Title: Scald Me, Tie Me Up, But Love Me (3/3)
Author: Emono
Fandom: CSI: New York
Rating: FRAO
Pairing: Mac/Don/Danny
Series: Secret Fetish Triad
Summary: Danny's ashamed of his secret, but there's no such thing as privacy when you have two lovers.
Beta: gil_follower
Warnings: Hot wax-fetish, bondage, fluff, threesome, BDSM
Disclaimer: CSI is guarded by the Card Soldiers from Alice in Wonderland, even if they ARE easy to beat in Kingdom Hearts. All facts on these characters are made up, unless you find them on Wikipedia, then they're real.
Word Count: 3965

Danny was sitting there, innocent and calm on a lazy Friday evening. He was flipping through Popular Science, stopping every minute like clockwork to eye an article. He sunk back in the pillows, squinting when he realized it was getting a little too dark to see properly. He sat his magazine carefully on the coffee table, stretching briefly before getting up and walking over to the window to shut the curtains against the fading light. Danny padded around the apartment in his soft black slacks and wife beater, bare feet mute against the carpet.

The curtains now shut, Danny turned on the slender black corner lamp and cast the room in a glow. He looked around the apartment with a content smile, taking in the overwhelming rush of love when he thought of how this was theirs. All three of them, living in one large apartment. It took them three months to do this, three months of juggling apartments and waking up in foreign beds.

Eventually Mac had sat them both down and proposed a fork in the road. He had discussed how they had been late for work because of all the switching, how badges had been mixed up, guns left behind, clothing had disappeared…it was too much. He confided that he was worried about how all this stress would effect their performance (but had pointedly ignored the snickers he had gotten.)

"I love you, you both know that. If you want to continue this, I suggest we all pitch in and buy an apartment together."

Danny had agreed too eagerly, but Don had taken a night to sleep on it. He had only been delaying something they had all wanted equally. So the detective had come back the next day, looking like a chastised child when he looked up at Mac from beneath his lashes and told him he wanted it…wanted them.

Now they were all moved in, settled and comfortable. Mac's awards were on the wall (thanks to much provocation from his lovers) right next to Don's hockey articles, framed newspaper that showed miracles and once-in-a-lifetime events. There were three hockey sticks in the corner, though Don had only gotten Danny to play with him while Mac had blatantly refused. Danny's ball and mitt were laying on the table by the door, along with a key bowl big enough for all of them. Mac's bass sat close the couch, along with two large CD racks that blended in a mix of rock, jazz, and alternative. Danny knew that down the hall was Mac's study, but the blonde's own desk and such were placed in the guest room after a brief argument.

"There's no room for two desks in the study, Danny."

"But why can't I just-"

The apartment was large enough for all three of them, but that didn't mean they all got an extra room. After a brief, less heated discussion, they had decided Mac would keep his study and if the other two needed space, they would temporarily move into the guest room. But the living room was comfortable enough, most light work got done in there.

Danny's smile faded as he walked back to the couch, eyes locked on the deep green candle in the middle of the table. He bit down on his lip, unable to rip his gaze away as he sat down. Lighting a candle…he could light it, right? It was evening, there was nothing weird about lighting a candle on a Friday evening…right?

Danny curled his fingers around the lighter beside the pillar, letting it's weight rest on his palm. A thrill of anticipation danced up his spine, lower lip trembling as he tried to keep his breath even. He removed his glasses slowly, trying one last time to break the spell.

"You can't" Danny scolded himself, running a hand through his hair harshly before scrubbing at the back of his neck "Don 'n Mac'll be home any minute…you can't, man…"

But he gave into his darker desires, flickering the lighter open and spinning the wheel. The Zeppo lit up instantly, a bright flame in the palm of his hand that begged to be spread. Danny held it out to the candle, tipping it so it brushed the braided wick. It took only a moment, the candle sprung to life. Danny sat the lighter on the coffee table, hands shacking with his long-suppressed need. He waited impatiently, wringing his hands and trying to stare at anything but the very thing he was waiting on.

