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centerLetters to no one
By: Prince Tyler Briefs/center

Summery: This is about those lost 7 years of DBZ. Gohan is having a hard time dealing with Goku's death and so he writes letters to him and tells him what's going on in his life.

Dear Dad,

Hi! It's me Gohan. I was getting lonely so I thought I'd drop you a line. I wish you were here right now. It's tough being the man of the house, as I guess you know. Guess what!
Mom's going to have a baby! I'm going to have a little brother or sister. To bad they'll never get to see you. But mom says it'll be okay, 'cause they'll still be your kid and love you
no matter what still. Mom misses you terribly. She cries herself to sleep everynight. It hurts for me to hear her sobs daddy. I'm sorry I didn't beat Cell when I had the chance, so that
you did what you did. It's my fault I'm here to see the baby and your not. But don't worry everything will turn out okay right? You said it would and I believe you. Because dad's are
always right. Right? Anyway I better get back to studying or mom will have a cow. And I don't want a cow for a brother or sister.
Lot's of Love, you're son,

Okay this one is short I know, but they'll get longer. I mean he's only 11 for crying out loud.