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"...JUST GREAT! Isaka's idea of backup is a newbie, an old man and a brat that likes to brag! Perfect!" Hiroki complained, feeling the stress build up.

Nowaki furrowed his brows. "I can show you my power or you can train me yourself. You can do whatever you like Hiro-san."

"What did you just say!" Hiroki pointed at Nowaki. "Look here, don't go calling people who you don't even know by their first name!" He couldn't believe the nerve of this guy! He sighed loudly. "You three, go pick an empty room and get out of my sight." Hiroki turned and left to go back to his study. Books didn't yell...books didn't talk back...and books weren't physically attractive in any way shape or form. Yes, right now Hiroki wanted to sit in front of the quiet fireplace and read a book.

Miyagi went to follow Hiroki, but was dragged out of the room by Shinobu who declared he wanted to train. Nowaki turned towards Misaki, who watched the whole spectacle from his seat, and smiled.


That freaking idiot! Who the hell does he think he is, calling me by first name so formally! Hiroki stormed down the hallway in anger. Every event that recently occurred only brought more stress upon the man. First Akihiko had broken their own rules by making a contract with a human and bringing him to their home without permission from Hiroki. Second, a brat from the academy that "graduated at the top of his class" calls him by his first name, and acts like a giant show off! Then to top it all off Isaka sends a man old enough to be retired, a recently trained recruit and a complete newbie as back up for one the most dangerous demons alive?

I really need a vacation.

Hiroki paused in front of his study and sighed loudly. He reached out and slowly pushed the door open, expecting to be greeted with the sight of his study, not Usami Akihiko reading over some papers on his sofa.

"Oi, Bakahiro what do you want now? Do you mind getting the hell out of here before I-" Hiroki paused and realized asking Akihiko, who was as stubborn as a mule, to get out was just a waste of breath. "Never mind, I'm going to do some research on the recent murders in the Red District."

Usami rose an eyebrow at the change in Hiroki's demeanor, but brushed it off as Hiroki's whim. He placed the papers he was holding on the sofa and stretched. "Have the recruits arrived yet?" he asked with slight interest. Usami noticed Hiroki frown immediately after the words left his mouth and wondered how bad the recruits were to get that kind of reaction.

Hiroki held his head in his heads, trying to quell an oncoming headache. "Miyagi is one of them, plus two novices. What have you done to Ryuichiro to piss him off this much?!"

"I don't know what you're talking about. Isaka-san just does whatever he wants," he replied while shrugging his shoulders.

"Just like someone else I know," Hiroki whispered under his breath, but apparently wasn't quiet enough as Usami narrowed his eyes at him. "Hey, I'm just telling the truth! Oh that reminds me, take care of that human you brought back. He's a good kid; you don't find too many of them around anymore," Hiroki said as he began typing on his laptop. "Be careful, ok? You know what happened the last time Haruhiko showed up in Tokyo," he added, sounding genuinely concerned for the other demon.

Usami stood up in anger at Hiroki's statement. "Why does everyone insist I remember what happened? First Isaka and now you!" he said in an annoyed tone. He walked towards the exit and yanked it open, slamming the door against the wall. Looking over his shoulder he said in a quiet voice, "The past is the past. I do not ever intend to repeat it...and if anything happens, I'll protect Misaki no matter what." With those parting words he left the room.

"You know I am only looking out for you!" Hiroki yelled from his position at his desk. He sighed and looked at the spot Usami was standing in just minutes before. "At least close the door when you storm out of a room!"

Shaking his head, he tried to focus on work. He accessed the database that held information about the most wanted criminals in Tokyo and began reading reports on Haruhiko.

"Wow, I never knew that guy was responsible for so many crimes; there must be hundreds of reports here," he muttered scrolling down and seeing all the reports that contained information about their next target.

"To be precise there are exactly three-hundred and seventy-two crimes recorded for Haruhiko," a calm voice replied.

Hiroki jumped in surprise at the sound of the other voice. He quickly turned around and came face to face with Nowaki, who had been looking over Hiroki's shoulder. "What the hell are you doing?! How long have you been there?" he yelled and scooted back, trying to get some room between them.

