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"This...this isn't real...."

Laharl stared in disbelief at what his palace had become in only a few short days. The once sinister castle of the Overlord had now been reduced to something resembling one of those damned Celestian churches. White banners and flower shrouded almost everything in sight, and ornate decorations were littered everywhere. Not only that, but that cursed statue of Etna stared mockingly down at him whenever he had taken all of his will to stop from shattering it on every occasion.

"Cheer up, Prince. I think it's cute."

Zommie, the ever optimistic Zombie piped up beside the Overlord, mouth set in that permanent, decaying grin of his.

"It's not supposed to be cute!"

Laharl snapped back, eyes ablaze. "What kind of image is this for an Overlord? It looks just like a church!"

"Well, churches are generally the place where weddings are held, Prince." The Zombie reminded him. "Besides, you did bring this upon yourself."

Laharl didn't have the drive to argue on both accounts. His cunning plan had backfired tremendously and now he had this nonsense to deal with. Flonne and Etna had went all out to ready the castle for the wedding, and his protest were promptly ignored or put down. He couldn't wait until this whole business was over.

But, despite all the negatives, his plan had worked to some degree. The entire Netherworld was in a buzz over "King" Laharl's wedding. No doubt this was because Prinnies had been going around handing out flyers to just about anyone for the past few days. When people saw him in the streets, instead of nodding their heads lightly, they'd bow in respect as they told him they were looking forward to the "King's wedding." Having the upgraded title added to his name served wonders to boost Laharl's ego...too bad all of this commotion was stopping him from enjoying it fully.

"So, the wedding's tomorrow, huh?" The Zombie asked, watching in interest as a pair of Archers scampered buy with trays of food to be cooked for the occasion.

"According to the Love Freak, yeah..." Laharl muttered while sitting down next to the Zombie. They were in front of the hospital, as always. For some reason he didn't know, the Zombie was reluctant to leave the spot.....probably hoping he could a peek at the Ronin who ran the place during one of her private moments.

"What do you plan to do for it?" Zommie asked, head lolling in that way that made people think it was about to fall off.

"How the hell should I know? I'm still not sure what people even do at weddings." Laharl answered, chin resting on one hand as he starred out at everything going on.

The Overlord's ignorance wasn't misplaced. Weddings weren't exactly a common occurrence in the Netherworld. Only a few Overlords took a wife in the first place, and when they did, it was usually a much more subtle event.

The two were interrupted by a Prinny approaching. In his hands were a clipboard, various items listed on it.

"Greeting's King Laharl, dood! We need you to sign some delivery orders for the wedding!"

Used to this happening already, Laharl merely nodded in acknowledgment as he signed the board with the pent hat was handed to him, not even bothering to check what the orders were for. At this point, he didn't really care. His Overlord fund had been bled dry over the past few days. He made a mental note to check out the Item World later and see if he could accumulate all the HL he had lost.....not an easy task.

As the Prinny waddled away, Laharl closed his eyes as if seeking guidance. Only now was he realizing how foolish he his previous choice had been. Instead of instantly wrapping up all of his problems like he expected, it brought with it a brand new wagon full of them.

And that pissed him off.

"Going somewhere, Prince?" Zommie questioned as the Overlord stood up, a gun that was holstered on his pants now gripped in his hand.

"I feel like slaughtering a few things." Laharl responded while walking to the Dimensional Gate, mumbling his destination as the Gatekeeper bowed.

Taking one last look into the hospital at the Ronin, Zommie shrugged before following after the Overlord, figuring he might as well come along to kill some time.

In another world, far more pleasant than the Netherworld of a certain Prince, a young boy ran towards a house, a letter gripped firmly in his small hands. By the two cow-like horns sticking out from his head, it was obvious he wasn't human. Stopping outside the front door, the little demon took a moment to catch his breath before calling out in a slightly nasally voice.

"Adell! Princessssssss! Come look at this!"

His youthful cry rang out, causing a few of the other villagers in the area to look over at him. Sure enough his loud shout carried the intended effect, and after a moment, the front door to the house opened and a red-headed young man stepped out, an elegantly dressed young woman with blond hair close behind him.

"Hm? Taro? What are you yelling about now? Did you get hurt again?" The young man asked as he looked down at the little boy, now known as Taro.

Gazing down at the small boy as well, the woman spoke up, a fond look on her face as she addressed the boy. "Taro, you must try to be more quiet. It is unsightly for a servant of mine to go around making so much noise." She chided him gently, trying to reprimand him without being too harsh.

Seeming to have not heard the warning the two had just given him, Taro shook his head quickly, holding up the letter he was holding and waving it around. "No, no! Look at this! There's a letter for the two of you; The prinny who delivered it said it was important!" He explained quickly, holding out the letter for Adell to take.

Raising one eyebrow in confusion at his little brother, Adell took the letter out of his hand, looking it over as he tried to figure out who it could be from. The sender's name wasn't on it, but the envelope looked expensive and was decorated lavishly, as if it was coming from some fancy palace. Scrawled on the envelope in fancy handwriting was his and Rozalin's name, just as Taro had said.

