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"As a result of this unfortunate...accident, I'll be taking care of Misaki," Takahiro whispered with his head bowed, putting an arm around his younger brother who was only eight years old.

It had been two days since their parents death and Takahiro still could not feel anything. Everything seemed to be motionless, like time had not existed and his life had just stopped. He had to be strong for his brother though, so Takahiro had to take control and step up to the plate to make sure nothing happened to the only family he had left.

"Are you serious?! You're still a child yourself! I will take Misaki in and make sure nothing happens to him," a shrill female voice spoke up from the back of the funeral.

Well, Misaki was the only the family he had left that he cared about. His aunt, his mother's sister, was not someone he considered family. She had always been concerned with herself and was very selfish, taking any advantage she could get her hands on to make a profit. There was no way that he would leave Misaki in that...lady's hands. She probably just wanted the money that their parents left them in their will.

Takahiro tightened his hold on Misaki. "I am an adult, Aunt Mitsuko, and I've decided to drop out of college to work for a business. I will have no problem raising Misaki by myself, rest assure." He finished his sentence with a glare directed at the woman.

Mitsuko glared right back, not wanting to lose this battle.

"Mitsuko, Takahiro knows what he has to do to keep Misaki. Let's just let him do what he wants and if needs help, he can come to us." The small group in the funeral home murmured their consent on the arrangement.

Takahiro smiled for the first time since the accident. The older man who had spoke up was a very close family friend of their father's. As long as one person was on his side, he felt he could raise Misaki without giving him up to his aunt.

Mitsuko was taken aback from the response from the man, but soon recovered and put on a fake smile.

"Yes. If the time comes when you need help, do not hesitate to call," Mitsuko took a deep breath and looked right into Takahiro's eyes, "nephew." She swiftly turned around and left the parlor.

Takahiro couldn't shake the feeling that something ominous was coming, but persuaded himself it was just a feeling. He knelt down on one knee so he was Misaki's height.

"Everything is going to be okay Misaki." Misaki looked at his brother with a sad expression and nodded once. He stretched out his arms and hugged Takahiro around the shoulders.


Three Months Later

How could this have happened?! Everything was falling apart, everything! Somehow his bank account funds were depleted even though he had been very diligent in saving money. He was fired from his job under the charges of embezzlement, even though he had done no such thing! He was due in court in one week for the false charges. At first he tried contacting family friends for help but found out that they were all having similar money problems. Then he tried taking out loans, to pay back later, but even that did not work. The last resort would be to call Mistuko...

"WHY ME?" Takahiro slammed the wall with his right fist. Breathing deeply, he leaned onto the wall for support and slid down to the floor. The first two months had been great; he had found a decent sized apartment and worked everyday to make a living for him and his brother. Then the third month came around and everything went down hill...what happened?

"Nii-chan?" Misaki questioned quietly, emerging from his room only to discover his brother sitting on the floor with his head in his hands. "What's wrong?"

Takahiro quickly looked up and rubbed his eyes. "Ah, nothing is wrong Misaki. see…" Takahiro trailed off and glanced to the side unable to look at his younger brother. He should just tell him the truth. "It's just that...we might have to ask Aunt Mitsuko for some hel--" He was interrupted when the phone rang. Takahiro sighed and lifted himself off of the floor to answer it.

"Hello?" Takahiro asked in a depressed voice.

"Ah, Takahiro, I'm calling to see how everything is...and by that 'hello' I can tell you seem down. How is life for you and your brother?"

"Aunt Mitsuko!" How convenient for her to call when suddenly everything has gone wrong...Wait!!! It--It couldn't have been...Aunt Mitsuko's doing, right? His aunt could be very cunning when she wanted to be...what if she had set Takahiro up?

"I'm fine, Misaki is fine, we're all fine! Goodbye!" Takahiro slammed the phone on the receiver and grabbed his coat. He leaned down and ruffled Misaki's hair.


"I'm going to go for a walk for a little bit, all right Misaki? I'll be back soon." With that Takahiro left.


Takahiro was thinking so much that he didn't even realize he was standing in a cemetery until he almost walked into a shrine. Night had fallen and the temperature was starting to drop. Wrapping his arms around himself he carefully walked around the small monument.

This is where mom and dad are burried…

He walked towards the center of the cemetery, to the location where his parents were buried three months ago. Kneeling down in front of the graves with his palms pressed together he began to speak.

"Mom, dad, I'm sorry I can't do anything right. You've got to believe me, I don't know what has been happening lately. I am trying so hard to give Misaki the life he deserves but…I just wish..." Takahiro paused and shut his eyes.

"If only there was something I could do to fix everything! Please help me…" He bowed his head, trying to hold back all the emotions swirling in his mind.

