Welcome to my new fic. Yes, this one is a crossover too. Don't like it? Don't read it. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter One: Reluctant Roommates

Jeremie Belpois, twelve-year-old computer genius, was sitting at his computer at two o'clock in the afternoon for one reason and one reason only. Of course, if you had asked him what that reason was, he would feed you some techno-babble and walk away leaving you more confused than before. Contrary to popular belief at Kadic Academy, Jeremie did this on purpose. What he was doing was secret, known only to himself and his closest friends (who were foggy on the details anyway).

And so Jeremie was in the middle of this secret activity when a knock came on the door of his dorm room. Jeremie quickly closed a few windows, and then turned in his swivel chair.

"Come in," he called as he stood.

The door opened to reveal a slightly rotund man with graying hair and beard whose stern eyes peered over a pair of bifocals.

"Ah, Belpois. There you are," he said as if he had been looking all over for him.

"May I help you, Principal Delmas?" Jeremie inquired politely despite his inner impatience.

"As a matter of fact, you can," Delmas began, straightening his glasses. "We have a new student today. I had hoped you could show him around, seeing as you two will be roommates."

Jeremie blinked.


"Really, Belpois. It's not that complicated. Just show your new roommate the ropes. You know, show him where everything is, introduce him to your friends, that sort of thing." Delmas stepped aside slightly to reveal the boy who had been standing quietly behind him this whole time. "Well go ahead, my boy. Introduce yourself."

The new boy was taller than Jeremie by a good three or four inches. He wore combat boots, loose black jeans, and a vintage Marvel Comics t-shirt under a black military-cut jacket. His shaggy, black hair just brushed his shoulders. His eyes were dark and showed signs of a recent Asian ancestor. His expression was unreadable.

"Joseph Wu San," he said simply with a slight American accent. "Pleased to meet you."

Whether or not Jeremie new roommate was actually pleased to meet him was nearly impossible to determine.

The two boys stared at one another for several long minutes.

"Well," Delmas final broke the intense silence awkwardly, "I'll to leave you two boys to, ah, get aquantied, shall I?"

The principal beat a quick retreat, shutting the door behind him.

The silence continued.

Finally, Joseph turned away and set his bag down in a corner.


Jeremie shook himself.

"Um, what's your first class?"

"Math," was the monosllybic reply.

"Me too," Jeremie said, "Can I show you the way?"


The uncomfortable silence resumed as the two boys left the room.

Bonus points to anyone who can figure out who Joseph's family is. I've given you several clues.