"I came in about five minutes ago, Hiro-san," Nowaki replied and smiled at Hiroki, who looked extremely pissed off.

He has a nice smile...GAH! What am I thinking? "You're lying! I would have detected your presence! And my name is Kamijo Hiroki, not Hiro-san!" he said. He stood up and walked over to the door. "Now get out of here, I have work to do!" he yelled while pointing his hand toward the empty hallway.

Nowaki remained stationary, completely undisturbed at Hiroki's anger. Instead of leaving the room he walked over to Hiroki and leaned down. "I can teach you to hide your aura if you want; it's one of the many things I learned at the academy."

Hiroki laughed. "Oh you want to teach me? I believe I should be the one to teach you! Let's start with manners shall we?" he said in an arrogant tone.

Nowaki frowned and replied, "Let me prove just how much I have learned."

"Pfft, and how are you going-" Hiroki was cut off as Nowaki advanced forward. In the blink of an eye Nowaki was behind Hiroki and swiftly secured the older demon in a headlock.

"See," he whispered into Hiroki's ear, "what I am capable of?"

He blushed and struggled to get free from Nowaki's grip. Hiroki was stunned at how fast the taller man moved. I didn't even see him coming...What the hell? This isn't like me! I'll show him just how powerful I am!

Focusing all of his strength into his arms he managed to break free from the grip and turned around, aiming a blow to Nowaki's chest. Nowaki simply dodged the attack by ducking the punch and dived forward to tackle Hiroki around the waist. Landing on top, he pinned the older man down by his wrists.

"Forgive me for being rough Hiro-san, but I only want to show you that I can help in this case." Nowaki bent down to examine Hiroki's face. Gently he laid his hand upon a small scratch on Hiroki's cheek. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Hiroki tried to keep his emotions in check. "Of course not! Now would you mind getting off me?" He turned his face away and mumbled, "Maybe you do have some experience…"

Nowaki smiled and placed his other hand upon Hiroki's face. Hiroki looked up in surprise at Nowaki's actions. "What are..." he trailed off, unable to process what exactly was going on. Nowaki leaned down so that only a couple on inches were left between their faces.


Misaki walked down the hallway in search of Usami, thinking about what Kamijo-san told him. He said that Usagi-san had family issues, implying that his relationship with his brother most likely has been a bad one. I can't even imagine hating my brother, I love Nii-chan so much...so much that I decided to stay with Usagi-san in place of him.

Misaki shook his head and tried not to think about never being able to see his brother again. He kept on walking but stopped when he recognized a painting on the wall. If I remember correctly, then Kamijo-san's room is right up ahead! He'll know where I can find Usagi-san.

He took a few more steps and looked into the doorway. "Sorry to bother you Kamijo-san, but could you tell me…" he blinked and turned around quickly when he noticed Nowaki lying on top of Hiroki. He blushed and muttered a hurried apology. "So sorry! I...um...never mind! I'll just keep looking!"

"Wait Takahashi! Get off of me brat!" Hiroki yelled, cheeks tinted pink, and pushed the older man up. He quickly adjusted his clothing and pointed his finger at Nowaki. "You. Get out. Now." He then pointed at Misaki. "And you didn't see anything. Akihiko's room is another floor up, take the stairs at the end of this hallway." Misaki bowed in thanks.

"Good bye Hiro-san," Nowaki said with a smile. "I'll stop by later."

Hiroki narrowed his eyes at the taller male and proceeded to slam the door in his face.

Nowaki laughed quietly and turned towards Misaki, who looked on in awe at the taller male. Wasn't he at least a little bit afraid of Kamijo-san's temper?

"...So you just lost your balance right? I know how that room is jammed pack full of books, even I tripped over some," Misaki laughed and glanced up at Nowaki.

"No, it was on purpose."

Misaki's eyes widened. "Oh...um...I see. I need to go find someone. I will see you later Kusama-san, it was nice talking to you again!"

"Good bye Misaki-kun," Nowaki said and left to find a room to stay in.

Only one thought was running through Misaki's head as he jogged down the hallway: Is every demon gay?


