It wouldn't be until long after dark that the two teenagers would return. As they ascended the stairs and traversed the corridors of the tower, they discussed the evening.

"Man, I never thought I would like any tea that didn't have the word 'iced' in front of it, but whatever they were putting in that one I had worked," Beast Boy commented.

"And you were right about the variety. Even I've never heard of some of those herbs."

"And then…" Beast Boy had to fight to hold in his laughter. "And then when that one dude tried hitting on you and you told him I was your boyfriend? His face was priceless!"

At this, Beast Boy's laughter forcibly escaped into the hallway. Even Raven had to let out a small laugh (causing a nearby door to fall off its hinges) at the memory of the muscular jock feeling like he had been outdone by a scrawny green guy.

"But it got even better when he tried to pick that fight with you and you turned into a skunk," Raven noted.

"Dude. NOTHING makes people run like a skunk. NOTHING."

"And who would have thought that you were capable of writing poetry? And rhyming some of it?"

Beast Boy put on a mock-serious face and tried to make his voice as deep as possible. "Manly men like me can accomplish anything when there's a pretty girl involved."

The two of them arrived at Raven's door, and the atmosphere suddenly grew tense and serious.

"Beast Boy, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, lay it on me!" He turned into a rooster for a second to add to the joke.

"Promise you won't make a joke at my expense about it?"

There was a hint of timidity in Raven's voice, and Robin leaned forward slightly in his chair. He still hadn't found out what was attacking the tower, and since the beginning of this a suspicion had been growing at the back of his mind. Now it was coming to the forefront.

"Sure. What's up?" Beast Boy answered.

Raven's shoulders relaxed a bit as she exhaled slightly. "I feel kind of stupid for asking this, but I need to be clear on what's going on. Was this supposed to be a date?"

Beast Boy shook his head. "Nah. Just us out having a good time. I mean, yeah, I wish I could ask you out, but if I did then you'd…kill…me…" Beast Boy trailed off as he realized what he had just let slip. But it was too late to take it back now. "…Um…Whoops…"

Raven's face was unchanging, and Beast Boy seemed to take this as a bad sign. His eyes fell to the floor and his ears drooped.

"Beast Boy?"

"Yeah?" His voice was barely above a whisper.

One of Raven's hands rested on Beast Boy's chin and tilted his face up to meet hers. She planted a kiss on his lips and said, "Next time, make it a date."

Just then the sound of a crash echoed through the hallway. Beast Boy snapped out of his daze and Raven opened her door to inspect the damage. Robin couldn't see into the room due to the angle of the camera, but he didn't need to.

"Uh…Guess we'll have to work on that, huh?" Beast Boy observed. A small blush and a genuine smile graced Raven's features.

Robin switched off the video. He had found the explanation he needed. The tower wasn't being threatened by villains. It had only been Raven after all. In any case, there was no reason to continue prying. Besides, it was almost sunrise, and he would have a lot of work to do in the morning. Before adjourning to bed, Robin yawned and wrote his to-do list for the next day:

1) Get more insurance for the tower

2) Write last will and testament

3) Figure out a way to explain all this to Cyborg and Starfire without getting blown up or mauled to death as a result