"Hmm what's this? Talking to the dead? You know, I don't think they can hear you."

Takahiro lifted his head quickly and spun around to see an older man towering over him. He was dressed in a navy blue jacket that reached just above his knees, complete with a soft, cream colored scarf wrapped around his neck. His eyes were an entrancing shade of amethyst, capturing Takahiro's attention immediately.

"Wh-who are you! What gives you the right to listen to other people's conversations, huh?!" Takahiro stood in a defensive stance, backing away slightly.

"I am who I am and you are who you are. Although you are just you, I happen to be someone who can help those in need. And you," the man paused and leaned against a crumbling tombstone, "look to be in need of help." The man finished with a smirk and raised his hand up, snapping his fingers. In a puff of green smoke a scroll appeared out of thin air and landed in the man's awaiting hand.

Takahiro could only gape at what had just occurred.

"H-how is th-that possible? Is this some sort of trick?!" He yelled backing away even further.

"Do not worry about such trivial things. It just so happened I heard your wish and I am here to help...for a price, of course." the man smiled and unraveled the scroll. "Let's see, it seems a woman named Mitsuko has been causing you a lot of grief lately...Wow! It says here that she has set you up for fraud and has even stooped so low to cause other's around you problems with money too." The man began listing off the things Mitsuko had done not only in the past three months, but also things she had done her whole life.

Takahiro couldn't believe what he was hearing, how could this man know all of this? If what the stranger was saying was true, then Takahiro had done nothing wrong at all! He smiled, but then realized he was still at a loss of how to handle the problem.

"Oi! You in there?" The man questioned and began to speak again. "Like I said before, I can help but it will cost you."

Takahiro had no idea what he was dealing with. But maybe...maybe this man could help him and his brother. He promised himself he would not turn back, and working up his confidence he asked in a trembling voice, "How much?"

The stranger smirked and walked over to Takahiro, wrapping an arm around him. He didn't notice the man's eyes flash red, or else he would have thought what a bad idea it was to discuss anything with him. "Let's discuss the damage, all right?" He lead Takahiro to a broken bench and sat him down. He also didn't notice that the man was giving off a terrible aura around him that felt like death, despair, and loneliness, or else he would thought twice about what kind of deal he was going to make.

"Let us begin."


Takahiro awoke with a start, jolting out of bed and looking wildly around the room. How did I get back home? What happened last night? He paused, trying to remain calm and began to remember. That's right! I was in the cemetery when...when...I visited mom and dad's grave...then I walked...back home, right? Yes, that's what happened.

Satisfied with his memory, Takahiro made his bed and walked into the kitchen for some coffee. He was surprised to see two police officers sitting at the kitchen table talking to Misaki.

"Uh..Excuse me? What's going on?"

The two police officers stood. "Nothing to worry about Takahashi-san, we need to talk to you about your aunt."

It turned out that Mitsuko was caught on camera framing 
Takahiro in the business he worked in. Also when confronted by police, Mitsuko admitted to stealing from Takahiro's bank funds and other close family friends. The police were there to inform Takahiro on how to retrieve the stolen money and to discuss what was going to happen to his aunt.

After thanking the officers for the thousandth time, he shut the door as they left and sighed in relief.

"Is everything back to normal Nii-chan?" Misaki looked up to his brother with his green eyes glistening.

"Yes. Everything is back to the way it should be."

Neither Takahiro nor Misaki noticed the shadowy figure on their balcony watching the whole scene take place.

"The payment...I cannot wait for that day to come…" The figure whispered then disappeared into the wind.


Ten Years Later

"Congratulations, Nii-chan!" Misaki smiled, happy for the couple standing in front of him. His brother had just announced that he was going to be married this fall.

"Thank you Misaki," Takahiro said, also smiling. "It means a lot to Minami-chan and I that you accept."

"Of course I would accept! You've raised me for the past ten years Nii-chan, it's about time you settled down!"

Takahrio laughed and wrapped an arm around Misaki to hug him.

Ah, looks like I'm going to have to find a place of my own before summer is over. Takahiro released Misaki and walked over to Minami. I don't want to ruin that new couple feeling. Hopefully I will be able to find something soon…

After enjoying a lavish dinner prepared by Misaki, Takahiro left to walk Minami home. Sighing, Misaki fell onto the couch and hugged a pillow to his chest. I wonder what's it like to be in love? Misaki frowned at the sudden thought that had crossed his mind.

"Pfft, what am I thinking? I'm only eighteen….there's no need to settle down just yet."

"Oh, do you really think that? What a shame…"

Misaki jolted off the sofa and looked behind him to discover a man in his late twenties.

"Wha-H-How did you get in?!" Misaki looked at the front door but saw it was still locked. "Who are you?"