Misaki sighed in relief when he reached the stairs that would hopefully lead him to Usagi-san. Admiring the wrought iron spiral staircase, he gripped the railing and began climbing them one by one. He tried not to think about walking in on Nowaki and Hiroki since it reminded him of the first time he met Usami….and what happened to him.

He paused in the middle of the staircase and blushed at the memory. Usagi-san had been the first one to do that to me...with his….hand. He's such a pervert!!! Augh! Why do I want to find him again?

Misaki turned around and was about to step down but stopped when Hiroki's voice entered his thoughts.

He doesn't have any solid relationships. He has trouble with his family. He doesn't understand other's emotions.

"That's right...Usagi-san is lonely," Misaki whispered and clutched the railing. He began to climb the stairs once more at a normal pace.

"...And I know how that feels."

When Misaki reached the top of the staircase he was surprised to find that there was only one door on the entire floor. He stood in front of the entrance and glanced both ways, making sure that this was the only one. Reaching out, he gently grabbed the knob and pushed it open.

"Usagi-san?" Misaki called out as he entered the dark room. "Are you in here?" Squinting his eyes, he tried to see if he could find a light switch. He fumbled around the wall for a minute before he gave up and ventured forth into the dark abyss to see if could find a window to let some light in.

Carefully he took a step forward, and almost fell as he caught his foot on something hard. Regaining his balance, he knelt down on one knee and tried to find what he tripped on. His hand brushed something ridged and he felt along the carpet to discover it continued for quite some time.

...Are these…? Misaki's question was answered as a toy train bumped into his hand that was lying on the track. Train tracks? What is a toy train doing in Usagi-san's room?

He lifted his hand and let the train continue it's journey. Confused, he stood from his kneeling position and inched his away across the carpet. When he reached the wall he felt along the edge until he came upon a curtain.

"Finally! It's about time," he muttered, slightly peeved at the fact it was taking so long to find a light source. He pulled back the curtains on the oversized window and turned around.

"What. The. Hell." Misaki was extremely perplexed when he saw what kind of room he was in. Stuffed bears of all sizes were found in every corner of the room, train tracks were intricately weaved around the bed, flags hung from the tall ceiling and stuffed animals of every kind were seated upon shelfs. In short, toys were everywhere. The only things that couldn't be classified as children's objects were the dresser nestled in the corner of the room and the nightstand next to the bed. His gaze traveled to the oversized bed and landed upon a bear that looked as big as he was, lying under the covers.

Odd. Definitely odd.

"I must have the wrong room. There is no way this could be Usagi-san's!" Misaki stepped forward, intent on finding Hiroki to ask him where Usagi-san's room was located one more time, but was stopped as two arms wrapped around his waist to pull him back.

"How did you find my room?" Usami asked as he nuzzled the boy's neck.

"...THIS is your room?!" Misaki tilted his head in confusion. "What's with all the toys, Usagi-san?"

"What does it matter?" Usami asked as he began to nibble on the top lobe of Misaki's ear. The boy began to struggle as Usami nipped down his neck.

"Usagi-san, stop it...it," Misaki pushed the demon's arms away and jumped forward out of his grip, rubbing his neck, "feels weird." Usami frowned and advanced forward, causing Misaki to back away until his knees hit the bed. "Uh, Usagi-san, what are you doing?" Misaki laughed nervously and tried to scoot around the edge of the bed.

Usami placed one hand on Misaki's chest and pushed the boy backwards, causing him to fall onto the bed. He climbed over Misaki's body, pinning him to the bed, and leaned close with a serious expression on his face.

"About what happened today, I'm sorry it had to happen the way it did. I wasn't expecting your brother to come home early. You weren't supposed to see him." Usami watched as Misaki narrowed his eyes and turned his face away. He gently grabbed the boy's chin and turned his face back to him. "Just listen, all right? It's been so long...I've finally found something that I truly want, and until I get you completely, I won't stop. I'll make you happy, I promise." Usami let go of Misaki's chin and hugged him. "I'll protect you," he said forcefully and tightened his grip on the young boy.

