The Sora chronicles ch.15

The artifact

By the Chronicler/ KH chronicler

Angelx opened her eyes to a light looming over her. She tilted her head around to see she was in a completely white room. As she sat up, she realized that she was on a white, velvet couch. Angelx continued to look around to see a short, round table in front of it. Angelx stood up and realized that Neil had put her back in her room. "I am alive?" Angelx looked behind her to see Ixan sleeping on her white table. Angelx casually got up from the couch and walked over to him and very precisely elbowed him in the stomach. Ixan grunted and rolled off the table rubbing his chest.

"Did you save me, master?"

"Why would I save a useless heartless like you?" Angelx retorted.

Ixan smiled and asked, "Did we receive our pay?"

"OUR pay? May I remind you who you work for?"

"May I remind you that as your guardian, I am part of your heart and therefore I am entitled to my pay." Ixan retorted.

"May I remind you, I am powerful enough to make another you." Angelx hissed back at him.

"By what means? Will you surrender your body to the darkness just like him?" He asked

"I will never be like him! I could do what he did…" Angelx sobered. Ixan gently embraced her and whispered into her ear.

"I know you couldn't, you still have light in you. Just don't let the light take your mind and never let the darkness take your body."

"Aww, isn't that a Kodak moment." A mysterious voice echoed into the room.

Angelx pushed Ixan off and turned to face the intruder who was an incredibly skinny man wearing a black coat, boats, and gloves. Angelx twitched her hand to summon a fifteen pound, silver broadsword and bellowed, "You got some guts, Neil. What do you want?"

Neil closed the rectangle door behind him, raised his arms up and flipped his wrists sarcastically, "Is that anyway to talk to your savior?"

"Savior? A man like you should never even deserve to live." Angelx replied.

Through Neil's black hood, two red eyes flared, "You should have more respect for the dead. Otherwise you might join them"

"Is that a threat, necromancer?" Angelx roared.

"More of a promise." He smirked.

Without a thought more, Angelx charged at Neil, thrusting her sword at him. With a jeering rip, Angelx tore though his cloak and pinned him to the closed door. By the sheer force of the impact, Neil's hood fell back revealing a silver skeleton.

"You should respect the dead." The skeleton said; through it empty sockets, eyes gleamed red with chaos. Instantly, a cloud of darkness covered the skeleton like skin. The skeleton wrapped some of the darkness around its left hand than the skeleton squeezed the blade with its hands. In a matter of moments the blade shattered under the force. Before Angelx could back away, Neil grabbed her throat and thrashed her to the ground. After that he picked up her body, with his hand not leaving her throat, and placed his right hand in front of her face. In a matter of seconds a dark ball of darkness formed. Angelx felt the heat of the darkness just off her face and could almost feel the pain of its cold, fire burning her body. (Angela note: when did Ixan where a hood? I thought that was Neil.)

"I wouldn't do that Neil!" Ixan shouted from behind Neil. The Skeleton turned its head around in a full hundred and eighty degrees to face Ixan. Ixan held out his hand and a red and black cloud appeared around the palm of his hand. In a matter of seconds, a dark red orb appeared replacing that red and black cloud. Eventually it transformed into a blade that fit perfectly into his hand than a crimson red flat thin blade arose with a crescent at the upper left end of it. Without hesitation, Ixan pointed the crescent of the keyblade at Neil. What started as a red spark shortly turned into a bright scarlet orb.

"You know that won't kill me" Neil said, " This is only a doll, I can always make more."

Ixan licked his dry lips and sighed, beads of sweat coming off his forehead, "Yes I know. But the feedback would be awful if I destroyed the core of that doll?"

Without warning Neil pointed his dark cannon at Ixan and fired. By reaction, Ixan yelled, "Dark Firaga!" and a dark orange beam of light shoot forward, and shattered the dark cannon and hit the dolls arm. In a matter of seconds, Neil's right arm melted into ash, Neil screamed in pain and let go of Angelx. "Necromancery 101, in order to reanimate a dead body, a necromancer must put a physic link to the doll. The stronger the link, the stronger the doll, and unfortunately the stronger the feedback," Ixan raised his keyblade and shouted, "Blizerxtion!" Immediately, a magic circle formed around Neil and four Giant Icicles pointed at Neil. Ixan slashed down with his keyblade in the direction of Neil, as a result the four giant icicles came down and pierced Neil in the chest in a X prism formation. Suddenly, the doll's body became paralyzed from the neck down, and could not move.

With a cold shivering whimper Neil cried out, "Ok, ok. I give, I don't want to waste anymore time playing with you." With that, the skeleton opened its mouth than somehow began to produce a slightly irritating whistle. At the last note the ice shattered off of him, enabling him to move again.

Angelx glided back behind Ixan and demanded, "So why are you here?"

"I just got a message from our boss; he said there is an artifact loose in Traverse town." Neil replied.

"Is it one of the seven?" Ixan asked.

Neil nodded, and without another word Angelx stepped forward and produced a dark portal, Angelx glanced back and commanded, "Let's go." Then stepped into the portal with Ixan following her.

"Shouldn't I be giving the orders Angelx?" Neil questioned afterward followed Angelx into the portal.

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