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Chapter 6 – Some organisation please?

"You! Come back with my pillow! That's mine!"

"Blankets! Anybody else need blankets?"

"I called dibs on that sofa!"

"HA! Full house! Beat that!"


The doors hissed closed behind her, blocking out the majority of the noise in the corridor Kallen just left. She walked around the semi-transparent screen that blocked the view of the room from the doorway and was relieved to see C.C. already there, chewing on a slice of pizza and flicking through T.V. channels.

Without even a word of greeting, Kallen collapsed face first onto the sofa and groaned loudly, feeling so tired and overworked that she thought she could hibernate for the rest of the year.

"Long day?" C.C. asked, not even pausing in her channel surfing.

"Tiring day," was Kallen's muffled reply.

"And I assume we didn't get a bedroom and will have to remain here in 'Zero's room' with its pleasant-to sit-on-but-highly-uncomfortable-to-sleep-on sofas?"

Kallen's muffled voice said something again but it was nigh unintelligible. C.C. will just take that as a 'yes,' then.


"Today's news…"


"Romeo, oh Rom-"


"And then the man said he'll-"

Kallen lifted her head from the sofa's cushions, blinked at C.C. blearily, then groaned even louder.

"Yes, Kallen?"


And C.C. was hit by a flying stack of papers.

"Stop lounging here, and do the rest of the paperwork. Living arrangements don't organise themselves and that long haired Chinese Xing-something listens to you more than he does me."

"Did you glare at him with eyes that threatened to snap him in two?"

Kallen snorted, "As if that could work. He's an entire head taller than me and I'm so tired I couldn't put up much of an argument." She rolled over and draped an arm over her eyes. "I would take fighting a horde of Lancelots over trying to organise living arrangements for Black Knights any day."

C.C. chuckled and bit into her pizza, letting the cheese and tomato sauce combo melt on her tongue.


"And if you look here, you'll notice…"


"I could have gotten away with it if it weren't for you…"



"Work, C.C.! Work!" Kallen cried, arming herself with another cushion to throw.

And that was how C.C. was kicked out of the room; armed with a clipboard, pen and stack of papers whilst a mob of Black Knights descended upon her like hungry zombies.

Thankfully, the hungry zombie-like Black Knights were just hungry for organisation and not brains – though if it really was the latter they were after, C.C. could probably re-spawn her brain enough times to feed them all, but that's a rather crude and disturbing matter so let's not dwell on it.

"Yes, yes, let me get a seat and then you can tell me everything that is wrong," the witch droned, surprised anybody could survive this without an auto-healing body to take the damage. She was sure she must have twisted her ankle four times simply from trying to navigate the crowd of Black Knights and find a place where she could sit down.

After the fifth twist, she sighed loudly and caught the newest Black Knight by the collar, dragging him close enough to make him blush. "You, get me a chair."


"Now," she ordered coldly, then pushed him so that he fell backwards through the crowd.

She grabbed another, the loudest one in the entire crowd, yanking him so close to her face that he turned speechless. "Tamaki."


"The usual."

The loudmouth gaped for a little while then protested, "Oh no you don't! I'm here to get myself a bedroom and I'm not going to leave to fetch you pizza until I get a…"

But she was already turning away, grabbing somebody else by the collar and issuing more orders.

Tamaki grumbled, scratched his chin, and with a very loud sigh marched, muttering non-stop, to find the nearest phone to dial the number which he still remembered even after a year in prison.

When Tamaki returned with a stack of pizzas in tow, muttering and complaining about how much hell he went through just to get the witch's pizza and how Chinese guards are so unaccommodating, he almost dropped them all in surprise at what he was seeing.

"A SHORT and organised QUEUE?" the man screamed. "Where did all the people go?"

Sure enough, there was an organised queue containing no more than five people, and at the top of the queue sat C.C. behind a small dining table serving as a desk, a pot of tea by her elbow and a Black Knight holding a plate of little Chinese almond biscuits on her other side.

C.C. looked up from her make-shift desk, raising an eyebrow at his reaction. "Why would they stay here when all their problems are solved?"

"Solved? So quick?"

"Yes, solved. It's always easy to solve things when Kallen has most of them organised already," she explained, dismissing yet another satisfied knight from the queue. Her eyes zeroed in on the pizza boxes like a hawk watching a prey. "About time you got back."

Tamaki grinned, using pizza delivery as an excuse to skip the queue.

"Mm, good," the witch said, opening the box and taking out a slice, leaving almond biscuit guy clueless as to whether he should stay there with the biscuits. "Tamaki?"

"Um, yes?"

The girl tossed him the clipboard of paper and, taking the pizzas from his hands, walked off down the corridor. "Take care of the rest."


She disappeared round the corner before anybody could stop her.

She walked around the corridors, casually watching whatever partying the Black Knights were doing and smirked when they paused their celebrations, realizing she was there.

"Carry on," she told them, and they awkwardly resumed whilst she snacked on more pizza.

She stumbled upon Toudou and his group when she was attempting to shove her third empty pizza box into an already packed bin.

"C.C.," they greeted with their curt and respectful nods whilst she blinked at them, her hands balancing a stack of pizzas and her foot stomping down on the pile of rubbish. In all her immortal life, she never would have thought she'd meet their group in such a pose.

"Toudou," she said back, extracting her foot from the bin – well, she tried to anyway, but it seemed somewhat stuck. "Asahina, Chiba….and… Senba?"

The last man grinned, pleased and surprised she recognised him.