Misaki was left speechless after Usami spoke his feelings. He was shocked to find out that the demon apparently had a soft side, but could tell from the way Usami was holding him that the older male meant every word.

"Usagi-san, I…" Misaki was cut off as the Usami leaned down and captured his lips in a soft kiss. He closed his eyes and let Usami take control.

"Misaki, let me show you what you do to me." He began kissing the younger male's neck and trailed his hand under Misaki's shirt, his fingertips grazing over the small expanse of his hip. Carefully he gripped the edge of the fabric and pulled it over Misaki's head. Usami admired the blushing youth and smiled as Misaki shut his eyes and turned his face away. He held onto the boy's hips and lowered his mouth over one of his nipples and began to lightly suck on the pink bud while he pinched the other with his hand. Misaki jerked up into Usami's body and began to struggle.

"Usagi-san!...Wait...I don't know if-" Misaki stopped talking as Usami looked up from his waist.

"Trust me, Misaki," he said with such conviction that Misaki felt he could not deny him of anything. Looking into his amethyst eyes, the boy nodded and Usami kissed him hard while undoing Misaki's belt, causing him to moan into the demon's mouth. Usami leaned back and looked as Misaki tried to regain his breath from the long kiss.

Misaki let out a strangled moan as Usami reached into his unzipped jeans and rubbed the growing bulge. Straddling Misaki, Usami quickly took off his shirt and flung it to the side of the bed. Misaki looked up in awe as Usami's wings appeared his back, stretching over their bodies. They rustled a few time and then rested on his back. Misaki then looked at the well sculpted chest and blushed a darker shade of pink.

"Your wings?" Misaki questioned a little confused at why they suddenly appeared. Even though they were beautiful and extremely soft, it was odd to have them pop out.

"Well you see, I can summon them by focusing my energy, but it states of extreme emotion they appear on their own." The demon smirked as he pulled at Misaki's jeans and boxers until they too were relocated onto the floor. Misaki immediately forgot about the wings and tried to hide his exposed body but failed when Usami grabbed his chin and kissed him once more, distracting him from what he was about to do. He wrapped his hand around Misaki's growing erection and squeezed it lightly, causing Misaki to grip the author's shoulder.

"Usagi...what are you…!" Misaki flung his head back and tightened his grip on the sheets as Usami held his hips and pumped his erection a couple of times before taking the tip into his mouth and swirling his tongue around the head. Misaki couldn't hold back the moans that were escaping, and yet he really didn't care. What Usami was doing to him was wonderful.

Usami glanced up at Misaki's flushed face and bobbed his head, earning him more delighted sighs of pleasure. He stopped for a moment and reached over to the night stand to grab a small clear bottle out of the top drawer. Misaki watched in confusion as Usami drizzled some of the clear liquid onto his fingers.

"What is that?" he breathed heavily and his eyes widened as Usami smiled and pumped his erection while sliding one finger into his opening. "...Wait...I'm…" Usami continued to slide the finger in and out, matching his strokes to the boy's manhood.

"It's ok Misaki, I'm only preparing you," Usami said and slowly added another finger. Misaki whimpered as the other finger entered him and Usami leaned up to kiss away the tears gathering at the corner of the boy's eyes. He unzipped his pants and said, "Relax, I promise this will feel good very soon."

This...this is too much...all of these feelings…

"Ah! Usagi-san!" Misaki shuddered as Usami withdrew his fingers and replaced them with the head of his penis. Usami reached down and entwined their fingers before slowly inching his way into Misaki. The boy closed his eyes in slight pain and gripped Usami's hands as the demon continued to push in.

"Misaki, breathe." Usami paused once he was all the way in and let Misaki adjust to the demon's width. Misaki moved slightly and moaned in pleasure as something made everything turn white. "There we go," Usami breathed deeply before pulling out slowly and thrusting forward, trying to find that same spot that made Misaki gasp in pleasure.

"Usagi-san!" Misaki felt like he was going to expire from shame from feeling so many sensations.

The demon smirked and set a steady pace, enjoying the feeling of Misaki's tight warmth wrapped around his manhood. He glanced at the fine sheen of sweat appearing on Misaki's body from their activity and smiled. Everything felt right.

