She Goes For Love 2

Heather O'Malley

Kim Possible is owned by the Disney Corporation and they have no connection to this what so ever. These characters are used without their permission and include a plea not to be sued as I have no money.

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Also, I did this one as a follow-up because you all wanted one. Enjoy.


Kim wasn't sure what to do know. She and Shego had agreed to try something, but unfortunately that something hadn't been figured out by the time the thief had to leave. What the hell could she do? Things had been nerve wracking and awkward and they were both being dorks.

She needed to talk to someone, to try and make some sense out of all of this. They had agreed to try something but not knowing what the plan was didn't really help matters. Maybe she needed to talk to that radio Doctor again. Her advice really helped her take that chance and reach out to Shego. She trembled with excitement.

She grabbed her Kimmunicator and turned on the radio.

"…and it might just help if you weren't all that clingy with him, Cuddlefan, that way he doesn't feel smothered. Sometimes men are a little off put by aggressive women. Don't push so hard and things should work out. Next caller."

"You're listening to She Goes for Love with Dr. Seraphim Green. Bronze God from California, go ahead."

"There is this girl I love and I know loves me and yet she does not pay attention to me. I don't get it. Can you help me understand?" The male voice sounded a little familiar but Kim wasn't sure.

"If she is rejecting your advances it could simply be that she is not attracted to you and you don't interest her. Attraction is a tricky thing and sometimes the perfect people you think you want aren't interested in your type. It is nothing to do with you." said Dr. Green.

Kim called in and waited on the line for a short while, as Bronze God was whining about how perfect he was, how perfect the girl was, and how they needed to be together. It was pathetic. The phone was finally answered, "She Goes for Love. How can I help you?"

"I have a question for Dr. Green."

"Name you want to be known by?"

"Impossible Sitch. I'm in Middleton."

"Okay. Please hold for Dr. Green."

Kim was nervous about this as she had no idea what sort of advice she needed. What should they do on the date? Just what did lesbians do on dates? Should she call and make the date with Shego or wait for the woman to call her? Her thoughts were so jumbled that she only heard the last bit of the advice of the next caller. "…so role-play and trying different games in the bedroom is a great way to spice up a marriage. Dr. Redhead, don't be afraid to ask for what you want and make sure to ask him what he wants. That is the best advice I can give you. Next caller."

"Hi, you're on the air with Dr. Seraphim Green. I am speaking to Impossible Sitch from Middleton. Go ahead Impossible."

"I took your advice and came out to the girl I am interested in and now I am at a loss what to do. What do lesbians do on dates?"

"Well, what does anyone do on a date? Just because it is two women, two men, a man and a woman or a poly couple, dates are simply times to go out, have some fun, and just be together with the one you care about." The answer made a lot of sense and Kim was surprised that it was so simple and that she had not thought of it that way.

"Well, who calls who to make the date?" asked Kim, getting to another crux of the issue.

"Either one I suppose. Lesbians have a bit of an issue with this because women are brought up expecting Prince Charming to come and sweep them off their feet. They expect the other person to do all the asking. Now if you get two people like that, it can easily lead to a lot of hurt feelings and misunderstandings. If you are the one that wants to go out, why don't you ask?"

"Thank you Dr. Green. I think I can do that." Kim was really elated. Dr. Green really did have good advice.


Shego had been surprised to hear Kimmie's voice over the radio again. Why was her Pumpkin calling? What do lesbians do on dates? That almost floored the thief turned relationship expert. When the show ended, the thief left the studio and drove home, her cell phone at the ready. When was Kimmie going to call?

Making her Princess do the work was an attempt to make sure that Kimmie wanted this. She was a thief and a wanted criminal and making the girl choose this gave her a level of surety about this that wasn't really there yet.

Sure, she had feelings for the girl who had grown up to a beautiful young woman. However, she had a lot of experience in waiting for what she wanted. Her patience on the job really helped in crime and certainly was a good tool for life. Of course, that did nothing to calm the huge flock of butterflies that were doing loops in her stomach. What if Kimmie called? What if Kimmie didn't call? This whole situation was making her nervous.

Feeling like a giddy fool was not normal for Shego and as she drove into the lair, she shook her head to clear it. Now she had to deal with the mad doctor.

"Ah Shego, you are back. Excellent. My plan is almost complete. Today we were able to get a few of the computer chips I wanted for my next device. The radio plan is working great." Dr. Drakken cackled some, pleased with himself.

Shego rolled her eyes. "Yeah it is. Look Doc, I got something in the works and I don't need you or any of the henchmen getting in my way. Understand?"

"Certainly. We are one big happy evil family after all." Drakken looked smugly happy.

Shego shook her head as she headed to her room. She had taken a seat, wiped off the skin-toned makeup she had been wearing, and flopped down on her couch. This plan was doing strange thins to her. She was enjoying helping people. She was actually having fun with this job and she pretty much wanted to stay with it. Was she going soft? She was coming close to tree months in this job and it seemed to be changing her world.

Her phone rang and she sort of leapt for it. She snapped it open and said in as calm a voice as she could manage, "Hello?"

"Shego?" Kim was nervous and it came through as she spoke. "I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight or tomorrow."

Shego squeed inside. "Oh… where did you want to go?"

"Well, I thought you might want to go out to eat, get some pie and just… talk."

Shego smiled. "I would love to do that. When and where Pumpkin?"

There was a slight pause. "Do you know where Chelsea's is?"

The popular café was a familiar stop for the thief. She adored the cakes and pies there. This was a good choice in her opinion. "I know the place. So… dressing casual?"

Kim nodded but realized that the thief would not be able to see her. "That sounds great. Does seven sound good?"

"It certainly does. See you tonight Princess." purred Shego before she hung up.

Once she knew that the phone connection was gone the feared mercenary and thief squeed happily. She and Kimmie were going out on a date. They were going out on a date! She ran to her closet and dug through everything she owned to find the best clothes and underwear for this. She also realized that she should shave, to make sure she was nice and smooth everywhere just in case she scored tonight.


Kim fidgeted with her skirt as she waited. To say she was nervous was an understatement. This was going to be her first date with a girl and that girl was Shego, her enemy. She was twitchy. This was so very different from anything the girl normally did that it was nerve wracking. When was Shego going to get here?

"Hey Princess."

Kim spun around, her skirt flaring out and stared at the sight. There she was, the girl she had been lusting over, wearing a knee length black leather skirt and a light green blouse. The black teardrop earrings really caught her eyes. "Wow."

Shego smirked at the girl. "I'm glad you approve. Shall we?"

Kim nodded dumbly and walked through the open door. She was pretty stunned and the slight smile on her face grew with each step. It certainly looked like things were looking up.