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As promised, Part 2. I only hope I can continue to keep up the standard I set in the first one. Enjoy!

The New Pet 2: Heart of the Lion


The gray clad Watcher kept a careful distance. The newborn in the lot below had remarkable gifts. Though he would have to be practically on top of her before her radar would detect him, he didn't want to take any chances. His own gift was a cloak that kept others of his kind from sensing his presence. This young one was quite different and that worried him.

He was under strict orders to observe only. In the gravel lot behind the gas station, a male, a female and the newborn loaded the remains of Mikhail and his associate into the trunk of a waiting car. He recognized the older two, who wouldn't after their disastrous encounter with Carlisle and his coven several years ago. The Masters were still stewing over that one.

The Watcher had been following the Cullen family for a little over a week now, ever since they arrived in Louisiana and became the object of a perverse infatuation for his original target.

The Masters dispatched him to the cursed swamp after a rather gruesome crime made the local news. Ordinarily murders among humans were of little interest to him or those he served. As a species, the human animal preyed upon itself more often and more violently than his kind ever had. There was only one exception to this rule and he was the very reason for the Watcher's transatlantic trip. Cane.

The Masters wanted to be absolutely sure Cane was responsible for the highly publicized crime. It fit his pattern, the monster left a bloody mess everywhere he went. Rule number one of being a vampire; don't draw attention. Cane reveled in gory attention and, because of this, the Guard had a standing order of execution for him.

The Watcher's job was to secure proof of Cane's involvement so that his fellow members of the Guard could act. They dogged him across every continent and several centuries only to come up empty handed at every turn. The monster's nickname among the Guard was The Dark Phantom. No one dared utter the moniker in front of the Masters, not if they wished to live anyway.

To his personal amusement and the Masters' collective disgust, Carlisle and his coven had accomplished what the Guard, over the centuries, could not. They destroyed Cane and, in the process, added a most unusual newborn to their ranks. It was the newborn, a female called Sarah that the Masters had him watching now. They were most intrigued by his reports concerning her and her special talents.

He smiled as he watched Carlisle help the girl into the back seat of the car. The Masters would soon get another very interesting field report. Her power seemed to increase every time she used it.

Obviously, the Masters had designs on the girl and with good reason.