Nobody Messes with My Woman

By: Alice W. Hale

Disclaimer: Not mine. All Stephenie Meyer's. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Alice walked at a brisk human pace across the campus, weaving in and out of groups of people. She'd just left her accounting class and was feeling rather frustrated. This was the first time in all her years that she'd taken accounting and she just didn't get it; she was convinced that it would be the metaphorical death of her. She thought back to the conversation she'd had with Jasper the night before:

"But why do I have to go?" she'd whined. "I don't like it, I'm not good at it, and I don't like not being good at things."

"Ali," Jasper started, using his private nickname for her, "you know you need it. How else will you keep track of all that money you like to spend on new clothes?" She harrumphed at his feeble joke.

As the memory came to an end, she weaved around a group of three young men, all most likely in their early twenties.

"Damn!" one of them whispered, clearly unaware that Alice could hear his every word perfectly. "Would you look at her ass?!"

"That is one fine lookin' freshman!" another agreed. Alice scowled at their assumption of her age but glowed slightly in their shallow praise.

"Don't you know who that is?" a third asked quietly. "She's the chick with the Porsche!"

"Dude, I'm going to do talk to her!" the first said. Just as he was about to run to catch up with Alice, Jasper rounded a corner and slid his arm around her waist.

"Hey, babe," he said loud enough for the guys to hear. "What are you so happy about?"

Alice giggled, "I've been eavesdropping," she whispered, glancing over her shoulder.

"As have I," Jasper looked irritated. "I don't think it's very funny, however."

"Hey, honey!" called the first of the young men, "Why don't you have lunch with me and I'll show you what a real man looks like!"

Jasper's emotions flared up, but Alice's hand on his arm kept him from approaching him. "Jazz!" she warned almost silently. "Sorry, boys, I'm taken," she replied musically.

"I could fix that!" This guy just didn't know when to stop. Jasper was holding his breath at this point. The other guys were almost doubled over in laughter behind their dense friend who was so close to being lunch.

"When she said taken," Jasper's voice was almost a growl, "she meant to say that she's married." He over emphasized the word. Alice lifted her left hand and wiggled her fingers to show them the ring.

"Dude, chill out. We're just havin' some fun!" The boys still didn't understand the gravity of their mistake.

Jasper then moved from Alice's side, bearing his teeth. The guys were beginning to grasp it- he could feel their sudden fear. "JASPER!" Alice called loudly. "Come on!" By the time he'd turned back to Alice, the guys had quickly left, walking in the direction from which they'd come.

He snarled quietly, "Nobody messes with my woman…"

Many of my one-shot plots come to me as I walk across campus in the early morning when there are few people out. Okay, I'll admit, around here "early morning" is around 9am and "few people" is around 100 rather than 1000, but you get my drift. I enjoy letting my mind wander and I sometimes even imagine that I'm the character I'm "writing" about. This is one of those stories that came to mind. (By the way, I hate typing in all italics…)