"Oh? What's that?"

A woman's voice piped up behind the two as another figure walked out of the house. With that eerily happy smile on her face, Adell's Mother looked at the envelope in her son's hand. "That's odd...Who would send a letter to the two of you? I didn't know you were that popular." She asked, just as confused as the other three were when it came to the mysterious envelope.

"Beats me." Adell said with a shrug as he turned the envelope over in search of some kind of indication where it came from. Aside from a gaudy looking wax seal on the back, he didn't find much else that could help them. "I wonder who It's from?" The young man murmured to himself, questions still unanswered.

"Hmmm...The only people who I can imagine would send us a letter are Yukimaru or Tink." Rozalin piped up, thinking over the possible answers. "Yukimaru usually sends her letters by carrier moth though, and Tink said he would be on vacation for a while now that his body is restored."

By now Adell's father had also emerged from the house, adding to the confused group that was pondering over the letter.

"Could it be from Hanako maybe? We did tell her to write home at least once a month."

"No, Hanako wouldn't use something so gaudy. Besides, we already got her letter."

"What about Axel? He seems like the type to use something so as overly decorated as this."

"Yeah, but what reason would he have to write to us?"

As the small group argued talked among themselves, Adell's Mom finally seemed to have had enough of the suspense, taking the letter out of her son's hands.

"Well, the only way we're going to find out who sent it is to open it, right?" She explained, turning the envelope over and breaking the wax seal with one of her nails. Carefully opening it, she slid the letter out, making a show of unfolding it and looking it over. Adell and the others gathered around closer as she began to read.

"Dear loyal subjects..."

She started, the word "subjects" making Rozalin wrinkle her nose briefly, but she kept her silence.

"It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the glorious event of the Netherworld of King Laharl." At the name, Mom stopped reading and looked up. "Laharl? Isn't that the name of that little brat that Etna and Hanako work for?"

Placing a hand on his forehead, Adell sighed, already not liking where this was going. "Oh great, what does he want? And since when did he become a 'king' anyway?" The red-headed boy sighed. He had been so glad when the little nuisance had decided to leave. That was one problem he was glad to be rid of. Ignoring her son's displeasure, Mom looked down at the letter again and continued to read.

"With great honor, we would be thrilled if you would join us on this special day to pay tribute to the great Overlord as he joins together in...Oh my." Mom cut off suddenly, eye widening for a moment before an amused grin spread across her face.

"Yes? What does it say?" Rozalin asked, wondering about the sudden stop and pressing the woman to continue reading. With a chuckle, Mom looked down at the group before announcing the ending contents of the letter.

"Joins together in marriage with his loyal vassals."




The various reactions rang out, each person caught off guard by the revelation. Only Mom seemed to be amused by the matter, chuckling lightly as she read over the letter again. "How cute. The little Prince is getting married."

Having gotten over his initial shock, Adell was now scratching his cheek, mouth twisted slightly in a confused manner. "Huh...I never would have guessed that little kid would be interested in something like that. Though I can't shake the feeling that something feels off here." He mused to himself out loud.

"Yes, but when you think about it, it's not that odd for an Overlord to take a bride." Rozalin said beside him, now looking over the letter herself. "Still, I wonder who the brides are to be...I didn't think that little boy had someone like that in mind."

Shrugging his shoulders, Adell ventured a guess. "What about that air-headed Angel that was with him? They seemed kind of close."

"Yes, perhaps." Rozalin said in response, though he mind seemed to be somewhere else.

Looking up, Taro voiced his thought, tired of being silent for so long. "Well? Are you two going to go the wedding? I bet there'll be lots of food there." He asked, thinking of what a party at an Overlord's castle would be like.

Closing his eyes and shaking his head, Adell folded his arms as he began to answer. "I don't know. This whole thing seems like one headache I'd like to avoid. Besides, I don't-"

He didn't get to finish, Rozalin's voice cutting sharply across his.

"Adell....we are going."

The blond said with a huff while turning around and heading back towards the house, eyes closed in what looked like frustration.

"Huh?" Adell asked, confused by Rozalin's will to go. She didn't seem to hear him, however, as she continued on, vanishing into the house. Adell watched the direction the went in for a moment, before turning back to his family. "She looked kind of angry...I wonder what's wrong...."

"She's probably upset that she got beaten to the point."

With another chuckle, Adell's Mom spoke up, amused by the entire situation.

Looking over at his mother, Adell tilted his head, not getting the meaning behind her words. Grinning some more, Adell's Mom explained to her son what she was getting at.

"Adell, Rozalin is a young woman, and the two of you have been awfully close lately. She's probably jealous that you haven't asked for her hand yet."

"Yeah Adell." Taro piped up, looking at his older brother with a defensive gaze. "Haven't you noticed Princess looking so sad lately? You can be so dense sometimes." The little boy chided his older sibiling, taking a sort of delight at his brother's reaction.

Quickly getting flustered, Adell looked down as he babbled out a response.

"Well, yeah, about that...It's just that I haven't been able to...y'know..." He stumbled out his excuse, trying to find the right words to defend himself.

