"Please wake up Shock!"

"Shock! Shock! Will you pay attention and recite your lesson?" I opened my eyes slowly and saw the vampire looming over me. I shot up. "'Twas, brillig and the slithy toves. Did gyre--"

"Shock, what are you talking about?" I stared at her. "But the Cat said--" The vampire sighed. "Cat? Oh, for goodness sake. Shock, I--Oh, well. Go along home and you don't have to come tomorrow."

I headed back to the tree house. I sang on the way there. "Shock in Wonderland. Over the hill or here or there. I wonder where...."



"Shock what are you singing?" Lock asked me as he and Barrel were playing Xbox. "Oh nothing." I ran over to Lock and grabbed his hair. He swatted me away. "What are you doing?"

"Checking for ears." Barrel looked confused. "Ears are on the side of your head Shock..." Lock sighed. "Those lesson have gotten to your brain."

"No, sit and I'll tell you." They shut off their game and listened.

After I told them they just stared at me. "I think your sick." They dragged me into my bed. I flew asleep quickly after.

(Barrel's point of view)

"I'll be back in awhile." I headed over to the cage. "Where you going?"

"A walk though town." The cage went slowly down to the bridge. I opened the gate to town and walked in side. Barely anyone was out tonight. I walked past the fountain. Something was shining beside it.

I picked it up. A golden watch?....I followed the footprints that were next to it. I followed the prints into a cemetery and though a pumpkin patch. I looked around and I saw an open grave. I looked inside and heard something.

"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!" It was very quiet but I heard it. I slid the watch in my pocket and crawled in the grave......

(Yay! It feels so good to finish this! Anyway hope you guys liked it. -Alicefan1)