etna said, sitting in front of the television again.

"I guess, but..." Flonne mumbled, not really wanting to give up.

"Oh c'mon, let's play again." Etna said flipping on the console and starting the game up. "Let's go double or nothing. If you win, you won't have to buy my pudding and I'll buy that DVD for you." Etna offered with a wide smile, as if knowing she'd win already. It seemed to do the trick as Flonne turned around quickly, practically scurrying over and snatching up her controller.

"Okay then!" She said, the fire of battle burning in her eyes as she selected her character. The temptation of the DVD being too much to resist.

Laharl still sat silently, oblivious to the various noises coming from the game as the two played. Even though he had decided on his course of action, something was still holding him back.

Meanwhile, Etna bit her lip in a worried manner as the third round begun. She had managed to win the first round, but Flonne, through an amzing combo that surprised even her, had depleted his life bar enough to send her flying in the second match, winning. It seemed that the Fallen Angel was quite determined this time, and the thought of losing wasn't so far fetched now. Fingers moving skillfully as the two played, a fierce battle waged between their virtual avatars as the match went on. Flonne seemed to be in her element, the special meter was full and she had Etna backed into a corner. The only thing left was to execute the start-up move and then she could win.

Unfortunately, Laharl chose that time to speak up.

"I need a wife." He stated in a matter-of-fact tone, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"Wha-?!" The words took Flonne by surprise, and she dropped the controller in shock. Not missing the oppurtunity, Etna pushed forward, throwing Flonne's character into the air then finishing her off by punching her straight to the moon.

"K.O. WINNER: PLAYER 1!" The game boomed out, signaling her victory.

"Yes! That still counts!" Etna said with another grin, as she looked over at Flonne, who's face still had surprise written all over it.

"F-forget that. Did you just hear what Laharl said." The former Angel stuttered out, turning to look at the Overlord who was still sitting there as if h had said nothing surprising.

"Oh, that, yeah." Etna replied in nonchalance, also turning to look at Laharl. " the Prince finally growing up?" She cooed with a smile, teasing the young demon.

"Shut up, I'm serious!" Laharl yelled back, face lowered into his scarf slightly. Saying it again seemed to take some edge off of him.

Realizing that Laharl was not joking around, Etna's grin also dropped, but an amused look still remained on her face.

"Oh really? What's all this about then? Has the young Prince finally opened up his hearts to the wonders of love~" She purred again, still having fun teasing him.

"S-shut up! It's for....political reasons! Yeah, that's it! Political reasons!" Laharl snapped, jumping up onto his chair before regaining his composure and sitting down again. Crossing his arms and closing his eyes, the Overlord began to explain the reason behind his sudden need.

"In order to get people to see me as more of an adult, I decided I need a wife to boost my image." Laharl said with a nod of his head, figuring his explanation was satisfactory."So, I've decided that one of you two will be my wife. How lucky one of you will be to stand next to the Great Laharl!" He finished with jumping up again for dramatic effect.

Of course, logically speaking, he could have simply picked up some random vassal and forced them to be his wife. Not like they could deny his request seeing as how he was the Overlord and could easily smear them off the face of the universe. But, for some reason, that didn't please him. Flonne and Etna were powerful in their own rights, so that was reason enough to have one of them by him to improve his image, but aside from that, the overall familiarity he felt around them would also make things easier.

"Uhm...Laharl. I don't think it works that way...." Flonne said weakly, still shocked at the sudden outburst. Even someone as dense as her could see the faulty logic behind his way of thinking. "In Celestia, marriage is supposed to be something between two people that love each other dearly, not something you use to make people respect you." Flonne said while clasping her hands together, warmness emitting from her words.

"We're not in Celestia." Laharl said sharply, quickly stopping her before she went on with a long tirade. "Look, I need a wife and I need one soon. So which one of you is it going to be!" Laharl questioned hardly, though it came out as more of a demand. He didn't care which one it was really, the marriage would only be in name and title, which is all he cared for.

"Laharl, something like this really can't be decided so suddenly....It takes time and-" Flonne began while holding up a finger, trying to talk sense into the young Overlord, only to be cut-off suddenly by another voice speaking over her.