Two minutes ticked by on the wall clock…half a minute…three minutes now…

Danny couldn't wait any longer, he moved to the edge of the couch cushion and reached out. His fingers curled around the pillar, his thumb edging up toward the deep well of melted wax the flame had created. The flickering flame put him in a sort of trance, pupils blown and glazed over. He was oblivious to the world…his world reduced to this one moment, this one candle, this one temptation…

Danny's eyes clenched shut and he hissed in pleasure when his thumb dipped into the hot wax, nearly scalding his skin but just short of real pain. He couldn't stop the moan that ripped past his lips when the emerald colored digit was removed, the cooling sensation more intense than he could remember. So long without this rush, no wonder he was already hard…slowly, he removed the wax. Fragments fell on the table, curling. He was just about to reach in again when-


Danny's eyes bugged open, he tore away from the candle on instinct and pressed himself into the other end of the couch. His lovers were standing at the door, Mac shut it as they dropped their things on the floor (his kit and Don's gym bag.) They were both staring at him currently, having witnessed him in a ritual they had never seen before.

"Don? Mac?" Danny tried to smile, tried to sound pleasant as he tucked his thumb into his fist "You're home already?"

"We're late, actually" Mac pointed out, the other man's flitting between the candle and himself "Danny?"

The blonde smiled innocently, "Yeah?"

"What the hell was that?" Don added, clearly stunned by the show.

"Nothin', really" but Mac's gaze told him he was busted "Nothin' to concern yourself with, anyway."

"That wasn't 'nothing', that was something" Mac approached first, taking his lover's hand and holding it out forcefully to show his reddened thumb "This was something."

Danny shook his head desperately, "No, it's not-"

"Don't lie to us" Don sat beside the blonde, running a blunt hand over the swell of his lover's clothed cock "You got off on that, didn't ya?"

Danny averted his eyes as Mac sat down beside him, terrified.

"Tell us, Daniel" Mac's voice wasn't demanding, but it wasn't a request either. The touch on his slightly burned thumb was enough to undo him completely, to break down his defenses.

"When I was little, I used to play with fire. Normal kid stuff, set paper on fire and light matches. When I was a teenager, I accidentally spilled hot wax on my thigh. It hurt so…good."

Danny looked between them both, but found only curiosity and openness in their eyes…no disgust, as expected.

"It freaked me out, but before I know it I tipped the candle again. I kept telling myself I'd stop, that I wasn't a suicidal/self-mutilating freak like those teen movies" Danny leant back until his shoulders brushed them both, giving him the strength to continue "I wasn't doing it to hurt myself, I wasn't self-destructive…I just liked it. Later, before the academy, I found someone like me at a bar. She had the same kink, and she offered 'ta show me some things. That was the first time I'd ever associated hot candle wax and sex…better than pizza, baseball cards, and apple pie all in one."

"I thought…" Mac sounded confused, not concerned "You don't like it rough, Daniel. At least, you always seemed to hate it when-"

"It's different" Danny looked up into those brilliant eyes, begging his lover to understand "It's a fine line between this and…punishment. It's just a rush…I don't expect you guys to understand."

Don and Mac shared a look over this lover's lap, both knowing and thinking the same thing, //Cookies and smooth skin.//

"We all have our kinks, Messer" Don poked his lover playfully in the stomach "You should have told us before…has the sex been lacking 'cause of it?"

"God, no" the blonde's eyes went wide, fear flickering in them.

"That's the line, then" Mac finally understood "It's not so much a sex kink as a fetish."

Don's own blue eyes flashed with understanding, "So…it's like your favorite foreplay?"

Danny ducked his head to hide his wide smile, "The best."

The two lovers shared another look over their third, silently communicating.

"It's good to get it off your chest, isn't it?" Don purred, accentuating his words with a leisurely stroke down the slighter man's torso.

Danny let out a coo of sorts, nodding.

