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Chapter 14: Finally


I gulped, feeling an enormous lump slowly make its way down my throat. "Um, hi. I'm Bella," I manage, trying not to stare openmouthed at the bronze-haired man who looked as surprised as I was embarrassed.

He smiled. "I'm Edward, it's great to meet you, Bella, again," he said softly. It was a surprise that I could hear him, I thought, in the loud room. I could feel my face beginning to flood with a pinkish color.

"Why don't we go, er, find somewhere to be alone?" I bit back a giggle in spite of myself as he realized what he had said. "Oh, no, I don't mean like that! Just to talk, or something like that," he amended hurriedly.

I walked forward to him, and he leaned down to my ear, most probably making the pink in my cheeks flare immediately.

"You look beautiful when you blush."
The soft whisper only added to the happiness that I floated on for the rest of the night.

{still Bella's point of view}

"Bella! BELLA!" I grinned to myself. Alice hadn't changed, not in six years. "Quick! They're about to leave!"

I walked as fast as I could with my - erm - appendage, coming to the door where Rosalie and Emmett, their arms linked, were about to get in the car.
Rosalie ran up to me, throwing her arms around me. "Goodbye, Bella!" I smiled over her blonde hair.

"Rose, you're only moving three blocks down the street."

She pulled back, laughing. "Still, though, three blocks! I won't be able to make you bacon every Saturday morning, I won't be able to brush your hair for you..."

I tried not to cry. My best friend was moving out of our apartment after almost seven years of living together, forgive me for being a little emotional! Not like I didn't have a valid reason, other than that, anyway...

"Rose, I'd hope Edward would do all that now!" I winked at my new husband from where he stood next to Jazz. He winked back.

Alice scoffed. "Please, I know we all enjoy having Let's All Cry parties, but I think you'll survive, Bella. You just got married two months ago, and it's not like you made this big of a deal when me and Jazz moved to his apartment..." She pretended to wipe a tear from her cheek.

"That is such a lie, Alice!" Before I could get any further along in my fierce diatribe, Edward came over to gently pull me away.

We waved together as they all - Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie - left, and me and Edward made our way back inside the apartment building.

"Alice, or Rosalie?" He looked at me while he asked the question. "Or Emmett, or Jasper?"

I shrugged. "We'll just have to use both, or the other will be hurt."

"But Elizabeth or Charles, right?'

"Right," I agree. In all honesty, I was hoping for an Elizabeth, but Edward was probably hoping for a Charles, knowing him and what he was like.

We climbed the stairs, me getting a little out of breath. He laughed at me. "Don't you need to lose a little weight, Mrs. Cullen?"

"Not now, I don't!" I shot back.

We reached the apartment door, and he opened it for me. I walked inside, feeling rather glad of the fact that I didn't have to waddle quite yet.

"Elizabeth Rosalie," he tried. "Elizabeth Alice, or Charles Jasper...Charles Emmett?"
I thought. "Elizabeth Alice or Charles Jasper," I told him. "We'll make Alice and Jasper use Rosalie and Emmett."

He nodded, and leaned down to kiss me on the nose. "I'm going to really like living with you, Mrs. Cullen," he whispered.

"You and little baby Cullen."

Well, I'd assume that you'd have guessed she was pregnant around when the started talking about losing weight at the latest. Sorry for the completely cliche ending, but it really is a fairy tale ending!

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