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My eyes slowly opened and the eyelids fell back immediately due to the almost painful light. I tried to remember where I was from the bits I noticed around me, but my memory was a bit blurry. I rubbed my eyes to get them to open and looked around. As I moved, I felt someone's warmth next to me and pieces of the previous evening came to mind again.

I finally forced my eyes to open and look around, my surroundings confirming that what had gone through my mind was not just a dream. I was in his apartment and minute by minute, the evening that got me here ran through my aching head. I turned a little and saw him next to me, sleeping peacefully. I caringly moved the blanket over him as it slipped down, and sighed softly, trying not to wake him up.

The next thing I became aware of was that below the blanket I had just moved up was nothing but his body, no T-shirt, no pyjama, no shirt, nothing that I would see. I lifted the blanket gently and noticed he was not even wearing any sort of underwear. Moreover, I shivered a second later because the cool air blew under the blanket and I realized he was not the only completely naked one in the bed. Frantically, I turned around and tried to find my shirt or at least my underwear.

"Not again," I sighed, "somebody tell me we didn't do it again."

I tried not to talk to myself, but considering he was asleep and there was no one else around, which made me happy in fact, I said a few lines to myself, cursing my own stupidity; basically for allowing myself to get drunk, and letting him bring me to his place again.

My mind desperately tried to put the puzzle of separate memories together, but It did not really get further than to the moment I'd met him, as the evening was very hazy in my memory from about the third drink I'd had. I knew we were at one of our favourite clubs last night and I knew we had not come there together. I'd bumped into him at the bar and we had started to chat, then dance and then back to the bar. From then on, I did vaguely remember us dancing again for a while and even singing karaoke, but the moment we decided to leave did not come to my mind at all. Almost as if I had pushed it out of my mind deliberately because I had not wanted to know that I'd left with him.