Mac leant in, nibbling at the man's earlobe, "Tell us how you like it love…tell us how to pleasure you."

"Better yet" Don circled his lover's waist, pulling him to his feet "Show us."

The two man-handled their blonde into the bedroom, sprinkling kisses and tongue flicks over his exposed skin. Danny moaned as he was all but thrown on the bed, Don's lean form quickly covering him and distracting him with a deep kiss. They moved together, shedding shirts and tasting one another completely. Who knew how much time passed before Mac returned, the burning green pillar candle in his hand along with a simple white pillar. Setting them both down carefully, Mac lit the ivory column with a match before tossing the burnt stick in the trash.

Don pulled off Danny, eyes shining in the dull light, "Too many clothes, Mac."

Mac stripped out of his shirt and pants to be left in his wife beater and navy blue boxer-briefs. At the smoldering looks he received, he joined his lover's on the bed. The men moved on either side of the blonde, grinning, running their hands over his slender torso. Danny squirmed beneath their skilled fingers, heart pounding a tattoo in his chest.

"Tell us what to do, Dan" Mac instructed, flicking a hardened nipple almost idly "We don't want to fuck this up…"

"You can't, trust me" Danny breathed, gesturing to the burrow pressed into the command "In there, bottom drawer…"

Don was up in a flash, shedding his pants along the way. He knelt down, opening the bottom drawer of the burrow (it wasn't something he usually bothered with) and peeking inside. He grinned, pulling out two of the items he found and bringing them back to the bed. He placed them on the sheet, showing them to their eldest lover.

"I trust you guys, and they help me concentrate on the feeling" Danny smiled shyly "Plus, they feel good."

"Genuine leather armlets?" Mac sounded surprised, deciding not to comment on the silver cock ring on the sheet "A nice choice, Danny, they'll look lovely against your skin. Much better than those ugly pink ones Don got us-"

"They were all that was in stock" Don whined, pouting before snapping the ring in place at the base of Danny's cock "This isn't about me, Mac, it's about him."

"Of course" Mac hovered over the slighter man, wrists in hand. He took note of Danny's labored breathing, the wantonness he showed when he put his wrists in place up by the headboard. Mac dropped kisses on the tender skin, then slipped the leather cuffs around them and began to lace them shut. They were tasteful, made for pleasurable restraint; they laced up the sides, and were long enough to completely cover the pale skin of his inner wrist. A thick, ebony chord braided between the cuffs…strong and durable. The chord pulled tight against the square-peg column of the headboard, and when the blonde tested it he found he couldn't move.

"Look nice all tied up, Messer" Don teased, tugging off the man's pants and boxer shorts "Thought you didn't like to be tied down?"

"Not during sex" Danny licked his dry lips, wiggling his hips to get his clothes off "But doing this…"

"I think I know what you need, Daniel" Mac's voice was gravely, his arousal obvious through his cotton shorts. The oldest reached over and picked up the burning green candle, being extra careful as he let it hover over the heaving tan chest at his disposal.

Don's eyes flickered with uncertainty at the last moment, "Mac…maybe we shouldn't-"

Mac's hand tilted further on its own accord. Three perfect droplets of wax landed on a stiffened nipple, causing Danny to arch and scream out. Don's fear settled as he went to comfort his lover, but Mac put a hand on the man's shoulder and stared pointedly. Concerned blue eyes melted in delight when he saw Danny's face, eyes half-lidded in pleasure and cheeks flushed. He was straining at his bonds, cock hard and straining against his belly.

"Oh Mac…" Danny sighed, and the pleasure in his voice convinced them both and shattered their doubts.

"You want more, Danny?" Don inquired throatily, reaching out and carefully wiping the warm wax from his lover's nipple. He knew their sheets would end up ruined by the end of the night…but he couldn't see any of them caring much.

Danny writhed; dark eyes locked on Mac and implored him, "Yes."

