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"Hmm," the blonde moaned as he woke, rubbing his still shut eyes with the back of his hand. He could see the bright waves of sunshine through his eyelids, turning them a fleshy shade of red.

Don't want to get up, Naruto thought to himself. It's only Saturday.

He clasped his hands together and brought them above his head stretching his arms and grunted. He suddenly felt a little nervous though. Cautiously he opened his eyes and sat up.

"Gyah," he shrieked, diving back down and bonking his head on the headboard. He groaned and rubbed the back of his head before sitting back up. There on multiple chairs sat his friends, all staring at him with interest. Still rubbing the back of his head, he looked into the faces, searching them for an answer as to why they all were here at –Naruto glanced at the clock- 9am!

His mother went whistling by, laundry basket in hand. She paused to lean in the doorway. "Naruto, why are you still in bed? I sent your friends up here an hour ago. I thought you would've bathed by now."

Naruto just blinked. These people he, before this incident of course, called friends had been watching him sleep for an hour?!

Ino was the one to speak up. "It's alright Mrs. Uzumaki! We're fine with his cute pajamas since we're imposing on you and your lovely home."

Mrs. Uzumaki smiled and went along as Naruto stared down at his pajamas and cursed himself. He wished he'd never woken up, or at least not to the crowd. He was wearing his sky blue pajamas with the bear cubs all over them. He groaned a third time and laid back down. But as the eerie silence from his "visitors" continued, he sat up and glared at them.

"Why are you guys here?" He looked down at the plastic chairs they were sitting on. "And where did you get those chairs?!"

Kiba grinned and pointed a thumb at his chest. "Loaded them all into my truck this morning! We borrowed them from the clinic!"

Naruto stared at Kiba's mouth. Had he really said that? "What are the patients supposed to sit on?"

The group exchanged glances but kept silent. Sakura scooted her chair closer to the bed and took Naruto's hand in hers. She glanced back at the others before sighing and looking Naruto straight in the face.

"I'll explain. We're here… because you're a dunce." Naruto tried to defend himself, but Sakura squeezed his hand, really too hard, and he quieted down. "Sorry, but it's true. These boys" she and Ino gestured to the boys, who waved shyly. "Are in love with you."

Naruto's eyes widened and his eyebrows shot up. The boys weren't going to correct her? Realization dawned on him and he growled at the trespassers.

Shouting, he berated them. "You guys have nothing better to on a Saturday morning then prank one of your friends?! What's WRONG with you?!"

They blinked collectively and Lee stood up. "That was QUITE youthful~! One of the many reasons I love you~!"

Naruto drug the hand not clutched by Sakura across his face. He peeked over it at the boys. They looked completely serious. Even Shikamaru, who was usually off in La-La Land, was looking at him with a bit of interest. If this was a prank, it was a very good one.

Dropping his hand and sighing; he really didn't need this so early on a weekend, he asked, "So, if you guys aren't lying? If this isn't all a joke, why come together and confess?"

Chouji was munching on some potato chips, as always, and cleared his throat to reply, "Strength in numbers. We weren't even going to mention we liked you but those two," he nodded his head towards the girls. "Wanted yaoi pictures and inspiration for their fan fiction site."

Naruto cringed. He suddenly had a flashback of the last party they had all attended. Ino and Sakura got them get drunk... and do "things". They were all lucky Hinata's dad came home and stopped it all before they were no longer innocent. The other guys must've been thinking the same thing because their faces went pale and some shivered.

Sakura cleared her throat and turned her emerald eyes on Naruto again. "So… since you're the one they all fell for, you need to take responsibility. As of today, you belong to all of them."

A nervous laugh from the blonde's throat, as he anxiously rubbed the back of his head. "Heh heh. I guess I'll go along with this for a while."

Sakura and Ino immediately jumped up an high-fived, stars glittering in their eyes. Lee commented on how 'yaoi is the spring of girls' youth' or some nonsense like that. Naruto really wondered if he had to belong to him too.

Since Sakura went running downstairs for her camera, Ino explained further on the odd predicament. "So, the first thing to do is confessions! Everyone exit but the one who's going first!"

Naruto put up his hand to stop them for going. "Don't. I should take my shower first. I'll be out in a while, if you'll wait."

They nodded. Naruto slid out of his bed and immediately blushed. Where were his pajama pants? He quickly covered his tan legs with the quilt on his bed. Whistling, Sasuke spun the pants around on his finger and smirked. It prompted Naruto to drop the quilt and attack him, leaping over Sai, who was avoiding being hit by the one he had called 'fatso'.

After everyone, but Shikamaru who chosen to fall asleep in Naruto's empty bed, had gotten involved in their own battles, things were finally quieted down by Sakura lifting up Naruto's pajama shirt and revealing his well-defined chest. All the boys that looked promptly had a nosebleed and died. The end (just kidding).

Though blood did start leaking from their nose and they all started to move towards Naruto in a perverted-zombie kind of way. The blonde yanked his shirt back down, yelped and ran for the bathroom, where he locked the door.

This... will not be easy. I'm more in danger of losing my innocence now than Sasuke ever was when he was with Orochimaru. And THAT'S saying something.

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