A/N: My first fic of 2009!

Sweet Like Strawberries

"It's not the end of the world, you know," Willow said with a playful grin. She tugged at Daniel's arm and when he raised his eyes to glance at her, she nodded towards the door. "C'mon, Daniel. Take a break. It won't hurt, I promise."

He half-smiled at her and then returned his attention to the stone tablet on his desk. Sprawled with ancient text it sat there motionless and oddly enough, it remained as undecipherable as it had for the past three days. He was no closer to solving the mystery of the artefact than Jack was to becoming the next astrophysicist at Stargate Command.

Sighing, he placed his pen next to the tablet on the table and spun his chair so that he was facing Willow. He reached for her hands and gently pulled her closer so that she was standing in front of him and between his legs. He leaned up into the kiss she initiated and his eyes fluttered closed for a moment as he revelled in her warmth and breathed her in.

Strawberries. She tasted like strawberries.

Daniel whispered it to her when she broke the kiss and hovered in his personal space. "You taste like strawberries." He took in the way her lip curled into an amused smirk and committed it to memory.

"Strawberries, huh?" Willow asked.

He nodded. "Yeah, strawberries. Very...uh...very sweet."

"I think I like that. Strawberries is nice. Are nice. I like strawberries." She silently chastised herself for slipping up on her grammar and she cursed Daniel for his ability to turn her into a babbling idiot. All the while, she wore a shaky grin. She couldn't help it.

Daniel removed his glasses, quickly cleaned them and put them back on. He let his gaze drift slowly around his lab to ensure that everything was where it should be and that everything was safe. Satisfied, he allowed Willow to help him out of his seat.

"So where are we going?" he asked softly, pushing his glasses up his nose.

"I came across a little restaurant in town. Mexican," she explained as he linked hands with her and they headed for the elevator. "You'll love it."

Though he looked in longing back down the hall towards his office, when the elevator doors closed behind them he pushed work to the back of his mind. He began the familiar fight with himself not to jump Willow right in the elevator with the security cameras watching on.

Rather he waited until they reached his car and kissed her again. "If this was the end of the world," he told her, picking on her earlier comment, "it's a lot different to the previous times."

"Oh yeah?" Willow grinned.

Daniel nodded, faking seriousness. "Oh yes. If this was the end of the world we'd be having take out."