"I'm for it!" Etna said while raising her hand and grinning wickedly.



Flonne and Laharl made noises at the same time, both turning to look at the red-haired demon.

"Why are you so eager?" Laharl asked, cautious at her quick response. With Etna, you could never tell her true intention, and he wasn't about to let his guard down.

"I'm curious too, Etna. I had no idea you felt so strongly towards Laharl..." Flonne said in wonder, head tilted sideways like a lost puppy.

Still grinning, Etna put her hand down as she answered them. "It had nothing to do with love. If I can't be the Overlord myself, why not the next best thing?" She said simply, causing both Flonne and Laharl to sweatdrop. "Just think of all the perks that would come with being Queen. I'd pratically be the Overlord myself." She continued, eyes shining with greed. Like Laharl, Etna was only concerned about her own benefits in the matter, namely title and status.

"Of course, that would be reason enough for you..." Laharl said wearily, a part of him already knowing that would be her main motive. Flonne on the other hand seemed to feel differently on the subject, however.

"How terrible. That isn't what marriage is about." She said with an indignant look on her face at the two's disregard for such a holy ceremony.

"So what?" Etna said back. "Demons in the Netherworld do it all the time, it's no big deal here."

"Yes, but that doesn't make it right!"

"Why are you getting so upset. It's not like you have to do it. I said I was fine with being the Queen."

"Who said I'd choose you!"

"But still..."

"I'm don't see what the big deal is, being Queen is fine with me."

"Are you listening? I haven't even chosen you yet!"

"I think I'd be more suited for Laharl!"

The room went silent and the arguing ground to a dead halt. Both Laharl and Etna turned to look at Flonne, who, seemed to have just realized what she said, clamped both hands over her mouth.

" sweet! Our little Angel has finally admitted her feelings~"

"And why's that?" Laharl asked, this time his had tilted in curiosity.

Realizing the two weren't going to let her words go, Flonne took in a deep breath before clasping her hands together and speaking again. "Because...because me and Laharl share a special bond. If anyone should be his wife, I'd be happy to." She spoke her piece, sincerity seeping from her words.

Too bad Laharl didn't seem to feel the same way.

"Like hell we do!" He shouted, loud enough to cause Flonne to snap out of her trance and step back a few paces.

"But Laharl." She began with a frown. "If we don't, why do you still wear my pendant?"

"Because I haven't gotten around to throwing it away yet!" Laharl snapped, despite his words making no sense. He had been wearing it for ages now, plently of time to dispose of it if he really wanted to.

"This is cute and all, but I'm not just going to let you become Queen." Etna interuppted, one hand on her hips. It was a title she wasn't going to let go of so easily.

"But you only want it for power!" Flonne protested back, hands held up in disagreement.

"Yeah? So what?"

"It's not right!"

"Who cares? We've been over that."

"Marriage should be between two people who care for each other!"


"That's not how it works her in the Netherworld, Flonne."

"Even so...."


"So what's the problem?"


"You should just...."

"WOULD YOU TWO SHUT UP ALREADY!" Laharl boomed out, eye glowing and hair standing upright. His loud voice carried the desired effect and the two broke off their arguing promptly, turning to look at the Prince.

Folding his arms and calming down, Laharl closed his eyes and stood up from the throne.

"I've decided." He began, and both girls looked at him expectantly, waiting for the outcome of his decision.

"Since the two of you can't decide between yourselves, I've made up my mind."

"And....?" The two asked in unison, waiting for him to get to the point.

Turning around and picking up his axe, Laharl hefted it over his shoulder before turning back and around and making his way past them. Standing with his back tot he pair, the young demon closed his eyes in a conclusive manner and gave his answer.

"I'll marry you both."


Letting the two grapple with their confusion, Laharl began making his way torwards the door. He had a sudden urge to go kill things, maybe gain a few levels if he felt like it.

"But Laharl-"

"You can't do that!"

Two voices spoke out behind him.

Not even bothering to turn around, Laharl reached the door an opened it.

"Of course I can." He said. "Because I'm the OVERLORD!"

And with that, he stepped outside, slamming the door behind him.