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Five minutes in the life of Agent DiNozzo and Officer David.

Closer coming, heavy footsteps were chasing after them.

"That didn't work the way it should."

Her voice was just loud enough, that her partner, who was running next to her, could hear her.

"Tell me about it, Gibbs is going to kill me when we die here today."

His voice not louder than hers but he was a bit more out of breath.

"Over there." Ziva pointed to a half opened steel door on her right.

They changed their destination. Both hoping, they wouldn't run in a room without another way out, or worse an ambush.

The second they were through the doorframe Ziva began to speak.

"Tony knock up the door."

Forgetting the situation they were in he stared at her puzzled and lost for words.

He shook himself out of his shock, locked the door and pressed his body against the wall next to the door, like his colleague did on the other side of the door.

Both with their guns ready to shoot.

"Do me a favour." Tony said quietly.

Ziva stared at him. "Don't you think it's the wrong time?"

"If we get out here alive, remind me to get you a good English book, with grammar, idioms and phrases."

Her face reflected the usual signs of being pissed. "Do me a favour; remind me to kick your butt, if we get out here alive and now shut up."

Silence followed.


A/N: I've got to write down, what the reason behind this little story is.

I'm German. My mom and I, we're talking English from time to time.

Well my mom said to me one day: knock up the door… She didn't understand at first why I couldn't stop laughing…

Shortly after that I realized that this sentence was perfect for Ziva, so I wrote this little piece.