Uncanny X-Force

Chapter 1: Deadly Genesis- Part 1


The Uncanny R-Man

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'You want the truth? You can't handle the truth. No truth-handler, you. Bah! I deride your truth-handling abilities.'- Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons: Sideshow Bob Roberts)

The Xavier Institute For Higher Learning-

Cable and Domino were sitting in the War Room while Scott Summers was briefing them on their latest mission. Recently there had been a slight reshuffling of rosters. (1) However, while the Gold and Blue teams of X-Men concentrated on the likes of Magneto and the Hellfire Club, Cyclops wanted a team that could take care of some of the more serious threats to the X-Men. Permanently. That was why he decided to reform X-Force. With Cable and Domino's help, of course. They were founding members after all.

'I'm not really sure about this, Scott.' Cable said. 'Is reforming X-Force wise?'

'Oh, don't worry so much, Nate.' Domino told her lover. 'If you're not so hot about this, just think of it as healing the world by shooting it in the face.'

'I take it that Dom and I aren't the only members of this new X-Force of yours.' Cable surmised.

'Marrow and Mystique seemed to work well with you when you took on the Brotherhood in Canada.' (2) Scott explained. 'So I thought they could be on the team as well. However, the last word will go to you. X-Force did used to be your team.'

'I don't have any problems with working alongside Marrow and Mystique.' Cable replied. 'What about you, Dom?'

'Sarah's a good kid.' Domino answered. 'But I think she needs to work on that temper of hers.'

'We'll address that at a later date.' Scott continued. 'Also, Bishop and Sage will be joining you.'

'Heh. No such thing as too many gun-wielding mutants, eh Nate?' Domino grinned. 'I think you and Bishop will get along pretty well, what with being from the future and all.'

'We come from different futures, Dom.' Cable pointed out. 'But that doesn't go to say that we won't all be able to get along.'

'There's one last member for your team…' Scott added. 'She's waiting for you in Mutant Town.'

'Then I guess that's our first step.' Cable nodded in understanding. 'off to Mutant Town we go.'

Mutant Town-

Cable and the other members of his new X-Force team were on board on one of the Blackbird jets heading towards Mutant Town, where they would be picking up their last member.

'Don't you think that this is a bit much?' Mystique asked. 'You know, picking up this person in a great big jet when a van would be just as suitable.'

'Hey, you know Cyclops.' Domino shrugged. 'He likes to make good first impressions. How better than to land in the middle of the street with a sweet-looking hi-tech jet?'

'Who is this new person anyway?' Marrow asked. 'Or is that top secret?'

'All Scott said is that this person's the team's tracker.' Bishop answered. 'It couldn't be James Proudstar, could it?'

'No. Cyclops asked Proudstar if he wanted to rejoin, but he turned down the offer.' Sage hook her head.

'Just how do you know this stuff, anyway?' Marrow asked the living computer.

'There is precious little that goes one at the Institute that I do not know about.' Sage explained.

'Now, that was just scary.' Mystique shook her head. 'Did anybody ever tell you that you are quite the little sociopath, Sage?'

'Yes, I get that quite a lot.' Sage nodded. 'It's not the worst thing I've been called, however.'

'We've almost arrived at our pick up point, everybody.' Cable called from his position in the pilot's seat. 'Get ready to meet our new team member.'

The group peered out of the windows as Cable brought the Blackbird in to land in the middle of the road. Outside they saw a grey-furred feline mutant shielding her eyes from the gust of wind that the landing Blackbird was causing.

'Ah, so that who it is.' Sage nodded in understanding. 'Lucia Callasantos, otherwise known as Thornn. Powers include heightened speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes along with an accelerated healing factor, heightened senses, razor-sharp claws, and a prehensile tail. Known living relatives: Maria Callasantos, otherwise known as Feral.'

'Gee, you're a regular encyclopedia, aren't you?' Marrow rolled her eyes.

'It is only one of my many talents.' Sage responded, the barest hint of a smile gracing her lips as she unbuckled her seatbelt to welcome the new member of the team.

'Welcome to X-Force, Lucia.' Cable held his hand out to greet the new member of the team. 'Come on inside. We're all eager to meet you.'

'Uh… thanks.' The grey-furred mutant blinked uncertainly as she shook Cable's hand. 'When Cyclops called me up and asked me to join the new X-Force, I jumped at the chance. All that kicking ass in the name of mutant rights is nice, but I mostly joined because it would really piss off my sister.'

'Oh yes, that's right.' Bishop remembered. 'Feral is a member of the Hellions now, isn't she?'

'Yeah, Maria always the more unbalanced one out of the two of us.' Thornn nodded. 'She always wanted to go kick ass just for the hell of it. I wanted to kick ass in the name of good, not because it felt good.'

'I'm sure you two will have plenty of time to work out your issues.' Domino told her. 'We're bound to bump into your sister on our travels.'

'Sorry to break up the chit-chat, but I think we'd better get a move on.' Mystique reminded everyone. 'You know how Cyclops is about being punctual.'

'Take a seat, Lucia.' Cable told the feline mutant. 'Then we can find out what our new mission will be.'

'It will most undoubtedly be the Church of Humanity.' Sage chipped in. 'Cyclops will want to make sure they stay dead for good after they kidnapped Rachel Junior that time.' (3)

'Heh. If I knew joining the X-Men meant killing mutant-hating humans, I wouldn't have bothered forming Gene Nation in the first place.' Marrow grinned as she fiddled with one of her bone knives. 'Just imagine all of the fuss it would have saved.'

'I think it's a little too soon for us to be guessing our next move.' Bishop suggested. 'We should let Lucia get settled in first before we go off looking for trouble.'

Marrow just rolled her eyes at that.

'Aww, you're no fun.'


Next: Deadly Genesis- Part 2

What will the new X-Force's first mission be? Taking down the Church of Humanity? Wreaking powerful vengeance upon the Marauders? Disassembling the Nasty Boys? Tune in next time to find out…

Author's Notes-

(1)- Cyclops instigated a roster change in 'Uncanny X-Men'

(2)- Marrow and Mystique were amongst the team of X-Men that took on the Brotherhood in 'Uncanny X-Men' again.

(3)- The Church of Humanity kidnapped the children of the X-Men in 'Uncanny New Mutants'.