Mac let the candle tilt again, eyes alight with pleasure even though his movement was calculated and careful. The jade wax left a burning fire trail down the blonde's torso, lingering at his ribs and paying special attention to his nipples. Don removed some of the messier droplets, but left the perfect round ones for visual stimuli. Danny's moans and breathless exclamations filled the room, arching into each burning drop.

"Your turn, Donnie" Mac set the candle on the table to burn awhile longer, then handed the well-melted ivory pillar candle to the dark haired detective "Stay in control, now."

Blue eyes sparkled, "Would I do otherwise?"

Mac brought the detective in for a heated kiss, both registering Danny's whine, "I know you get out of control sometimes, pet…we don't want to hurt him."

Don nodded, flushing at the pet name. He knew he got a little out of control during sex, and in one of their first encounters he had ended up hurting Danny by complete accident. He had a hard time making up for that…but from the look on the blonde's face, he was in his sub-space and nothing could hurt him. Between the switch, the lovers shed the rest of their clothes to leave them all three utterly nude.

But Don kept his moves deliberate, but got a little more creative with it, a little more risky. Hot, ivory droplets landed along the tan collar bone, causing the other to moan in delight. Don was sure that if the cock ring wasn't in place, the other would have already cum. The taller man moved down his lover's sun-kissed body, parting his legs with a press of his hand. Danny's thighs spread immediately, so far gone that he was muttering in Italian. Don met Mac's eyes, grinning impishly before tilting the candle.


The wax left a tricky trail down his tan thighs, following the bulge of his muscles before searing the sensitive skin of his inner thighs.

"Donnie!" Danny curved his back, face tight in amazing pain/pleasure.

Mac's eyes roamed over the blonde's leaking length, "…keep going, Don, our boy loves it."

"Yes, yes" Danny's thighs trembled under the gentle touch of fingers removing the wax "Please, just a bit more…"

"As much as you want, Danny" Don bit his lip, letting the candle burn for a second longer than necessary before letting the hot wax drop along the line of the blonde's pelvic bone. Danny shouted something coarse in Italian, his oldest lover's hands on his hips the only thing keeping him from thrusting wildly. Mac and Don switched places, candles changing hands, ivory becoming jade again.

Mac slipped in between his lover's legs, dropping a kiss on his knee.

Danny tugged hard at his restraints, whimpering pathetically as hot wax circled his belly button. It seared the sensitive skin, turning it red under the assault to match the other spots that had been burned.

Danny looked up into Mac's eyes, chest heaving, "Fuck me."

Who could resist an invitation like that? But Mac was insightful; he grabbed Don by the hair and pulled him in close to place a chaste kiss on his temple.

"What do you think, pet?" Mac murmured hotly, the other was all but trembling in his grasp "What does he deserve?"

"Fuck 'im" Don grit his teeth, cock twitching as it brushed his older lover's strong thigh "And 'lemme watch for a bit."

Mac grinned at the answer, nipping the other hard beneath the ear before moving to accommodate Danny. He dug through the bedside drawer, pulling out a bottle of blue-tinted lube and carefully slicking his fingers. He set it aside on the blanket, and then eased one into the tight channel of his lover. Danny keened low in his throat, shifting his legs farther apart to get more of the feeling.

"You mind bein' tied up now, Danny?" Don sat back on his heels on the bed, a hand on his own cock.

"No" Danny sounded only slightly unsure "I…I want to try 'em."

Mac dipped down to kiss at the tan torso before him, "I'll be so gentle with you, Daniel, I promise…"

One finger was soon replaced by two, then after a minute it became three. Danny tugged at his hands lightly, expecting a wave of fear or nausea. But something in him stopped his usual response, told him it wasn't the punishment Sonny used to dealout. It was Mac above him, Mac was the one easing fingers out of his body and settling between his legs. He loved Mac and Don, and he knew they wouldn't hurt him.

Don hissed in pleasure as Mac eased into the blonde, though he refrained from anything more than a slow stroke. He was going to draw the pleasure out, wait until his beautiful lovers finished, and then give Danny a show he wouldn't forget.