"We heard about what happened to Urabe," Toudou said and C.C. could not help but grin. She had forgotten about Toudou's straightforwardness. It was always great to have somebody who goes straight to the point without fancy theatrics.

"He had been a great help and invaluable ally over the year for us," she said. She wasn't lying because, without him, she'll actually have to do her share of work – though they never did share his love for eggs and syrup for breakfast…

The tall man nodded and opened his mouth to say something else, but was interrupted by Tamaki's painful cry of "C.C.! Get back here!"

C.C. glanced down at the bin that was stuck on her foot as Tamaki's screaming got louder and closer. "Well, this is troublesome," she remarked and raised her head to smirk at Toudou's team. "Care you help a girl out?"






Well, that is bizarre! Five serious faces, five serious voices, and all greeting him with his name one at a time. Ougi certainly wasn't expecting that when he came out of his room. "Hello?" was all he could manage before he caught sight of the bin on C.C.'s foot and how the former Japanese Liberation front members seemed to in the process of dismantling the bin like it was a bomb.

"C.C., why do you have a bin on your…?"

C.C. quirked an eyebrow up and licked her fingertips free of tomato sauce before she tried again. "The lid jammed itself around my foot; now be a gentleman and help me out of it."

Baffled, the man replied, "Huh?"

Somewhere in the background Tamaki's screaming could be heard, and Toudou's team glanced at each other and nodded. "C.C.-san, we'll go take care of Tamaki."

"Tamaki needs taking care of?" Ougi asked, starting to worry now. Should he go and rescue the loudmouth? Why does this all sound so sinister and why did those words prompt the image of Toudou cleaving his friend's head off with a katana?

"Of course. Ougi, help me out of this."

Team Toudou stalked off and, now panicking slightly over his friend's safety, Ougi stepped forward and continued the bin dismantling.

"Aa, Sugimiya and Yoshitaka."

Both men stopped in their tracks and gaped. C.C…. remembered their names?

Ougi, kneeling on the floor in front of C.C. and wrestling with the bin lid stuck on the witch's foot, glanced up with a relieved sigh and shouted, "You two! Help C.C.! I need to go rescue Tamaki!"

"Tamaki needs rescuing?" Yoshitaka asked, glancing at C.C. as if she could answer the question better than Ougi. The girl smirked, amused, and the two new entrants only grew more confused, especially when Ougi dropped C.C.'s foot and ran like somebody's life depended on it.

C.C. glanced at the two and lifted her foot up an inch, wriggling it so that the bin lid whacked the floor loudly. "Well?"

Sugimiya face-palmed and was awfully tempted to smack his friend across the head. "You just lost, Yoshitaka!"

"Oh? I did?" was the bespectacled man's response as he looked at his cards, then at C.C. and finally at Sugimiya. "I did?"

Sugimiya really did smack him across the head this time. "Yes, you did."

"Aa," the man said dully, more baffled by the cards that were in his hand than the sudden beating he was receiving. "Stop getting distracted with our poker. Keep working on extracting C.C.-san's foot."

"Stop playing poker when you don't know how to play it!"

"She has a brilliant poker face, I can't possibly beat somebody like that," Yoshitaka explained, eyes hidden behind glinting glasses as he collected the cards for shuffling again.

"If I lose, Sugimiya cooks you a pizza and if I win, we get a bedroom."

"Fine with me," drawled the witch whilst Sugimiya tried not to strangle his friend.

"You already lost enough for me to cook her pizzas for an entire week! NO! Don't start another round! Swap with me! YOU work on the bin and I'll play!"

The doors swished open and C.C. blinked at the darkness before flipping on the lights. "Kallen?" She called as she made her way around the opaque screen.

There was an incomprehensible grunt and C.C. raised an eyebrow at the scene before her eyes. The pilot was sprawled on the sofa with a pillow barely staying under her head and the blankets a complete mess around her feet.

"What would you do if I was a man and walked in here seeing you in such a…" C.C. eyed the pilot up and down, noting the girl's arm stubbornly draped across her eyes as if that would block out everything. "In such a… revealing state of undress?"

Indeed, the straps of Kallen's bra were positively off her shoulders and such a daringly bright shade of peach too. In fact, C.C. imagined she could just about see the upper edge of her panties peeking out over Kallen's shorts.

"Shut up. Tell the men in the corridor to keep it down, I can't sleep with all that noise going on even if it's muffled by the door," Kallen groaned, lifting her arm just enough to peek under it. "Lelo-Zero called - twice. He asked if we got everything organised. You're to give him a full report the next time he calls, which should be in thirty minutes' time."

C.C. picked up Kallen's bunched up blanket and answered Kallen's words as she moved.

"Everything is organised."

She flicked the blanket out with a flap and, starting from Kallen's feet, started covering the girl up.

"We had some pizza."

She tucked the blanket securely around the girl's shoulders, smirking as Kallen slowly drifted back to sleep again.

"We met some old friends."

Kallen yawned and C.C. stood back up straight again, making her way over to the armchair where her Cheese-kun sat.

"I tucked his Q-1 in bed."

Kallen snorted, a step away from dreamland and she still couldn't resist complaining, "Hmph, an awfully uncomfortable bed."

C.C. laughed and leant back to rest her head on the chair's headrest. "And we are no longer the little foster parents of his magnificent Black Knights."

And Kallen fell asleep.

"Hmm, I wonder how I should explain to that Xing-something about the completely dismantled and destroyed bin left in the hallway…"


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