Misaki dug his fingernails into Usami's hands and tried to form coherent sentences, but everything came out as a gasp or moan. Misaki groaned as Usami began thrusting faster, hitting his bundle of nerves that made him shake from the core of his body. The demon let go of Misaki's hand and pumped Misaki's leaking erection, feeling he couldn't last much longer.

Misaki reached out and grabbed onto the arch of Usami's wing by mistake and Usami let out a long groan. His eyes darkened with lust and he paused in his movements. Misaki shivered as Usami stared directly into his eyes. "Don't ever touch my wings when I am in this state, unless you want to be thoroughly ravished until you cannot move." Usami picked up his pace of thrusting and Misaki could only nod his head in understanding. "They are an extension of my body and a huge erogenous zone," Usami continued to say while thrusting into Misaki's tight heat.

All the stimulation sent Misaki over the edge and he came, shooting his seed onto Usami's chest. Usami felt Misaki tighten around his penis, causing him to come right after Misaki.

Usami pulled out and laid down next to the panting boy. He cuddled the boy and nuzzled his neck while inhaling the boy's distinct scent. "Are you okay?" Usami asked and placed a quick kiss on his neck.

Misaki struggled to regain his breathing and looked over his shoulder at Usami. "What do you think?" he questioned sarcastically, but couldn't help the blush that spread across his cheeks as Usami wings rustled as the older male laughed.

Usami smiled and kissed Misaki, causing the boy to squawk in protest. "You are just too adorable, you know that?" Misaki was about to make a retort but Usami tightened his hold around Misaki's body and rested his head on his shoulder, whispering sweet nothings into his ear. Misaki sighed and closed his eyes relishing the warmth. He could have asked Usami to let go of him so he could get cleaned up, but he decided to rest and listen to the demon's words of love.

Maybe I made the right choice...deciding to stay with Usagi-san, someone who needs attention, is definitely worth it. Yes...This is definitely worth it.


"Come on Shinobu-chin, you've got to do better than that! 
What if you were fighting an enemy who could use both earth and water? Hmm? You would be screwed if all you ever did was run into a fight without planning your moves."

Miyagi sighed and dodged another blow as Shinobu threw punch after punch. They had been magic training for the past two hours and were sadly not making much progress. Every time Miyagi asked Shinobu to use an element to defend himself, he would resort to only using physical blows.

Shinobu grabbed hold of his knees and tried to regain his breath. Raising an eyebrow at his student's behavior he questioned, "You're usually a lot more focused, what's wrong with you? Are you feeling sick?"

Miyagi approached the bent over male and reached out to Shinobu. The younger male jerked up and lashed out with a fire attack. Miyagi quickly jumped back and landed in a crouched position, staring angrily at Shinobu.

"NOTHING'S WRONG! I'LL SHOW HOW GOOD I'VE BECOME!" The younger male shouted and rushed forward to attack Miyagi. Confused at Shinobu's outburst, Miyagi let the boy get close before he grabbed his wrists and pinned him to the ground.

"Now I'm going to ask you one more time, what's wrong with you today?" he asked a little more nicely. Miyagi looked at Shinobu who stopped struggling when Miyagi began to talk.

"...I...I want to catch up with you. You're on such a higher level than me I-" he paused and looked off to the side. Furrowing his brows, he huffed angrily. "You wouldn't understand."

"Why do you care so much about being the same level as me? Why does it matter?" Miyagi questioned and sighed. I could really use a smoke right now.

"So...so...SO I CAN DO THIS!" Shinobu pushed up from the ground and kissed Miyagi full on the lips. Miyagi's eyes widened at the sudden intrusion of Shinbou's tongue. The boy blushed after the quick kiss and quickly got up. He turned and ran back into the mansion in embarrassment. "I hope you know YOU'RE responsible for this!" he shouted and slammed the back door shut.

Miyagi looked up as Shinobu ran, wide-eyed and confused as hell as to what just happened. "I'm responsible? Responsible for what?!" Miyagi stood and began to walk back to the mansion, intending to find out what exactly Shinobu had meant.


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