A third MI oneshot. I don't know why, I just seem to *like* writing these. Maybe it's the fandom. I don't know. Anyway, the title is (sort of) inspired by the song, 'In Dreams' from the LoTR soundtrack. (Track: The Breaking of the Fellowship). It's a good song. None of the rest of the piece has anything to do with it, though. Don't worry. I won't go all Legolas on you.

In Dreams
Mortal Instruments FanFiction,
By Musings of a Shaken Mind


She's there. She's in his arms. They're together. He loves her. She loves him. It's perfect.

She does fit, too. Like she was designed for him. He rests his chin comfortably on the top of her head, before pressing his lips to the red waves. He feels her smile, and her face looks up, her gaze meeting his. He returns her happy expression unconsciously; a knee-jerk reaction. When she's happy, so is he. She stands up, on her tip-toes, to brush his lips with hers, and then she stands back, keeping a tight grip on his hand.

He grins, knowing what she's planning. Together, they make their way through the Institute. His eyes never leave her.

They climb up to the observatory, and lay down, their hands intertwined.

Before, he might have called this room beautiful. But then he met Clary, and all of his perceptions of 'beautiful' were thrown away. She had far surpassed everything that had been beautiful, in his world, as soon as he had seen her.

He shifts himself, so that they're closer, and pulls her into his arms again. It's wonderful. He loves her….

And then he wakes up. There's a woman in his arms, but she's not the one he wanted. She's not Clary.

No—not Clary. He remembers now—that day, three years ago. With him in black, and the woman he's holding in white. They're married. This is his wife; his Natasha. He loves her. Or at least, he tries to love her—and that's practically the same thing. They have a child. Or at least… they have a child on the way. She's a Shadowhunter. She's good for him. And he's happy—sort of.

Clary was a bridesmaid. She can never be anything more than that, after all.

In reality, she is his sister.

But in dreams, when he is not watched—when his mind can wander far from what is right and what is good—she is something far more. She always will be.

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