Clan leaders must have certain characteristics. One of he most important of these was strength. Oh, and Hiashi now he possessed strength. He'd won many battles in his day. However, this was not the strength that mattered. This was something Hiashi began to understand, while watching his daughter one night.

It was late most of the clan retired to their beds, but there she was walking toward the gates with training gear on her back. Now any other night Hiashi would not have noticed because he would have been asleep. Tonight, however was different, fate had something to prove. Now as any good father would be Hiashi was curious as to where his daughter was going. So he followed her to her hidden training ground. He watched her practice noticing what only he; himself had missed her incredible improvement. Soon he notices others joining his daughter's training. It was the 4th's son and the pink-haired medic-nin. Now Hiashi was confused those two were some of the village's best ninja. Why would they waste their time with his useless daughter? Out of the corner of his eye he saw something that wasn't right. They were…no they couldn't be, but they were. They were both coming at his daughter full force. That's when the strangest thing happened. She…she evaded their attacks, but that wasn't all she had got a hit on the medic. Hiashi was stunned to say the least. Who was this girl, because she couldn't be Hinata, his daughter? Who was this powerful and confident creature, because she couldn't be his first-born? Why you ask? It was simply really Hiashi had just seen with his own eyes, her sister, Hanbi beat her in a match earlier. It was then Hiashi realized that his daughter, Hinata possessed real strength. An ability most clan leaders went to their graves without learning. This ability allowed her to trust her own judgment. Her judgment allowed her to wield confidence even when the clan thought she was weak. She didn't need their approval, because she had her own. She had strength. Oh how she possesses it. That's when Hiashi realized that she had what it took to change the clan. It was something that no leader before her had, not even himself. Hiashi knew what he had to do.

The next day at breakfast he announced that she would lead the clan. She simply stood up and held out her left hand to let the ring glint on her finger. Then she simply shook her head "No." Hiashi left the table and went to his office and cried, because his daughter, his fragile beautiful daughter possessed strength. The kind no head before her had ever did. She had the strength to demand her right to freedom. She had strength so did many Hyuuga, but she was the only Hyuuga that was strong. And that is why Hiashi wept. He wept for the loss of the clan. Suddenly he smiled as the irony slapped him in the face. The weaker child would inherit and the cycle would not be broken. The strong child had escaped her cage, and left all the other teasing birds behind. Hiashi suddenly understood Itachi's acts. To demand ones freedom does not permit one to live. It does however grant them two choices; the will to live in the manner one chooses, or simply to exist without the burden of people closest to you. Hinata had chosen both of them. His frail daughter had killed the clan without murdering a single person. So Hiashi prayed. He prayed that pity would bring their leader back home. So the greatest irony was that strength had destroyed the clan. Hinata was a causality to strength, as the Hyuuga were causalities of weakness. To Hiashi the name Uzamaki meant strength. And God, how Hiashi hated strength.