This fanfic was inspired by this picture:

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Story 1

Contributed by: arcangelus, emochinchilla, forgottendiary, steshin

The færie listened to the loud splashes made by waves crashing and lashing at thousand year old rock formations. Then the breeze hums, prompting every grass in the prairie to slowly dance mesmerizing her azure eyes. As she watched further on, the seas and the skies begin to merge in an endless parallel, framing their promised land.

She wrapped her arms around herself as the cool wind brushed against her skin. Up on the hill and being surrounded by everything this new world had to offer, she felt strangely calm.

It was over.

Ranka was saved.

Frontier made it to this new world.

The færie…

Was alive.

"Sheryl," came a very familiar voice.

There was always the unanswered question of Alto.

She had witnessed him soaring above those clouds earlier, free, like the way he had always dreamt to be. He found his heaven, what does he want now? What can she give him?

"Sheryl!" He was running now, huffing for breath.

The pink-haired beauty's response was to spin around and slap him, the sound resounding off the cliffs loudly, causing many a colonist to look up in wonder at that peculiar sound.

Alto winced and rubbed his reddening cheek! "Oi, Sheryl! What was that for --"

"ALTO! YOU IDIOT!" She screamed, advancing on him irately as the blue-haired pilot started to back away in fear.

"What kind of stunt was that, coming down into the atmosphere riding a burning Valkyrie! You could've been killed! Ohhhh, noooo, let's consider that MAYBE we won't get to continue a certain conversation if you ACCIDENTALLY FRIED YOURSELF TO DEATH AT THE END OF THE WAR! NO, the only son of Saotome Ranzo, one and only heir didn't die in honour against the Vajra, NOOOOO, he died because he decided to pull off some stupid stunt and burn up on re-entry!" She finished throwing her hands up in the air and red in the face.

Alto looked damned.

"Well, I'm alive, aren't I?!"

Sheryl shuddered and sighed. She hugged her shoulders, thinned down by the virus, trying hard not to let the tears seep out.

Alto's face softened when he saw her sudden change.

"Sheryl, I'm sorry."

Seeing that she did not respond, he took a step, and took her in his arms.

Still no response.

He buried his head into her strawberry hair.

"Where were we...? in that certain conversation of ours...?"

Sheryl felt her heartbeat race under his embrace. She closed her eyes, accepting defeat. This was going to happen whether she liked it or not.

"You tell me...baka Alto," she whispered as she fought back the onset of tears.

He smiled in her hair.

"We the part...where I declare my undying love for you."

Sheryl opened her eyes not knowing what to say.

"Alto..." she quietly said his name.

Slowly, and gently, Alto's arms shifted positions.

"I love you Sheryl, I'm sorry I made you worry. I'm sorry I made you think otherwise..."

He placed one of his hands on her hip. She remained still.

Silence passed before Sheryl looked up at him smiling. "Took you long enough, baka Alto," was the only thing she said before she leaned up and captured his lips in a kiss.

Alto closed his eyes, relishing her sweet taste in his mouth. It gave him a feeling of peace, of home, and of surrender. He gave back Sheryl's due and more. Alto brought her closer to him, arms tightly wound around her waist as he deepened their kiss.

They broke the long kiss, chasing for air, cheeks flushed, and lips plump.

Sheryl made a small smile as she raised her hand to lightly touch her earring dangling from Alto's right ear. She stared lovingly at the purple red fold quartz that shone brightly as the sun's dying rays illuminated it.

Thank you, she said inwardly.

Sheryl woke up from her momentary stupor as she felt Alto's grip on her wrist.

"If you're planning to take it back, please," he paused, smiling at her.

"Take me with it."