Don't Need Rescuing

"Tell me a story."

"Hmmm? Here?"

"Come on, Wesley," Fred prods. "What else are we going to do?"

He stares at her and then around at the enclosed space of the store room they're in. An impromptu vampire attack had led them to hiding in it when they realised they were greatly outnumbered and they had agreed it safest to wait for reinforcements before they risked climbing out.

"Well," he says. "We could..." His face tinges red and Fred narrows her eyes at him in confusion. "You know what?" he breaks off. "A story would be great."

Fred appears to brighten up at that and he can't help but grin back at her.

"So what type of story would you like me to... oof!"

He's cut off by Fred's lips crashing into his and his arms wrap instinctively around her small frame as she melts into him. It's an awkward kiss. He doesn't know what to do and takes a little too long to respond though he does kiss her back before she pulls away. She is overly enthusiastic and at the same time there's a quiet hesitation in her eyes.

"Fred! Wow. What was that?" he asks when they part, breathing heavily. He can't quite look her in the eyes but can't help taking glances at her anyway.

She blushes and offers him a sheepish grin that makes his heart flutter that little bit more. "A kiss," she tells him as if it's obvious. Which it is.

"I know that. I mean, why? Why me? Why now? In this...closet."

"Did you not like it?" she asks timidly.

"No, no," he says quickly, realising his mistake as she frowns. "I mean, yes. I do, uh, did like it. I just..."

"I don't see what the matter is then."

He blinks at her and studies her and gulps. His hand which is for some reason still resting on her waist curls around her and all of a sudden it feels right. This is meant to be. He takes the last step and pulls her close to him again and leans down slowly, giving her plenty of time to back away if she so desired.

"I don't see what the matter is either," he admits before kissing her deeply.

A minute later they jerk quickly apart when someone clears their throat. "Angel! Uh...we were just..." he tries.

Angel raises an eyebrow and Cordelia, behind him, smirks. "I told you they don't need rescuing!"