"I'm here to collect my debt. It's been ten years to this day, the exact amount we signed for in the contract." The man lazily held up a golden scroll for Misaki to see. "We agreed that I would solve Takahiro's problems in exchange for his body in ten years time." The stranger didn't even blink while speaking, keeping a monotone voice the entire time he spoke.

"You expect me to believe that? That's ridiculous! Get out before I call the cops!" Misaki was frantic, what the hell was this guy talking about? He reached for his cell phone on the table next to him.

The man narrowed his eyes at the boy's movement and swiftly reached out to capture him in a tight embrace. Misaki flushed, not used to being that close to another's body, nonetheless a man's. He began struggling when the stranger invaded his personal space even more by staring into eyes, leaving a few inches in between their faces.

"What? Let me go!" Misaki tried to escape but the man's grip on his smaller body was extremely tight. He grabbed onto the stranger's shirt and tried to pull away but the iron grip hold he had on Misaki did not even budge an inch.

"...You know, you are kinda cute. Let me test something…" The man pushed Misaki onto the couch and rested a knee on either side of the boy's body so he was straddling him. Misaki glanced up, confused at the sudden intrusion of his personal space. He blushed when the man began to trail his hand up his shirt.

"OI!! STOP IT, YOU PERVERT!" Misaki yelled and began thrashing.

"The name's Usami Akihiko brat. Now try saying it!" Usami used his body to hold Misaki down while he used his left hand to reach into the boy's pants. While teasing Misaki's lower half, he began nip at Misaki's neck. He stroked the flesh until it was erect and throbbing. Misaki tried to escape, but his attempts were becoming half-hearted when he felt the pleasure of another doing this to him.

"Ple-please g-go…" Misaki mumbled, saying Usami's name wrong. Usami raised an eyebrow at the boy's attempts to stop him.

"It's Usami, but I kind of like when you said 'Usagi-san'. Say it again," Usami demanded, squeezing the boy's manhood with a firm grip. Misaki was almost at his limit, only a little more and he felt like he would explode. He raised his hips to gain better access to the man's devilish hand.


Usami narrowed his eyes at Misaki's flushed face. Taking a small amount of time to admire the boy's closed eyes, blushing cheeks and trembling mouth, he repeated, "Say it again." He pulled on the flesh with a strong tug and Misaki almost lost it.

"Pl-please, don't st-…."

The older man smiled and squeezed the base of Misaki's erection to stop him from reaching his climax. "Say. It. Again."


Usami smiled and let go of Misaki, letting him come. After riding out the wave of euphoria, Misaki blushed bright red and stared at the man who had done it.

"I think you'll do instead of Takahiro...Yes, you'll do quite nicely." Usami smirked and leaned down to kiss the boy beneath him. Misaki's eye's widened and he began to struggle again.


"Sleep." Usami commanded. Misaki felt his body become heavy, and he couldn't think since his mind was slowly losing consciousness.

"Misaki, I'm home!" Takahiro entered the room and saw a man straddling his brother. Usami looked up and Takahiro fell to the floor with his hands over his head when he saw Usami's eyes. He suddenly remembered what had happened ten years ago in the cemetery.

"So it's agreed, you give me your body and I take care of Mitsuko."

"After ten years you get to have me. I want to make sure Misaki is old enough to be on his own." Takahiro really didn't want to go through with this deal, but it was the only way to save Misaki. With fumbling hands, he slowly began to write his name on the dotted line.

"Yes, yes, of course. Oh, by they won't remember any of this conversation." Usami's eyes turned blood red as Takahiro signed the contract.

"WAIT! What?! Then how am I supposed to know to leave Misaki everything when he reaches eighteen? How I am supposed to know...not to fall in love?" Takahiro thought of a girl he met just the other day on the street. Her name was Minami and Takahiro was sure it was love at first sight.

At hearing the word 'love' Usami laughed, but it wasn't a loving or fond laugh. It seemed to contain no emotion and was full of emptiness. "Love? Such a thing does not exist."

Takahiro blacked out.

"It's you! You're the man from that night!" Takahiro exclaimed, sill holding his head in pain from the sudden onslaught of forgotten memories.

"It's lucky for you that I find your brother...a more suitable body than yours, eh?" Usami picked up Misaki bridal style.

What's happening? Is Nii-chan home? Nii-chan...what's happening?

"NO! The contract was signed by me, not Misaki! You have to take me!" Takahiro yelled, clutching onto the wall for support.

Usami laughed mockingly at Takahiro's outburst. "Well, you should have known not to make a deal with a demon."

"This isn't fair!" Takahiro gathered all of his strength and charged at 

Usami simply dodged the attack and spoke three simple words before disappearing with Misaki.

"Life isn't fair."


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