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Yes, I'm a smart-ass.

Rude and Angeal. A huge-ass black guy in a blue suit and a SOLDIER First class with a huge-assed sword.

Despite their obvious differences, the Turk and SOLDIER First Class were very similar.

They both had to deal with a psycho that wasn't crazy most of the time… Myde and Genesis.

"Genesis, what the hell are you doing?!"

"What does it look like, Angeal?"


"Myde, do I even want to know?"

"Probably not. If you're really curious, ask Reno, he'll give you the excruciating details that I forget."

A slacker… Reno and Sephiroth…

Sephiroth's just as bad as Reno when it comes to paperwork. He usually found a "convenient" fire placed upon his desk.


"Reno… Let me get this straight, you burned yours, Myde, Genesis, and Sephiroth's paperwork as well?! Dammit Red, what the hell are we going to do with you?"

"Stop giving me paperwork?"

and a teenaged hanger-on… Zack and Rufus

"C'mon Angeal, stop calling me that. I'm not a puppy!"

"Yes, you are Zack.


"What, aw, can't I go with you guys? Please?"

"Sorry Rufus, legal Turks only."

People thought their personalities were because they were unloved as kids. It's cause they've got to baby-sit a bunch of people younger than them.

And most of them are nuts.

Yeah, I don't know much about Genesis and Angeal, but hey, this was bugging me. I think Angeal would be the oldest out of his group, and ditto with Rude. So they've got insane younger friends. That's all.

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