It was night. Most people chose this time to sleep, but there was one boy who would go against the grain tonight. He lived in a T-shaped tower on a small island in the bay. Nearly the entire tower had been claimed by the darkness. The final stronghold of illumination came from a computer screen. Sitting in front of it was the insomniac boy wonder. His fingers moved deftly across the keyboard, inputting commands and bringing up several windows on the screen.

For a while now the tower had been seemingly under attack. It had started with an explosion at Raven's window. Robin had assumed at the time that Raven's powers were the cause. However, she vehemently denied it.

After that incident, the attacks continued. Each time the target was a different area. Soon, the common room, the roof, and Beast Boy's room had all been hit at least once. The method of attack also varied. Sometimes it was an explosion, but other times the only evidence of an attack was a large impact impression (as if a very strong force had struck the surface). Yet, there were patterns. It was almost always some part of the tower's structure that was hit (rather than an object within the tower) such as a wall or ceiling. This seemed unlikely to be the doing of Raven's powers (which tended to be much more chaotic when leaked). The amount of damage (though not too significant) was also greater than what Raven's lapses in control usually caused.

So, what was happening? Robin suspected that an enemy very skilled at infiltration was testing the tower for weaknesses from which to use as a breaching point for a larger force. There was certainly no shortage of suspects. Slade, Red X, and the HIVE were all capable of this sort of operation. But in order for Robin to confirm his suspicions or develop a counter-measure, he needed to know exactly what was going on.

And so, here he was, searching through the tower's security footage starting from a good margin of time before the first incident. The first noteworthy event of the day caught by the hallway cameras was Raven walking towards her room as calmly as she could considering the bits of frosting and pie crust that were on her face and hair. As if to put the scene into context, a very apologetic changeling followed her.

"Raven, I'm SO sorry about this!" he cried. "I thought you were Cy, and-"

"How could you confuse a five-foot-six pale girl wearing a blue cloak with a six-foot-five black man covered in metal prosthetics?!" Raven snapped.

"Well, Star and Rob were already up, and your footsteps sounded louder than usual, and you usually don't leave your room until-"

SMACK! Beast Boy's face suddenly slammed into a newly-formed and semi-transparent black wall. Raven didn't look back as she approached her door.

"C'mon, Rae! I said I was sorry! I promise next time I'll look before I throw!"

The door slammed shut. The dejected changeling morphed into a dog and slowly trudged off with his tail between his legs.

Robin shook his head. It was always like this when those two had a serious fight. Beast Boy always took it hard and tried not to let anyone see it. But Robin was trained to spot subtle details. Usually, it was Beast Boy's fault, but the detective suspected that if Raven knew of how guilty Beast Boy always felt afterward, she likely wouldn't be as harsh towards him in her anger. Of course, the guilt originated largely from the green titan's feelings for her. It had been obvious to Robin for some time now, ever since that Beast incident where the changeling was driven to attacking his teammates yet still protected Raven at any cost. Cyborg probably knew as well (either by Beast Boy confiding in him or by putting the pieces together on his own). Whether Starfire knew or not was anybody's guess.

As for Raven…That was much less obvious. The usual signs of affection (along with many other common emotional red flags) were absent. She and Beast Boy were constantly fighting, but that in itself didn't prove much. Conflict could indicate either like or dislike. The fact that she hadn't killed the green titan in a fit of rage was a good sign, but Robin wasn't convinced one way or another. He just hoped that if Beast Boy ever did confess, everyone would come out of it all right.