Moving next to his son, Adell's dad put a hand on his shoulder.

"Adell, you're a man now. If you really feel that way about the Princess, then you should go ahead and propose." He advised his son, hid fatherly instincts showing up in one of these rare instances.

"That's surprising, coming from you." His wife piped up, but he remained quiet, still looking at his son.

"Yeah, well....Weddings and stuff like that cost a lot of money, don't they? I want to make it special for her...." The red-head was still tripping over his own words, getting increasingly flustered by the second. His father only smiled, trying to reassure his bashful son some.

"It's okay Adell. If Rozalin really cares for you, it won't matter. I didn't have much money when I proposed to your mother."

"Yes, and I refused until you got some. How else would we have been able to afford this house?"

"You're harsh, honey....I risked my life in the Item World for days building up HL. Then when I finally came back, all you said was 'this will do' before taking it all."

As their parents argued, Taro spoke up again, pulling on Adell's tie to get his attention.

"What about your Secret Fund? Don't you have a lot stored away in that?"

"Why do you even know about that? And I can't use that...I'm saving up for something." Adell responded while looking down at his younger brother. How everyone had come to know about his "Secret" Fund in the last few days, he'd never know.

As his family started talking among themselves, Adell glanced at the entrance the house where Rozalin had retreated to. Looking at the door for a moment, he turned to his family while walking backwards slowly.

"I....have to go see Rozalin real quick." He said shortly before turning around and heading inside, leaving the others to watch after him.

With a smile, his mother turned to her husband, a motherly warmth in her voice as she spoke.

"I have a feeling things are going to get lively around here once those two get back."


A heavy chuckle filled a large chuckle in a different world. The deep sound echoed around the palace, striking fear into the hearts of those who heard it.


The chuckle suddenly erupted into laughter, sinister energy eminating from the sound as it rang out. It was a dark laughter, filled to the brim with evil intent as it continued to sound out around the large room.

Such a terrible sound...It was hard to believe that it was coming from a book.

"Calm down, Zetta." Salome said as she sat next to the laughing red book, a letter similar to the one Adell and Rozalin had recieved earlier held in her hands.

Zetta continued to laugh loudly, the contents of said letter striking him as extremely hilarious for some reason.

"AHAHAHAHAHAAAA! So, that uppity brat is growing up, huh? How cute is that. Children these days mature too fast. AHAHAHAHAAAA!" The red book continued to laugh to himself, acting just as childish as the "children" he spoke of.

Salome closed her eyes, allowing Zetta to finish his laughing fit before speaking.

"The matter still remains. We have been invited; Are we going to go, or not?" She asked the book sitting next to her, putting the letter down as she picked him up.

Zetta finished up his last few mocking laughs before composing himself again, although a wide smile was still stretched across his cover.

"Hmhmhmmmm...Why not? It would be rude not to grace the brat with my presence. It has been a while since I've gotten out anyway. A wedding, eh? Maybe I should get a new binding!"

Salome sighed at the book's joke, standing up as she held him gently in her hands. Once again the loud laughter began to erupt around the room, Zetta unable to contain himsels any longer.

"HAAAHAAAHAAAAAAAAAA! That brat getting married...It's too funny! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!"

Back in his own Netherworld, Laharl was feeling refreshed. After spending several hours viciously killing things, he felt a lot better. Stepping out of the Dimensional Gate with Zommie close behind, the young Overlord stretched after holstering the gun he was carrying.

"Ah...Nothing like a little murder to make yourself feel better." Laharl said with a content grin as he walked. Zommie, as usual, was returning to his place in front of the Infirmary, and Laharl trailed behind him, sitting down as the Zombie resumed his place.

"Glad you're feeling better, Prince." The Zombie responsed while peeping around the corner at the Ronin, his unhealthy obsession still present.

Leaning again the wall, Laharl was happy to just sit there and enjoy the peace, when a Thief waddled up to him, bowing to the Overlord before speaking.

"There you are sir, I've been looking for you." The demon explained while bowing again.

"Hmm? what do you want?" Laharl asked while looking the Thief over. Already he was upset that his peace was getting interrupted.

"Lady Flonne told me to inform you that all the invitations have been sent out."

Raising a brow, Laharl's mouth twisted as he got a sinking feeling in his stomach.

"Invitations? Didn't the Prinnies already send out flyers around the Netherworld?" He asked. They had been tasked to do that a few days ago to raise awareness of the event. It should have been done and over with by now.

"Yes, those have been sent out already, but Lady Flonne requested we invite Overlords from other Netherworlds as well. Now if you'll excuse me, Lady Etna has tasked me with some other duties." The Thief bowed again before running off to carry out whatever task that had been assigned to him.

Laharl was only able to blankly stare ahead as the report echoed in his mind. The...other Overlords were his...castle....his white....flower filled....decorated castle....

What kind of sick joke was this?

Out of the corner of his eye, Zommie saw Laharl's hand move. He didn't pay much attention to it at first, but upon taking a second glance, he whipped into full alert.

"Whoa, hey, Prince! What are you doing?! Put the gun down, It's going to be alright!"

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