Mac's pace was easy and sweet, letting the one beneath him feel everything. He nibbled at the offered neck, whispering into his ear, getting strained Italian in response mixed with soft curses. Danny arched into each thrust, nothing short of ecstasy replacing the blood in his veins. With his hands bound, he could concentrate on the sensation of being taken by the ex-Marine. Every touch had a purpose, every word spoken true, and with Don watching them…he knew he couldn't last long, but the cock ring took away his decision.

"So close, love" Mac dropped kisses on the scruffy jaw "Do you want to cum?"

"Yes" Danny whined.

"Too bad" Don teased, leaning over and stopping Mac's hand from releasing the blonde "You'll have to wait, Messer, I'm not done."

The dark promise in Don's voice set Mac off, his pace picking up as his orgasm crept up on him. After only a minute more of sweet torture, Mac moaned lowly and spilled his seed into Danny's pliant body. Danny groaned in frustration, torn between the bliss of feeling his lover inside him and his own release.

Mac only got a minute to recover; he pulled out of the blonde and placed a chaste kiss on his slick stomach. The ex-Marine was tugged back to the end of the bed, lips captured. Danny moaned at the sight of Mac getting dominated by the homicide detective, knowing the older man trusted them to not use this slight weakness against him. Don pinned the man to the bed, snatching the lube off the sheet and quickly slicking his fingers. The blonde's vision went hazy, breath nearly choking him, watching his dark haired lover prepare the man they both loved so much.

"Fuck" Mac groaned, one hand twisting in the sheet as the other gripped the man by the shoulder.

It wasn't a complaint, if the pleasure on his face was any indication.

"Watch, Danny" the blonde looked up at the detective, seeing the mirth in those eyes as he slowly entered the man. But the pace didn't stay like that, it wasn't gentle. It was rough, a rut, something Danny usually could never stand. The restraints on his wrists and the tingling burns on his chest only made it more frustrating, watching Mac receive pleasure that he had only a minute or so ago.

A few minutes of torture, then Don spilled inside the ex-Marine. Mac was set in post-orgasmic bliss, but remained sated as the man pulled out of him.

"Using me for Danny's pleasure?" Mac teased, brushing their lips "Good boy."

"Knew you'd like it" Don whispered hotly, blue eyes drifting over their unfulfilled lover "We need to finish him. Won't take much…let me?"

"Of course" Mac gestured, spreading out on the end of the bed to watch with a content sigh. Don moved between the younger's legs, grinning up at him as he snapped off the cock ring.

"Oh Don" Danny cursed, full lips wrapping around his cock. He couldn't last long, not under such sexual pressure, not with the sight of Don fucking Mac burned into the back of his mind. He couldn't stop replaying it behind his eyelids, and that was enough to set him off. With a mixed shout, he came down his teasing lover's throat. It all went dark for a few moments, a pleasure-filled void surrounding him.

By the time he came back to his senses, Don and Mac were hovering over him, their hands gently unlacing and removing the armlets from his wrists. Danny hummed pleasantly, the bliss lingering in every inch of him. He leant forward off the bed, kissing the sweat slicked flesh just below his oldest lover's nipple. Mac made a noise, but simply removed the leather from his wrist.

"It barely left a mark" Don mused, caressing the reddened skin with the tips of his fingers "It'll be gone by the time we have to go into work."


Mac looked their youngest lover over, "It wasn't too much, was it Daniel?"

"Hell no" Danny smiled widely "That was the best! We need to do that again!"

"Tomorrow" Don cuddled up in his hip under the covers, sighing "I'm tired as hell."

"Yeah" Mac flopped on his back on the other side, he to was smiling "That was pretty good…it's been a good few months.""We've gone through all our fetishes…" the blonde rolled his head to the side, both of the younger lovers staring up at the older one "Now what?"

Mac didn't miss a beat, "We do it all again."

They both agreed eagerly.


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