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Iruka yawned and stretched himself. He glanced at the clock in the classroom. It was almost four in the afternoon. Classes had ended three hours ago, but he was still there, grading the never-ending stack of assignments.

He ran a finger down his pants, feeling the faded scar on his leg. It had almost been a week since he had gotten that injury and it was recovering well. The wound had closed up and Tsunade had infused enough chakra in it to expedite the recovery.

The classroom door slid open and he looked up from the assignments which he had turned his attention back to. Someone slipped in with a smile.

"Anko." Iruka smiled.

"Hey Iruka, I heard from Izumo that you got injured a week ago. How are you now?" The kunoichi frowned. Iruka studied his friend and noticed the dried blood stains and dirt that decorated the light-colored jacket.

"I'm alright. The wound is all healed now. You just got back from a mission?"

"That's good. You got me worried for a minute." Anko yawned and nodded. "Yeah, I just got back. Man, this mission took longer than expected."

"It's only a week." Iruka chuckled. Anko stared at her friend's expression for a minute.

"You look much better, Iruka." Anko grinned. "I'm glad you are getting over the breakup."

Iruka blinked. And then he blushed, knowing that Anko still isn't aware of what is going on. "Uh…… I guess."

Anko observed the chunin's hesitation and stared at him suspiciously. "Something up?"

Iruka shook his head hurriedly, and then changed the subject. "You should go back and get cleaned up. Are you injured?"

"No." Anko stretched herself. Then she looked at him again, wondering if she was missing out on something. "Hey, it's Friday night. So, how about going out for some drinks tonight?"

"Uh, I can't." His cheeks colored red again. Anko raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, why?"

"I have something on tonight."

Anko propped herself on the table and bent down to study her friend. "Do you have a new beau, Iruka?"

Iruka blinked dumbly. "No. What gave you that idea?"

"That's because, you look suspicious. You are blushing and stammering. So what else can that mean? So, what do you have on tonight?" The purple-haired lady narrowed her eyes.

"Uh well……."

The classroom door slid open again.


Iruka's face turned red as Anko turned her head and stared at the person at the door. She narrowed her eyes slightly as she studied the relaxed figure at the door and then back at her blushing friend, who was desperately trying to avert his gaze. Then her eyes widened in surprise as she pieced their reactions together and understanding dawned on her. She turned back to Iruka with a broad smile on her face.

"Ah…. I see. Now I know what you have on tonight." Anko poked at the chunin's arm. "You should have told me! When did the two of you……"

Iruka sighed. "Stop that, Anko. Really, now is not the time to talk about it yet."

"Don't care. Spill. How can you even think of hiding it from me?" Anko folded her arms and pouted.

"I will tell you, Anko. But next time." Iruka smiled at her awkwardly. "We just……. Um…. It's just been a week and we are still sorting out some stuff."

The kunoichi frowned and then shrugged. "Fine then. I'm too tired to interrogate you now anyway. I will go back and refresh myself first. But don't take too long. I'm looking forward to hearing the whole story. Oh, and get yourself ready for any possible questioning session." The snake user grinned and pushed off the desk. She strode out of the door and waved to the person watching them in mild amusement. "See you around, Kakashi."

The silver-haired jounin nodded slightly as Anko walked pass him and disappeared down the corridor. He turned and strode up to his lover. "What's with her?"

Iruka shrugged. "Same as usual. Trying to get her hands on the latest news." Kakashi laughed.

"My, you make it sound like she's some gossip monger."

"Well, she is. She's our source for all the latest news in the village." Iruka grinned. "But, I have to give her credit too. She's a good friend."

"I would think so. She seems pretty concerned about you." Kakashi smiled and bent down to press a quick kiss on the tanned forehead.

Iruka smiled. "So, what brings you here? I would have thought you would go straight home after finishing your errands for Hokage-sama."

"Well, I'm here to bring you home. How can I even think of going back alone when you are still busying yourself here?" The jounin smiled as he shifted and massaged his lover's neck to ease the tension.

"I thought we agreed to keep our reconciliation under wraps for the moment? Isn't this as good as telling the whole of Konoha that we are back together?" Iruka closed his eyes and relaxed into the gesture.

"There's no point, don't you think? They will find out soon enough, since we have already moved back together." Kakashi pressed a soft kiss on the top of the chunin's head. "Shall we go grab some takeouts and head home?"

Iruka sighed. "I would love to. But I have too many things to finish grading today."

"Bring it home to grade. I think I would prefer waiting up for you on the couch than in the classroom." Kakashi chuckled.

"That's conditional love, Kakashi. I would assume you would wait up for me wherever I'm grading the papers." Iruka said teasingly.

Kakashi stared at the ceiling for a moment before looking back at the chunin with a grin. "Yes, it's conditional. Because I simply don't think that this chair here is as good as the one at home and definitely not good for your back if you are going to sit on it for such an extended period of time. And it's definitely conditional, because there isn't any place here where I can make you a good cup of coffee to make sure you stay awake. Or even a cup of tea to relieve your tension. And of course, it's conditional……"

"That's enough, Kashi." Iruka laughed as he stood from his chair. "I get your point."

"Maa…… Since you said it's conditional love, I will need to list out the conditions present that shows how much I love you." The jounin grinned.

Iruka wrapped his arms around the copy nin's neck and leaned into the warmth. "Aren't you sappy?"

"And I thought you like it." Kakashi snaked his arms around the lean waist and smiled down at the younger man.

"Uh huh." Iruka nodded happily. "I have to admit that I missed it." He pulled down the jounin's mask and pressed a quick kiss on the lips before tugging the piece of cloth back in place and pulled back. "Shall we go?"

Kakashi let his arms lingered on the chunin's waist a little while more before he grinned. "Let's go."

Iruka turned and put his papers into neat stacks. The jounin stood beside him, helping him to put everything in place. The younger man stuffed the things that he would need into his bag and when he was done, he snapped the clasps and slung the bag across his shoulder. He picked up the stack of books on his table and turned to look at his lover.

"I'm done. Come on."

Kakashi took the books from him and held it in one hand. He draped his other arm loosely across his boyfriend's waist as they walked down the quiet corridor of the academy and stepped out into the streets. Iruka leaned in closer to the older man, as the arm tightened around him. He ignored the looks of surprise on the faces of the civilians and other shinobi in the area as they mingled into the crowd.

He knew that their reconciliation will become the topic of gossips for the weeks to come. He knew that Genma, Yamato and Raidou are going to probe into what exactly is going on and that Tsunade will jibe at them and laugh at their previous hesitations. He knew that when Naruto is back from his mission, he is going to frown and glare and start asking why he wasn't informed about that decision and Sakura will doubt their intention initially and then laugh and congratulate them after she hears the story. He knew Anko will not leave him alone for days and will demand a long explanation from him.

But he didn't care. Right now, all he knew was that, Kakashi was back with him. He knew that he had someone to go home to after a hard day at work. He knew he had someone who would be there to pamper him and take care of him and that Kakashi would be there to cheer him up, assure him, listen to him grouse, give in to him and most importantly, to love him.

Iruka smiled and turned to look at the older man who grinned at him and hugged him tighter as they discussed on which restaurant they should go for their takeouts. He listened as Kakashi told him about the errands he had done for Tsunade that day and all the funny incidents that took place. He groused when he related to Kakashi, the prank which Konohamaru had pulled that day, almost burning the classroom down to the grounds.

As they continued down the bustling streets, teasing and laughing, Iruka smiled at the realization.

Having his boyfriend to walk home with him, had never felt so wonderful before.