DP/DL: Past the Vaulted Doorway

by Futuramakid

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.

A/N: This is post Phantom Planet, and the Fentons have adopted Danielle.

"I hate family reunions."
A short, blunt sentence, issued from a short, blunt boy. His accent was distinctly foreign, yet could not be placed by anyone he knew. Dexter, boy genius, in his ubiquitous lab coat and purple gloves, continually turned a bolt onto a new invention. He was in the middle of a huge hidden facility- his secret laboratory.

"Oh, come on, Dexter, it'll be fun!"
This cheery comment came from a girl- one of the few people inexplicably able to intrude his on his solace, his sister, Dee Dee. She was tall and slender, and wore a pink dress and ballet shoes.
"Easy for you to say. For you it's all 'Oooh, look how much you've grown! You're so cute! How's the dance stuff?' But me? They struggle to say a single thing about me. Never mind that I've saved the world, or solved world hunger, or built giant robots in my spare time."
"Well, you do kinda have the whole 'secret' thing going."
"Yes, but I solved world hunger on live television."
"Smart doesn't mean approachable, little bro."
"I suppose you would know, wouldn't you, Dee Dee? Now, if you don't mind, could you please GET OUT OF MY LABORATORY!"
"No can do- Mom said not to come back without you. So, your choice- I stay or we go."

"Whose side of the family is this reunion for again?" Danny asked. His family was once again poured into the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle for a trip. This time, however, there was a plus-one: his new sister, Danielle.
"Your mother's side," Jack said, "which means once again we get to listen to your grandmother rant about how I'm poisoning your young minds with the notions of ghosts, the same way I did her daughter. And now I finally have something to hold against that argument!"

Oh, boy, Danny thought, this is not going to be good.

His grandma had always held a grudge against his dad because she never thought he was good enough for her daughter, and thought he steered her into the admittedly low-income job of paranormal scientist. And now, all that had saved the planet. She was going to have a heaping helping of crow headed at her, courtesy of Jack Fenton.