I'll Live

The force of the wind bent the trees nearly to the ground. Yellow and orange-edged leaves skittered across the dirt. The first drops of rain began to fall down in heavy streams that plastered his hair to his face and soaked him through.

He plopped wearily to the ground and barely moving his head, glanced back at Sharon as she clawed her way towards him. The undergrowth harrowed her progress but she didn't stop until she was by his side, panting with exhaustion.

"You okay?" she asked, dropping her gear and fixing him with concerned eyes when she'd had time to collect herself and push the unruly strands of hair from her face.

He lifted a shoulder in a shrug and let his gaze wander around their surroundings only to meet her eyes again. "I'll live," he managed.

She frowned slightly but didn't comment.

"How are you?" he said back pointedly. "You must be tired by now."

She chose that precise moment to stifle a yawn. She shook her head at him however. "I'm fine."

He offered another look that told her she didn't quite believe him. He was ready to call it a day however so he rolled his shoulders and nodded his response, not bothering to give her a spoken answer. She'd understand.

"Ready to turn in?" she asked all of a sudden as if reading him. "We should rest."

"Yeah," he muttered. He settled into the dirt, grateful for the flora that sheltered them from the worst of the storm. "Yeah," he said again.

She settled down beside him and he instinctively threw an arm over her, pulling her to him. "We'll get through this," she murmured quietly.

Again he answered without words. What was there to say? Nothing suggested that they were in fact going to be okay. Nothing. It was becoming increasingly likely that they weren't going to be okay.

But maybe she was right.

Holding onto that thought, he pressed a kiss to the back of her head and closed his eyes. Get through it or not, they were together and there was nothing that mattered to him more.